These cheat sheets come in very handy for people who want a quick guide on how to use their camera when they are out in the field. Download it, print it, laminate it, shrink it, share it… however it helps your photography- use it ! Hope it comes in handy and why not bookmark this page so that you can come back to view it any time.
I taped a copy on a white door,took a photo, protected it from being erased and now it goes everywhere my camera goes. When you are new to photography, especially DSLR photography, all the settings can be a little overwhelming.

HDR’s role is to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image . Learning to use a digital camera is in some ways like learning to use a computer or cell phone or any other electronic device.
Packed with easy to grasp information, tips and advice, you’ll not only get to grips with the various types of digital SLRs available, but through learning how to master various basic and professional techniques along with key accessories such as lenses and flashguns, you’ll develop the core skills and knowledge vital to becoming a better photographer.
So I made this quick guide which you can reference for the type of shot you are trying to achieve and the conditions you are faced with. The user must know which button to press or option to select, where to find that button or option, when and why to use it, and what results can be expected from using it.

For this reason, it is imperative that the user read thoroughly the user manual for any given camera, in addition to reading ancillary materials such as this guide. Once you are fluent with the terminology of your camera and the when, where, how, and why of all the options and buttons, then you’re ready to expand your knowledge of PHOTOGRAPHY and combine your knowledge or your camera’s operation with your knowledge of photographic theory and technique to take great photographs.

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