Canon Japan has posted several image and video samples for the newly announced EOS 5Ds and EOS 5DS R DSLR.
You can watch the very first EOS 5DS preview videos below and image samples can be seen here and here. This entry was posted in Canon and tagged canon dslr, canon eos, Canon EOS 5Ds, canon products, CP+ 2015, digital slr camera, dslr, full frame, sample images, sample movies, video. Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. My biggest source of support for this free website is when you use those or any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. My D7100 is an awesome camera, with ultra-sharp images and great colors; better colors and better LCD accuracy than any of the D4, D800, D800E or D600 I bought last year! The D7100 is new in that it has an ordinary 24 MP sensor, but without an anti-alias filter for added sharpness. Even better, there's an aperture-ring feeler, so it meters with all AI and newer (1977-on) manual-focus lenses.
It's pretty much the same as 2010's D7000, with the addition of a stereo mic and headphone jack for video, a higher-resolution sensor, 51 vs. The D7100's OLED display is just for the shooting data in the finder, not the finder image display. There's also an inexplicably silly 1.3x crop mode, in which the frame rate climbs to 7 FPS.
The D7100 is very slightly bigger than the D7000, and very slightly (0.5 oz or 15g) lighter than the D7000.
The D7100 has the same battery and charger as the D7000, but is rated for 10% fewer shots per charge (only 950 for D7100 versus 1,050 for D7000).
Even at its lowest resolution setting and with my favorite fixed 35mm lens, there's more than enough sharpness for cropping when you don't feel like lugging a telephoto lens when you're with the family. As you can see, even at the SMALL 6 megapixel setting as I use for my family photos, everything looks great - from color and white balance to sharpening, whoo hoo! Even in very dark light, my D7100 always focuses, and never stops or gives up as my D600 will do if it gets too dark.
If the light is so dim that you need ISO 6,400, you ought to do something to improve the light.
The reason this is a gotcha for casual shooters is that High ISO NR won't fix it (High ISO NR is only for high-frequency noise, and this is a simple level-shift along the bottom edge), and Long Exposure NR won't do anything either, since even if set ON, it doesn't work until the exposure get to one second, which isn't where we hand-hold. No worries, the easy fix for the serious digital photographer is to use a levels adjustment layer mask in Photoshop.
If you've found the time and expense I incur to share all this for free, the biggest source of support for this free website is when you use these links, especially these directly to the D7100 at Adorama (either body-only or with 18-105mm VR lens) or at Amazon as a body-only or kit with 18-105mm VR lens, when you get yours. I wouldn't order it with the 18-105mm VR lens, which is a pretty boring lens for $400 extra.

If you insist, the 18-200mm VR II (or 18-300mm DX) is all you need for everything, except for action in low light, but either is very big and heavy. The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use. The Canon EOS 5DS will sell for $3699 body-only; the EOS 5DS R will sell for $3899 body-only. When I can snap constellations of stars in the sky as I walk down the street, complete with full autofocus and exposure and everything, and get clean results like this, DX cameras have come far enough for anything. This new Nikon D7100 is the same thing, and even better, making the D7100 the world's best DX camera ever. Honestly, it won't make much, if any, visible difference at less than 6-foot (2-meter) wide print sizes, and only if you use the very finest NIKKOR lenses and technique. The D7100 also gives full-color Matrix metering and EXIF data with manual-focus lenses if you share the lens' data in a menu. 39 AF points, a slightly larger LCD, and a first in any SLR: an OLED data display in the finder (Sony, Fuji and other cameras with OLED finders today aren't SLRs). From the 1980s through yesterday, all electronic Nikon finder data displays have been LCDs, usually backlit with a green LED. No previous Nikon's auto LCD brightness control has worked properly; so we'll see about the D7100. Also great is the sharpness even set down to its lowest 6MP resolution setting, as I prefer to shoot my family photos. In very dim light as I'll show below, my D7100 has no problem autofocusing, while my older Nikons like my D600 or even the Canon 6D will occasionally hang-up and not be able to focus.
This is usually invisible, and even if it was far worse, is extraordinary performance for any camera. Simply drag the right (black) slider on the blue channel up a bit to the fog level, and paint-in a mast to apply this only the small region with the fog.
They both have U1 and U2 Instant Recall Modes, two SD card slots and 2,016-segment RGB light meters, all new two years ago on the D7000.
I don't care, but have been told that the D300s can only shoot at 2.5 fps at 14-bit RAW, while the D7100 can still shoot 6 fps at 14-bit RAW.
If you want to get the sharpness I showed at the top in my D7100 Sample Images, you need superb lenses. Honestly, if I want a zoom to carry around, I prefer the much smaller, lighter and less expensive featherweight 18-55mm VR. Either of the 55-200mm VR or 55-300mm VR are excellent, but for action, the 70-300mm VR has much faster autofocus.
The built-in works great, but the SB-400 recycles for each next shot much, much faster, and saves the D7100's battery life, as well as offering longer range when needed.

It probably is all you need unless you're shooting professional sports or portraits outdoors all day at rapid speeds. If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. Potential incompatibility with future cameras is one of the steep prices one pays for trying to save a few dollars yesterday on a cheap lens. Photographers have been using this technique since the 1990s to fix light-leaked film, too.
These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed.
This compact, take-anywhere camera is packed with features, including a class-leading ultra-wide angle 21mm (equivalent) lens with 5x optical zoom, allowing users the ability to effortlessly frame everything from dramatic landscapes to group shots. By purchasing from approved sources, you are assured of the best selection, best prices and best service. Nikon shares nothing with its competitors about lens compatibility, so if you want to buy a Tamron or Sigma, you're gambling that it will work with tomorrow's camera. The customizable button on the front of the camera can be programmed for several functions, including shutter release, video recording, monitor boost, LED assist and Super Macro Mode. The TG-870 also detects the orientation in which it’s being held to assist the user in capturing the perfect selfie, point-of-view action video, or over-under shot.The free Olympus Image Share app synchronizes a user’s iOS® or Android® mobile device with the Stylus Tough TG-870 via the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi, enabling instant image and movie transfers and direct uploading to websites and social media. Users can control the camera remotely by touching the smart device display as if it were the camera itself.
The next-generation GPS boasts fast positioning in under 10 seconds via three satellite systems and helps users track precisely where they are in the world. The Stylus Tough TG-870 is equipped with nighttime Live Composite Mode, which automatically combines the brightest areas of multiple images taken with interval shooting for dramatic photos of cityscapes, star trails and light painting. Time Lapse Movie compresses hours of action into a short movie, and Sport Burst allows photographers to capture sequential images with a shutter interval of 0.05 to 60 seconds.
For video capture after dark, camera settings are automatically optimized for low light with Nightscape Movie.The Stylus Tough TG-870’s rugged construction can be further reinforced with the CSCH-124 Silicone Jacket, which shields the camera from surface damage.
The CSCH-123 Sport Holder supports hands-free photography and video recording, allowing users to attach the camera to backpack straps or a chest harness during intensive activities like rock climbing or snowboarding.
The PT-057 Underwater Case lets users dive deeper, increasing the camera’s underwater capability to 147 feet (45 m), and the elective UFL-3 Underwater Flash facilitates genuine underwater flash photography.

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