Pricemug – Consumer Items Features, Specifications and Price in India Check latest automobiles and electronics items features, specifications and price in India. The new Nikon DSLR D5100 camera features superior designed NIKKOR lens and automatic controlled vertical-travel focal plane shutter system. This Holga lens with built-in filters and prisms will let you play around with filter effects without having to break the bank.
NEXT POSTAn electronic replacement for the pipe or cigar smoker There’s been some interest in electronic cigarettes as a way to cut down or stop reliance on tobacco cigarettes. PREVIOUS POSTEat your heart out: Chinese e-commerce firm delivers packages within hours Think same-day delivery is the bee's knees? Two powerful, feature-packed DSLR cameras from Sony make it easier than ever to capture beautiful pictures, carefree family portraits, stunning holiday memories and action-packed scenes. At the heart of both cameras is a new Exmor™ CMOS sensor that ensures crisp low-noise images, packed with fine detail and vibrant colours. Thanks to the powerful BIONZ image processing engine, Quick AF Live View now supports even speedier shooting responses with rapid, precise autofocus.
Powered by the BIONZ image processing engine, fast-moving action can now be captured effortlessly with faster continuous shooting speeds. The A500 offers a crisp, high-contrast 3.0 type Clear Photo LCD Plus screen with the same tilt range for clear, comfortable composition and reviewing shots.
The A550 features a superb (921k dot) 3-inch Xtra Fine LCD screen for critical focusing and photo-quality viewing with class-leading colour, contrast and detailing. Operation of both cameras is brilliantly simple, thanks to a redesigned on-screen interface that provides easy access to functions and settings during live view operation. Creative options are broadened by new Auto HDR mode that captures a huge range of shadow and highlight detail in landscapes, interiors and other scenes. The D-Range Optimiser featured in previous DSLR models has been enhanced for even better results with backlit portraits and other tricky high-contrast scenes. A Smart Teleconvertor button instantly boosts image size by 1.4x or 2x to etend your camera’s zoom lens range further for frame-filling close-ups.
Like all DSLR cameras by Sony, both new models feature SteadyShot™ INSIDE, the powerful optical image stabiliser that cuts the effects of camera shake by up to 4 stops while shooting handheld with any lens.
After shooting, it’s easy to to connect both cameras to your BRAVIA™ television via HDMI (requires optional cable) for a stunning big-screen view of your shots. Both cameras let you capture even more incredible moments without the worry of running out of power.

If you’re hungry for even more shooting stamina, the new VG-B50AM Vertical Control Grip holds up to two NP-FM500H batteries.
The DSLR-A550 and DSLR-A500 digital SLR cameras are available from the end of October 2009. At the heart of both cameras is a new Exmor™ CMOS sensor that ensures crisp low-noise images, packed with fine detail and vibrant colours.  Sharing powerful on-chip noise reduction techniques with the full-frame DSLR-A900, this advanced sensor works with processing algorithms handled by the high-speed BIONZ™ engine to deliver premium images plus razor-sharp shooting responses. Researchers, working for Nanyang Technology University, have developed a new lithium ion battery that can last for 20 years and possibly more, thus eliminating the need for getting new rechargeable batteries every 2-3 years.
Sanyo today announced their new 3D Ready ultra short-focus projector, which they claims offers "the world's shortest projection distance" and can be set up vertically or horizontally for projecting large 80” image from the distance of only 32 cm and will be available in July 2010. The leading maker of computer memory and USB and flash accessories Patriot has added two new cards to its LX Series of SDXC and microSDXC memory cards. Price may fluctuate in Allahabad, Bhopal, Cuttack, Chennai, Erode, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jammu, Kohima, Kolkata, Nagpur, Mumbai, Panaji, Raipur, Shimla, Trichy and Vishakapatnam (Other Cities Also). In China, an e-commerce company called Jingdong not only delivers your package a few hours after you place your order, but also gives you power to track it in real time on a map. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! This makes it easier than ever to capture beautifully relaxed portraits, dynamic action shots and more.
Sustained shooting speeds of up to 4 fps can be achieved in Live View Mode, rising to 5 fps with the optical viewfinder.
Another DSLR first by Sony that’s already featured on many Cyber-shot™ models, Smile Shutter detects faces in Live View mode, automatically firing the shutter at just the right moment to capture happy, relaxed smiles. Low-noise images can be previewed directly from the CMOS sensor, allowing critical assessment of focus and fine detail, even in low light. The screen tilts up or down over a full 180 degree range, allowing uncompromised ‘free-angle’ live view shooting in any position. A unique Graphic Display gives a clear, intuitive indication of how shutter speed and aperture adjustments will affect the final image. Previously accessible only to enthusiasts equipped with a tripod and image processing software, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a specialist technique that combines two frames shot at different exposure settings.
The powerful BIONZ engine now optimises image data in real time, processing brightness and contrast in individual areas of each exposure for balanced, natural looking results.
Compatible BRAVIA™ models automatically switch to PhotoTV HD mode for optimised still image playback with incredible detail, colour and clarity.

This premium grip gives A500 users an incredible 2,000 shot maximum capacity (A550: 1,900 shots), with automatic switchover between batteries and accurate display of power remaining in % increments on the camera’s LCD. Dramatically reduced picture noise now allows super-sensitive shooting at up to ISO12800, allowing attractive results when shooting handheld in challenging situations like candlelit interiors.
Thanks to her needs for such an effect, this project came to life and was used for the first time in her motion picture Finely Wade. There are tons of ways to create a bokeh effect, whether you go the traditional route with lens filters, digital with Photoshop, or even from your iPhone. A You just mount it on the camera body like any other lens then snap on either the filter or prism lens. New Speed Priority mode on the DSLR-A550 raises the bar further still, shooting at an incredible 7 fps (with AF and AE setting maintained from the first frame ).
The live image offers 100% field coverage, assisted by framing grid lines for precise composition. An ambient light sensor automatically boosts LCD brightness for extra screen clarity when surrounding light levels are high while both cameras also feature a clear, bright optical viewfinder with wide 95% field coverage for framing and focusing as an alternative to live view shooting.
The A500 and A550 use powerful algorithms to combine and optimise two successive frames in less than 10 seconds, correcting any misalignment between frames when shooting handheld.
An additional shutter release and dual controls support comfortable, accurate shooting in either portrait or landscape positions.
It’s a powerful creative tool for capturing the nuances of a portrait subject’s changing expression or dynamic action sequences. The result is a single HDR image emulating the huge natural tonal range of human vision – with no PC or tripod needed. A Prism effects are double vision, three-way split, four-way split, five image starburst, triple vision, bug-eye kaleidoscope,A 250mm, 120, or 60 macro lens. The DSLR Wheel of Filters is available in a Canon model or a Nikon model for $40 from Photojojo. For each one, he cut a circle out of the black paper, then cut a shape out of the center and put on Velcro so that it could be attached to the filter.

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