Sure, everyone can get a half decent shot about half of the time by relying on the built-in meter and auto-exposure system, but the results will be disappointing as often as not. As with so many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to work with you camera’s flash. Instead of the usual pop-up flash or speedlight attached on top of the camera, strobists use OCF to achieve more pleasing and more dynamic photographs. This is a result of the placement of the light, since it is not limited to one direction, i.e.
So you’re using a filter on your lens, maybe to protect it from dust or […] The Most Phenomenal Selfie Photos!Selfies have become quite the phenomenon. Everyone’s doing it these days; from everyday folks, celebrities, presidents, and even astronauts.

Here are some selfies that have been featured and plastered all over the internet: When Should We Use Manual Focus?In the previous post, we talk about auto focus, how it is used and what its strengths and its weaknesses. In this article, we would like to cover details on some of shooting conditions where the auto focus is not the good option and the manual focus is the one that should be chosen to […] Tips for Using and Caring for Memory CardsOne of the greatest fears of a photographer is to attach the memory card to the computer only to find that it has been damaged and all of the images have been lost.
To protect against this disaster it is recommended that you test your memory card on a regular basis. This can be done […] How to Take Spectacular Lightning PicturesPhotographing a lightning is a dangerous hobby. What most people do not understand, is that lightnings are unpredictable and they could strike down any time, anywhere.
At the same time, taking a picture of a lightning storm can be very rewarding, especially if the lightning pattern is unique or the picture is taken at an […] Tips to Shoot During Soccer MatchShooting a soccer match is almost similar to shooting any other sport branches.

There are many times photographers have no clue about what they have taken since things happen so fast to be seen by their normal eyes.
Going by this reality, there is an urge of need to have the ability to frame “forecasted […] Tips in Determining the Fee for your Photography ServicesWhen starting out with your photography business, the most important thing to determine is how much your services will cost your client.
Here are some factors to consider: Featured Article The Importance of Empty Space In a Photograph Tips on Photographing Children and Families with Graham Monro Vivian Maier – The Nanny Photographer What is EXIF Data in Digital Photography?
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