These cheat sheets come in very handy for people who want a quick guide on how to use their camera when they are out in the field.
Download it, print it, laminate it, shrink it, share it… however it helps your photography- use it ! Hope it comes in handy and why not bookmark this page so that you can come back to view it any time. I taped a copy on a white door,took a photo, protected it from being erased and now it goes everywhere my camera goes. Using your DSLR camera in fully manual mode (M on the top dial), isn't as hard as it first seems. Manual mode allows you to set both your aperture and shutter speed separately, without the camera automatically changing the other to suit.
For this beach landscape, I wanted the whole scene from the sand in the foreground, to the island and boat in the background to be fully in focus.
To set the exposure, look through your viewfinder and press the shutter button half way down to focus on an object or scenery.
You will notice when you change the exposure level as demonstrated in the last tip, the shutter speed also changed to suit that particular exposure. Therefore, before setting the correct exposure, it's important that you ask yourself which setting is more important to keep for your specific shot.
One of the most important steps for taking photographs in manual (M mode), is understanding how to achieve a good exposure.

Press and hold down the exposure compensation button while turning the rotating dial until the aperture is the lowest f number it can go. Note: The only reason I've instructed you to change to a low F number is to ensure the image is taken quickly, even if shot inside. This lesson helps demonstrate the importance of the exposure line when photographing in manual mode. Photography cheat sheets are an excellent reference for photographers that can be very helpful in guiding you about camera gears and photography techniques for amateurs as well as professionals.
Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. When you are new to photography, especially DSLR photography, all the settings can be a little overwhelming. HDR’s role is to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image .
Whether you own a Canon, Nikon, or any other SLR camera brand, using manual mode works basically the same. If you are finding a lot of your photographs are either underexposed (too dark) or overexposed (too light) then working in fully manual mode will help you to better understand and correct these exposure problems. You'll notice a few notches to the right and left of middle, will result in over and under exposure (too light or too dark). On today’s post, I have collected this round-up of tips and hints that will get you to speed fast with your photography whether it’s your hobby or passion, whether you’re traveling or taking family photos, and whether you’re editing using Photoshop.

So I made this quick guide which you can reference for the type of shot you are trying to achieve and the conditions you are faced with. Personally, I've found tweaking exposure results in photographs that are much more colorful than those taken in other modes. If you don't like looking through the viewfinder, you should also be able to see this exposure line on the back LCD display. If you find the camera took too long to shoot the photograph, increase your ISO to 400 or 800 and try again. Enjoy these cheat sheet guides and just follow the link to view and get the bigger picture. If I had set the camera to aperture priority, then the shutter speed would have been automatically created for me, or conversely if I'd set shutter priority, the camera would have automatically set the aperture to suit.
If you are photographing a moving object like a bird for example, then I recommend keeping the shutter speed setting. Therefore, setting the camera on manual mode, allowed me to fully choose both the aperture and the shutter speed.

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