Our in-house photographers can also cater for all manner of requests and have been involved with all manner of staged photo-shoots, portfolio sessions and parties. The Suffolk Photo Studio is aiming to be the industry standard for professional photography within East Anglia. The Suffolk Photo Studio has three studios on-site, viewing rooms, changing rooms and all facilities you’d expect from a quality professional photo studio. We have customers visit us looking for a huge range of portrait photoshoots, whether they’re after a portrait of their children, a family portrait, or a portrait of their beloved pet.
The photo prints we use are the best quality photographs printed on Fuji Crystal paper ensuring we take the professional image on a jpeg and print your favourite memories to keep forever.
Our personalized ceramic mugs are created by using a dye sublimation process that transfers your images onto the surface of the mug, resulting in a glossy, photo-quality finish.
The main question was basically – What would you most like to learn in a DSLR course? Posted in Tips & Training and tagged with camera classes, camera course, camera courses, camera lessons, camera training, camera training courses, canon 60d, canon dslr photography, course in photography, course photography, courses in photography, courses on photography, courses photography, digital camera course, digital photography, Digital Photography Course, digital photography lessons, dslr course, dslr lesson, dslr photography, dslr tips, dslr training, easydslr, extraordinary photo, guide to dslr, hdr, HDRI, high dynamic range, how to become a photographer, how to learn photography, learn photography, learning photography, manual exposure, online photography course, online photography courses, photo course, photo courses, photo lessons, photo training, photographer training, photographic workshops, photography classes, photography course, photography course online, photography courses, photography courses online, photography for beginners, photography lesson, photography lessons, photography tips, photography training, photography training course, photography training courses, photography workshop, photography workshops, slr photography, study photography, sunset photo, training camera, training in photography, training photography, video dslrs, video on dslr, video with dslr. The main studio is 3500sqft based in Sudbury Suffolk we offer a huge selection of ready made scenes including furniture and props to cater for both professional and amateur models for frequent of intermittent use.

We have hosted many birthday parties, hen nights, pre wedding photography, makeovers, beauty treatments days. Using fully certified experts with the latest Canon or Nikon top branded camera’s in a fresh and clean photographic studio we will always be able to produce smarter, cleaner more professional images than of those from a home studio or amateur set up. We have both individuals, couples and groups of visitors travelling to the studio weekly, not only from local towns and cities such as Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Cambridge & Colchester, but also from further afield including Chelmsford, London and Norwich. We have taken a selection of pictures and videos of our studio to give you an idea of what to expect when you come to see us. The canvas is printed on a 340gsm polycotton canvas material using the latest technique and frames ensure they are some of the best quality, longest lasting in England.
Our mugs are standard mug-size and measures approximately 9.5cm in height and 8cm in diameter. Whilst covering events we have been to balls, school proms, school photography and music festivals. We are the premier photography studio for a reason; we do not skimp on giving you the best. As its name implies, the ring light comes with 60 bright LED lights in total in order to offer you enough artificial lighting for your shooting.

We offer full touch up and standard photo shop qualified experts to make you look your best in your images if you’re purchasing a digital copy, print or canvas.
I recently produced an online Digital Photography Course for DSLR beginners and intermediate users.
The ring light features 6 light modes, including left 15-LED, left 30-LED, right 15-LED, right 30-LED, inner ring 30-LED and 60-LED, so you can conveniently adjust the light levels for different purposes of photography.
We work with models, families, individuals, businesses and voucher makeover gift experience companies. We will only sell you the customer the very best so do not settle for home traders or amateur establishments. And the accompanying two ring adapters allow you to attach the light source to your DSLR camera lens, of course, you can also mount the ring light on the hot shoe top of your DSLR camera. Feel free to send me an email or visit my EASYDSLR site (link below my photo) for some free videos.

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