Di mirrorless camera, cahaya masuk melalui lensa dan langsung diteruskan ke sensor gambar, yang menangkap preview dari object untuk ditampilkan di layar. Ukuran sebuah DSLR camera biasanya lebih besar, sebab dibutuhkan tempat untuk cermin dan prisma di dalamnya. Dulu, DSLR camera lebih unggul disini karena menggunakan teknologi phase detection yang secara cepat menghitung perbedaan antara dua cahaya.
Kedua jenis kamera mampu menghasilkan gambar atau foto berkualitas tinggi, dengan tingkat resolusi dan noise yang mirip. Semoga sedikit penjelasan mengenai mirrorless camera dan DSLR camera diatas dapat menjadi acuan dalam memilih jenis kamera yang sesuai kebutuhan anda.
Informasi Rilis Perdana iPhone 6 iPhone 6 yang merupakan produk Apple versi terbaru sudah diluncurkan per hari Jumat tanggal 19 September 2014 lalu.
As of this time, mobile phone cameras are in no way near replacing DSLR or mirrorless cameras. The sensor size is one of the main reasons why experienced photographers choose a DSLR or mirrorless cameras for critical work. As you can see in the above image, the Nikon D3300 sensor is significantly larger than the LG G4 sensor. The sensor size and the lens also affect the depth of field and the blurring effect that photographers like to use quite often. So if you want to achieve very shallow depth of field effect, DSLR or mirrorless is the way to go.
To to some things up, DSLR cameras offer better image quality across the board, including better high ISO performance, better color reproduction, image details and higher dynamic range on most part.
It is a really hard question, and if it wasn’t you would see one of these companies is already outside the market. Vari-angle LCD screens make it easier to compose pictures at awkward angles and improves handling when shooting videos. However, the first DSLR to combine a vari-angle LCD and touchscreen technology was the Canon EOS 650D, which been released in 2012. Most of nowadays cameras have an anti-aliasing or low-pass filter positioned in front of the imaging sensor. A special edition of the D800 Nikon that released in 2012 has a new type of filter that does not include anti-aliasing. Majority of DSLRs use two types of autofocus ‘phase detection’ for more accurate and viewfinder shooting, ‘contrast detection’ for live view autofocus. Canon was the last industry to enter the compact system camera market, surprise surprise!  The Canon EOS M features 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 processor as the EOS 650D.
There are many criticism of the EOS M have been because of the slow autofocus, poor of battery life, and poor lens support.
It also has a touchscreen, but it is a fixed LCD unlike the 700D which has a vari-angle monitor.
It is difficult to say which professional DSLR is better from Canon or Nikon, but they both offer the performance that is expected from a camera that has a 5 digit offering price. There used to be a bigger difference between the two companies.
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As camera manufacturers continue to roll out their latest line of cameras replacing the old with the new and improved technological advancements, some things still remain the same. Below is a quick cheat sheet that is printable and small enough to ride in your camera bag for quick reference if you find yourself in need of a refresher. The full auto mode is straight forward and is designed to allow you to grab the camera and quickly take a photo without much thought or input; the camera handles the task of determining the settings for you based on the shooting conditions.
But don’t let your ego get in your way just because the camera is handling all of the settings for you; even professional photographers will use the auto mode from time to time for a quick shot. Stepping out of Auto Mode and into the near-manual modes will allow you to have more say in the pictures you create. To give yourself control over the depth of field and have the camera still determine your exposure settings, Aperture Priority will allow you to set the aperture, again with your dials, and the camera will choose the best matching shutter speed for you. To increase your depth of field and allow more things to be in focus, make sure you change your aperture to a larger number.
Shutter priority is the exact opposite of aperture priority, it allows you to select if you want a fast or slow shutter speed while the camera chooses the best aperture for the shot. With Manual Mode, you have complete control over the exposure triangle where you can choose your shutter speed and your aperture to create any match of the two that you desire as well as the ISO sensitivity.
In this mode you will see the affects changes to aperture and shutter speed have on the exposure level indicator. In this mode you can have auto focus turned on or off, and you can choose which selectors to use for your focus if automatic focus is turned on. The various scene modes available act much in the same way as the Auto Mode by controlling aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivities based on the selected scene. Scene modes are useful for quick, no-thinking involved shots but they will rarely allow for any creativity in your shooting.
After using a camera for a while you may find yourself frequently making the same changes or inputs for your style of shooting. Don’t forget to download the Mode Dial Cheat Sheet and begin experimenting with settings you may have avoided using in the past.
An interesting middle category for lower price, and flipout screen which is very useful for example video recording or photography from extreme angles. Di dalamnya terdapat cermin yang memantulkan cahaya yang masuk dari lensa melalui sebuah prisma atau cermin tambahan lalu menuju ke bidang pantau atau viewfinder. Sedangkan mirrorless camera lebih ringkas dari segi konstruksi dan bobot, sehingga anda bisa membawa lebih banyak aksesoris tambahan seperti lensa tambahan, di dalam tas kamera. Sementara mirrorless camera terbatas pada teknologi yang disebut contrast detection, yang menggunakan sensor gambar untuk mendeteksi contrast terbesar dengan focus.
Dahulu, sensor gambar berukuran kecil pada mirrorless camera sama artinya dengan kualitas yang lebih rendah, namun sekarang hal tersebut bukan masalah lagi.

You can’t change lenses, and you can only shoot in a single field of view that the lens provides.
A shallow depth-of-field effect allows you to create better separation between your subject and its surrounding.
With the LG G4, you’ll have to be very close to the subject to achieve the same degree of effect.
You have the ability to choose from a variety of special lenses, each one with its unique field of view, aperture and features. It can be denied that both of the companies are offering a very good quality of lenses and flash system, it is regular to see photographers who swap from Canon to Nikon or from Nikon to Canon. It adds and increases the convenience tenfold. Nikon D5000 benefited from vari-angle monitor way back of 2009, then followed by other models D5100, D5200 and D5300. This filter can reduce the effect of shimmering or sparkling which can be noticeable on the surfaces.
This allows 80% of the sensor area to be used for phase detection AF before going back to image recording when you capture a picture. This offers fewer settlements in image quality when it is compared to the Nikon 1 series of compact system cameras that utilize a smaller, 1-inch CX-format sensor. However, Canon has 3 dedicated EF-M lenses for the EOS M, but it offers a mount adapter that enables the photographer to attach any EF and EF-S lens from canon’s range. The image sensors are approximately the same size as an old APS-C film, which means they register a small part of the image which is being framed via an attached lens. It offers an 8fps rate for continuous shooting, a Speedlite transmitter, a magnesium alloy body which has weather resistance and an AF system with 19 points. Both companies offer beginner full frame DSLRs (Nikon D610 and Canon 6D) and advanced full frame bodies (Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III). They are not compatible with other lense such as Canon EF-S which was designed for APS-C cameras. On the other hand, Nikon’s FX full-frame DSLRs are compatible with DX Nikkor lenses which were only supposed to work with cameras that have small sensors.
Nikon was famous for flash system performance and metering, while Canon was known for progressive lens technology and autofocus. The Nikon D3 was released in August 2007. It brought improved autofocus and fast shooting at 11fps, as well as increased ISO sensitivity by using an Expeed 4 processor. The EOS 1DX was released by Canon in 2011.
By sharing the insights we have on photo printing in areas such as photography guides, tips on getting the best photo printing outcome, we hope to let our customers enjoy the best of their memories. The mode dials shown below are representative of Canon and Nikon DSLR, bridge and higher-end point-and-shoot cameras.
Shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, focusing and whether or not the flash is required. This will allow you to change your depth of field manually, so you can increase or decrease the focus on your background details, as well as let you bring both into focus if you would like. The larger f-stops create a smaller aperture hole and can bring the entire scene into focus which can be great for landscapes. You will be able to choose if you want the image to be a little darker, a little lighter, or even a slower shutter speed, and you can interchange the two as needed. Values near zero indicate correct exposure for the shooting conditions but also may require a tripod to avoid out of focus photos due to camera shake.
As suspected, Manual Mode requires experience to capture right blend in creating your photo. For example Sports Mode will favor faster shutter speeds in order to freeze motion and also turns on the camera’s burst or continuous shooting mode.
I much prefer to use the P, S, A and M settings that allow for greater flexibility in my shooting.
You can register these settings by configuring all of your settings, including what mode you are in, your menu settings and any custom function settings, and registering the mode by following your cameras instruction manual.
Saat tombol ditekan maka cermin akan membalik, pengatur cahaya atau rana akan membuka, lalu cahaya akan menimpa sensor gambar, dan menghasilkan gambar akhir. Contrast detection lebih lambat dari phase detection, terutama dalam kondisi kurang cahaya. Beberapa model menawarkan electronic viewfinder (EVF) yang mensimulasikan optical viewfinder. Para produsen kamera sudah mampu memproduksi chip yang lebih sensitif untuk mengurangi noise. If we use a lens with the same equivalent 28mm focal length, the actual focal length of the LG G4 lens would be much smaller because it has a smaller sensor.
This is why most of the defocused backgrounds you see in mobile phone cameras are macro shots. You also can achieve a much more prominent shallow depth of field effect than you can with the LG G4 camera. This is largely dependent on which system has surpassed the other either by lenses clarity or camera body.
However, Canon offers EOS 5D which is slightly more expensive than Nikon model but it is only 22.3 megapixels, and the files this company produce are smaller than one in Nikon. Meanwhile, Canon introduced the first vari-angle screens in 2010’s Canon EOS 60D, followed by Canon EOS 600D in 2011. Canon has addressed this issue with its hybrid autofocus system for still live view and movie shooting. Nikon is more committed when it comes to developing compact system cameras, Nikon has the lead in boast a number of firsts in the CSC market, including the fastest continuous shooting frame in the world and the first shockproof and waterproof lens camera. It offers up to 3fps continuous shooting, a maximum native ISO of 6400, a 4:3 ratio LCD screen and a DIGIC 4 processor.
Its price is about half of the 70D and a good choice if extensive specifications aren’t a necessary for the buyer. There is also the Nikon Df (f for ‘fusion’), which is very expensive but required by retro camera enthusiasts. This is because the cameras utilize a small portion of their sensors when they switch to DX crop mode.

By comparison, the Nikon D800 only has 15 cross-type points and 51 AF points in total. The ISO range offered by the 5D is a lot better, going up to 100-12800 which can be expanded to 50-25600. While in P-mode the camera chooses the correct shutter speed and aperture for your chosen frame. If you want to slow the shutter speed to introduce motion blur, just spin the dial or press the arrows to select new aperture and shutter speed values.
To decrease your depth of field, and cause some objects to be out of focus, make sure to set your aperture to a smaller number. If you slow down the shutter speed on a moving subject you can blur the action, illustrating the motion in the photograph. Landscape Mode will favor smaller apertures to maximize the DoF and may also boost saturation levels for blues and greens and white balance for daylight. These are for those settings that you change a lot of configurations for, and you wish you could save them so you didn’t have to enter them in manually every time.
These cameras has many advanced functions, excellent picture quality, good handling, great durability.
Many people talked about the upcoming Nikon d400, as a new camera in this line, but not happened yet. Namun sekarang, mirrorless camera juga sudah dilengkapi sensor phase detection yang terdapat dalam sensor gambar. Saat berada di luar ruangan dengan cahaya yang cukup, antara tampilan preview dan EVF akan memberikan hasil yang serupa. Bahkan beberapa produsen, seperti Samsung dan Sony, sekarang sudah memakai sensor APS-C yang ada di sebagian besar kamera DSLR. One might ask why anyone would consider buying an interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or mirrorless) when you have an amazing camera with fully manual control like the LG G4′s? There are some snap-on lenses for mobile phones, but those are not of the same quality is the leading lens manufacturer lenses.
You can also attach various type of screw-on and attachment filters that widen your creative options when shooting outdoors.
Because it’s a prime lens, you can expect it to perform great optically, but it is versatile enough. The D3300 will offer much better image quality and high ISO performance almost across all the important parameters.
The lens has to be much closer to the sensor to achieve the same equivalent field of view (~75.4°). Just so you know, there are apps that mimic this effect in a higher degree by capturing two photos with the focus on different areas, and then merging them.
In the next guides I will talk about other features, including camera handling, AF system, light metering sensor, shooting modes, accessories and so on – so stay tuned! Too many professionals have been moving from  Nikon to Canon or the opposite, however, most of regular people can’t really afford to keep switching between those two companies we keep being locked in for years. These DSLRs are the best in astrophotography as they have a modified low-pass filter allowing the red color to be recorded.
This makes Nikon’s system a lot more versatile. The Nikon D610 and Canon 6D are not very different but they each have small advantages over the other. This makes it clearly better than the D800 which has 100-6400 that can be expanded to 100-25600. The D800 is the better choice for high-detail work that requires a tripod, while the 5D is better for all-around photos. This mode is good for when you want to do something creative with your images and get different variations of light and depth of field, but still want the camera to help you with the settings. Likewise, if you want to increase the depth of field, move the controls in the opposite direction. Macro and sports photography are great examples of using your aperture settings to isolate your subject matter. Both the aperture and shutter priority modes allow you to get out of the box with your images and experiment with what you can do with your camera.
On the other hand this line is not matching the earlier Nikon d300 line, which many people would preferred over this camera line. Namun saat kondisi kurang cahaya atau object yang bergerak cepat, preview akan menjadi jelek dan buram. They are a cheaper alternative and are suitable for those who want to shoot in a different field of view that the camera has to offer. Some of those lenses are weather-sealed and with a weather-sealed camera, you can go out shooting in the rain or in freezing temperatures. It has a lot of the features of the 700D, including 63-zone Dual-Layer metering, DIGIC 5 processing and a native maximum ISO of 12800.
Also, its sensor offers a higher resolution that doesn’t have an anti-aliasing filter which helps create sharper photos. Nikon also offers the D5300, which is regarded as the best value mid-level camera.
On the other hand, the Canon 5D Mark III offers much better autofocus performance but only has 22.3MP. You can play with your aperture and shutter speeds while the camera maintains the correct exposure level for you. Hal tersebut disebabkan mirrorless camera harus mengurangi kecepatan saat menangkap gambar untuk bisa menangkap lebih banyak cahaya. Those snap-on lenses might not even be compatible with a new phone model, there isn’t any standard mount, they just attach to the phone. This allows the LG G4 camera to perform well in low-light, but it can match the performance of a FSI CMOS sensor with much larger pixels.

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