PENTAX paid particular attention to the layout of its operation system to improve its handling and ease of operation when shooting distant subjects, such as birds, aircraft or athletes.
Kebanyakan fotografer pemula banyak memaksa diri menggunakan mode Manual saat memotret kamera DSLR. Pada kamera DSLR atau mirrorless, kamu bisa menggunakan mode Landscape atau menggunakan mode Av (Aperture Priority) sehingga kamu hanya perlu mengatur exposure dan aperture saja.
Ada berbagai jenis filter fotografi yang tersedia di pasaran, dan fotografer profesional umumnya menggunakan filter seperti CPL dan GND. Semoga tips-tips di atas dapat membatu para traveler yang baru belajar memotret alam untuk mendapatkan hasil foto alam yang memuaskan. Maluku terkenal dengan keindahan pantai-pantainya, apalagi yang terdapat di Pulau Kei Kecil yang belakangan ini mulai ramai dibicarakan. Ada banyak alasan untuk melakukan perjalanan ke Dataran Tinggi Dieng, desa di dekat Kota Wonosobo. The main material of this waterproof camera shoulder bag is made with the strong, durable, and water-resistance canvas, so it would be a good and reliable companion on your all weather travel.
Not like many other professional equipments that are poor in appearance, this one is also an attractive item. For more details, directly visit: Koolerbuy Camera Bag or you may have interests in Black Canvas photography Backpack.
Besides the technical challenge of getting sharp pictures at such close range, there’s the fact that many bugs and insects have an annoying habit of flying away when you get up close. But don’t let that deter you for trying close up photography yourself – equip yourself with the right digital camera equipment, show a bit of perseverance and the results will soon begin to speak for themselves. They enable you to focus in one continuous movement from infinity down to 1:1 scale lifesize. All the major manufacturers, and independents such as Tamron and Sigma, produce their own macro lenses. You can increase the distance between lens and body using extension tubes or bellows, or by screw a close-up lens onto the filter thread. AP speaks to Mr Kazuto Yamaki in an exclusive interview held at the company's headquarters in Aizu, Japan. Award winning photographer Stan Raucher talks to us about his recent project, travelling the world's metro systems to capture candid moments of everyday life that reflect the human condition.
In AP 13 August we speak to top pros about how they set up their autofocus for various genres of photography. It’s the 5th annual National Moth Week, celebrated worldwide every last full week of July. National Moth Week celebrates the beauty and diversity of moths and of their habitats, and recruits citizen scientists to learn about, observe, and document moths in their backyards, neighborhoods, and local parks. Wildlife Photographer Dennis Quinn writes about capturing the beauty of lepidopterans, "Vivid and vibrant images capturing butterflies and moths often overshadow the beauty of the larval life-stage. Photographer Lorella Schoales writes, "Sitting on my patio I noticed, not a bird, not a plane, but some little creature called a hummingbird moth. Photographer Aimee Grace writes, "In a pot of begonia's on my deck are several gypsy moth caterpillars nesting. Thomas McClanahan also photographed this polyphemus moth in his Michigan backyard habitat using a Nikon D300 DSLR with a 150mm macro lens.

Photographer Leka Huie photographed this hermit hummingbird hawkmoth in Hong Kong's Parker Mountain region. Judith Sparhawk photographed this white-lined sphinx moth caterpillar in California's Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. Sharon Woodburn made this photo of a white-lined sphinx moth feeding on her hanging plants at her Michigan home using an Olympus E-5 DSLR camera. All these images of these beautiful and fascinating insects were entered in our 2015 Photo Contest.
We live in a world where an impactful image can be just as easily made using a cell phone or a DSLR. Bhatia, who divides his time between Mumbai and Bangalore, is a photographer, architect and writer.
Having studied architecture, his own forte lies in documenting architectural and interior spaces; he also likes capturing the cultural essence of a place and its people through his travel photography. Bhatia says the workshop will provide quick tips and practices for different genres of photography, such as portraits, travel, landscapes, food, and architecture.
Thanks to the application of the PENTAX-original HD coating, it delivers clear, high-contrast images, even when the subject is positioned against backlight. Its functionality and performance in autofocus shooting has also been upgraded with the addition of new features, including the Focus Preset mode, which instantly shifts the focal point to a pre-registered position; and the AF Cancel mode, which locks the focal point during Continuous AF operation. Tapi kebayang enggak, sih, kalau sudah jauh-jauh pergi ke Gunung Bromo misalnya, dengan bawa kamera super canggih, begitu balik ke rumah ternyata foto-foto yang kita ambil jelek-jelek semua.
Dari foto yang dihasilkan dengan mode Landscape dan Av tersebut, kamu bisa mempelajari aperture dan shutter speed yang digunakan, baru kemudian mencoba mode Manual berdasarkan pengalaman yang kamu miliki. Kamu harus mempelajari banyak teori yang penting, misalnya yang paling penting adalah komposisi, rule of third, foreground, background, hyperfocal, point of interest, dan lain-lain.
Maksudnya adalah mencoba mengamati foto alam karya orang-orang yang kamu anggap bagus dan menarik. Dampaknya adalah shutter speed yang didapat akan lebih lambat, dan tripod sangat bermanfaat untuk membuat kamera tetap stabil dan tidak bergerak. Cobalah untuk belajar menggunakan filter tersebut supaya kamu dapat menghasilkan foto alam yang lebih bagus.
Berdasarkan pengalaman, memotret foto alam itu tidak semudah seperti saat membaca teorinya. Semakin sering kamu memotret, maka semakin paham kamu tentang apa kekuranganmu dan kamu bisa lebih cepat memperbaikinya. Kalau kamu punya tips lain yang menarik dan bermanfaat, jangan lupa berbagi di kolom komentar di bawah. Inner bag for camera is made of sponge and fleece fabric, which can keep your cameras and lens from the collisions.
It is divided into two parts: the upper one is for the camera, lens, and other gadgets while the lower one is other gear.
UK, publisher of Amateur Photographer and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. Though most species of moths are nocturnal, some are active during the day and at twilight.
He writes, "Each year we overwinter native silk moth cocoons and release the moths when they emerge in June.

What a beautiful combination of characteristics." The New York resident used a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. She writes, "This last spring in the southern California deserts, there was a big influx of sphinx moth larvae.
His work has been featured by various print and online publications, and he will soon launch a book on Mumbai’s housing-typologies. Capturing a mood of a space or a moment is not easily taught, but developing an appreciation for others’ photographic work can be, aside from finding out, say, what draws you to a particular image.
A state-of-the-art optical design incorporating three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and one anomalous dispersion glass element effectively minimises various aberrations, such as spherical and chromatic aberrations, to ensure sharp, crisp images with minimal colour bleeding.
Since PENTAX’s 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera provides a shake reduction mechanism far more advanced than any previous mechanism, it assures blur-free photography, even when a super-telephoto lens such as this one is mounted on. Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). Karena itu, supaya kejadian serupa di atas tidak terulang lagi, kamu harus memahami 5 tips di bawah ini. Pelajari foto-foto tersebut, apa yang membuat foto itu menarik dan seterusnya, lalu coba praktikkan saat kamu punya kesempatan untuk memotret. Keadaan alam yang selalu berubah saat kita siap memotret, membuat kita harus pandai-pandai mengadaptasikan teori.
I photographed this portrait in the backyard where I released it." The Canadian resident used a Canon EOS Rebel with a 65mm macro lens.
They fly like a hummingbird, and are active from dawn and dusk." The Hong Kong resident used a Nikon D700 DSLR camera.
One of the few North American caterpillars that can cause a nasty sting when touched or eaten." The Pennsylvania residents used a Nikon D200 DSLR camera with a 105mm macro lens and strobe light .
Hiking down a canyon trail, there were one or more of these caterpillars on almost every plant, voraciously munching on flowers and leaves." The California resident used a Canon EOS 7D with a 70-300mm telephoto lens. Setelah kamu ‘mampu menyontek’ teori dari foto-foto itu, barulah kamu eksplorasi keindahan alam dalam foto dengan gayamu sendiri. This one is a solution for the photographers with its great material and awesome design from koolertron photography equipment.
Other small gadgets like mouse, power adapter, MP4, and the like can be stored in the upper part. But usually picking a singular experience while shooting, is like choosing your favourite child!” Photography is all about practice and having the will to experiment with the view before you. The more you indulge in the art form, the further you put yourself into the moment instead of being just a spectator. 20 7 Ways To A More Observant Life Lenses for Architectural Photography How to Get More Detail in Your Photographs Lose Yourself, Find Things to Photograph Photo Project: The Urban Alphabet How to take care of your Camera Equipment The Best Walkabout Lenses Copyright © 2016 Beyond Photo TipsPowered by WordPress and Origin Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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