Finally, Canon has unveiled the latest offering to its DSLR camera series, the Canon EOS 60D Digital Camera after rumors have spread about the anticipation of this guy here. The Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera comes equipped with an 18 megapixel sensor that can shoot with a full HD 1080p video. The Canon EOS 60D DSLR will have its release date on September at a price that can go up to $1399 depending on consumer’s preferences.  For the mean time, let’s watch a video to learn more about this new camera here. Canon Powershot D10 Waterproof Camera This week the Canon Philippines introduced the Canon Powershot D10. Sony today unveiled their new A850 Digital SLR as part of an update to the company’s Alpha camera lineup. The only discernible difference between the new A850 and the A900 is a reduction is viewfinder coverage from 100 percent to 98 percent, which is evidently enough for Sony to be able to shave a huge $700 from the price. The Alpha A850 includes a 3-inch LCD (921k pixels) with 270ppi photo-quality resolution, which combined with an Intelligent Preview Function that allows you to see the effects of manual adjustments before taking a shot, should enable a greater level of control and efficiency with your shooting. This fully-featured pro-DSLR includes a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that will get as many as 880 shots per charge, plus its precise 1 percent charge level monitoring will ensure you don’t (unexpectedly) run out of juice. The A850 is compatible with all official accessories made for the A900 and is compatible with all of Sony’s A-Series lenses, including their premium full-frame Carl Zeiss optics. The new DSLR-?850 from Sony offers serious photo enthusiasts a step up to the creative possibilities of full-frame imaging at a compelling price. Ruggedly built for unflinching pro-style handling and performance, the ?850 shares the same 24.6 megapixel sensor and virtually all features of the flagship DSLR-?900, introduced last year.
At the heart of the ?850 is a full frame 24.6 effective megapixel Exmor™ CMOS sensor that captures flawless, detail-packed images with vibrant, lifelike colours and fine textures. The purity of high-resolution image data captured by the full-frame sensor is optimised by two-stage noise reduction in both analogue and digital domains.
The camera’s optical glass pentaprism viewfinder aids accurate shot composition, offering an extremely bright view with minimal distortion and an approximate 98% field coverage.
Serious enthusiasts will also prize the camera’s fast, high-accuracy autofocus system that provides excellent framing freedom while making it easier to achieve optimum focus with moving subjects. Shots can be viewed on the large, high contrast 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD that offers an exceptionally high resolution (921k dot) for critical evaluation – even outdoors or in bright ambient light.
For greater creative control, an Intelligent Preview function indicates the effects of exposure, white balance, and D-Range Optimiser adjustments prior to shooting. Touching the Fn button switches the display to Quick Navi mode, allowing convenient one-handed adjustment of key shooting parameters. Like its full-frame sibling, the ?850 is ruggedly built for dependable performance in gruelling conditions with a high-tensile aluminium chassis and all-magnesium alloy body shell. The supplied high-capacity InfoLITHIUM™ rechargeable Battery Pack (NP-FM500H) delivers power for up to 880 shots (approx.) per charge. The camera can be connected to your BRAVIA™ or any HD TV (requires optional HDMI cable) for a big-screen view of your shots. The ?850 is fully compatible with the range of official accessories by Sony for the flagship ?900. The choice of full-frame lenses to complement the ?850 is enhanced with the new 28-75mm F2.8 SAM. Delivered with USB Adaptor, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX 32GB is ideal for users who want to transfer data in high speed: approx. The DSLR-?850 full-frame digital SLR camera is available from September 2009 and the 28-75mm lens will be available from November 2009. Nikon introduces the latest D-SLR to its mid-range DX-format line-up, the 24.1 megapixel Nikon D5200, designed to bring out your creative side. Marina Gurevich, Product Manager for Nikon Europe, says: “The inspiring Nikon D5200 is ideal for those who are passionate about photography and want to experiment with the camera’s superior features.
The third camera in its series, following the D5000 and the D5100, the Nikon D5200 offers a massive leap in image-quality. The Nikon D5200 shares an AF system, metering sensor and scene recognition with the Nikon D7000 series, giving this camera a new level of performance and much enhanced image quality. The Nikon D5200’s versatile 7.5cm (3-in) vari-angle LCD monitor provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to take beautiful shots and movies from virtually any position. Wirelessly transmitting images from your camera to an Apple™ or Android™ smart device is possible by using the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.
16 Scene modes: Automatically adjusts camera settings, including Picture Controls and Active D-Lighting, for optimal results. It seems it is gonna cost 30% more (US$200) than the D5100 at launch, and for that you get one extra top button, a stereo mic, more AF points, more MP, more fps.
Stick with black, use white for girls, and make limited metal series for who have too much money to spend. Because there have been—and there continue to be—a lot of extraordinary women photographers. So I hope you’re not implying that women are less creative or less anything simply because of their sex. The only difference i make among sexes is their role in reproduction of the specie, period. White is simply statistically more appeasing to girls’ tastes for gadget colours than black. You mix difference in tastes due to culture, with personal capabilities related to the sexuality, and worse you project your misunderstanding onto others people thinking. By the way, do you realize that you live in a world built, constructed, maintained by men ?
No dedicated controls for that upgraded AF though, would’ve been nice to see the U1 and U2 modes or an extra Fn button since a lot of go-to settings like ISO are also buried in menus.
Wow with these specs pretty much guarantee that the the D7000 sucessor is g0ing to inherit some of the more advanced features from the D300 line and be the top end DX. Nikon already has three FX cameras to meet the high end needs of professionals, starting with the affordable D600 ($2099), the D800 ($2999), and the D4 ($5999). I’m guessing that there will be not bodies prices between D600 and D800 and D800 and D4. Michael, I think Nikon will drop the price of the D600 within the next 6 months by at least $200 to $1899 to make room for a second 24 MP full frame camera vis–a–vis the D900.
The specs on the D600 looks as if Nikon priced it intentionally and temporarily a little higher than it should so as to make some extra profit.
Not bad, but which nikon camera cant use just a wireless remote, which one actually needs something to plug into the camera, cause I have had the same remote for all my cameras and the camera recognized it, d40, d40x, d5000 and now the d7000. There is almost no info (hands-on, videos, images) available for the new D5200 online – it seems that many major websites did not even get a press releases. The video is so bad (bouncing all over the place and panning back and forth before focus is achieved) that I had to turn it off. The faster fps in a lightly camera body and smaller pixel pitch 3.8?m, that is no doubt, it must be larger vibrations and worse image-blurring. I do not understand that Nikon brought the 5 fps blindly placed into a 3.8?m sensor in a so light camera body. Looks like it is higher mega pixels, but is actually the vibrational image-blurring increased and sharpness drops, well then what did helpful to consumer?
I believe that the d5100 is a better camera than the d5200, despite the d5100 AF is no 39-point. Check out the specs of the D5200 again and change your mind, or else give us the reason why the D5100 is better! Yep it does, I think it’s an awesome addition compared to the basic black and recently added red.
Consider these things before just assuming 24 was chosen because it is some magic number and the most aesthetically pleasing. So now we’re in the digital age, we just need to double the digital memory storage size, which continually gets cheaper over time. The problem with higher frame rates for movies is that we counter-intuitively need to see blur for us to perceive the action as reality.

Douglas Trumbull, who did the special effects for 2001 and was also responsible for the large format Showscan has proposed that variable frame rates be used. So they actually got it right 85 years ago — 24fps still seems like the ideal speed for narrative films. Hint: If you like this product or this product review please click the Like, Tweet, Google Plus, Pin It or Share button below the review.
Rich in functionality, solid built, and a compact design, the Pentax K5 DSLR Camera is the newest authority for digital SLR cameras. The K-5 is equipped with a new breed of CMOS image sensor that is capable of covering a wide image-sensitive area.
Continuous shooting is another asset for the K-5 that cannot be found in other digital cameras. Additionally, the K-5 also sports a penta-prism finder that can cover almost a hundred percent of the view.
The Live View Shooting is the result of the combination of a newly designed image sensor and an advanced algorithm. But getting the right kind of digital camera doesn’t only involve looking at the features or functions.
Just like any other gadgets or products of technology, digital cameras may come in varying sizes, prices, features, and shapes. When it comes to history, Pentax has come a long way and is in fact in the hunt for supremacy in the digital camera industry against the likes of heavyweights Canon and Kodak.
The Canon EOS 60D DSLR is designed to help photo enthusiasts use DSLR with much ease by combining automatic and in-camera features including – white balance, noise reduction, color space, color aberrations, and distortion – with advanced photography technology.
Like its full-frame sibling, the ?850 fully exploits the creative possibilities of the ? family of lenses that includes premium full-frame optics from Carl Zeiss, plus five high-performance G Lens models.
Noise reduction is first applied as the full-frame sensor converts light to electronic signals.
The 9-point AF system is supplemented by 10 focus assist points to assist subject detection, improved out-of-focus detection to reduce focus hunting and a dedicated F2.8 sensor for enhanced AF accuracy with wide aperture lenses. This Preview is invaluable when composing complex scenes that may typically combine multiple light sources with different colour temperatures. A secondary backlit LCD panel on the top of the camera body gives useful confirmation of major settings, even when the main LCD is turned off. This in-body optical stabilisation system delivers up to 4 steps of anti-shake correction with all compatible lenses, opening up even greater creative possibilities when shooting handheld. Viewfinder, card slots, controls and other sensitive areas are protected from dust and moisture by rubber seals. Battery levels can be monitored in precise 1% increments, cutting uncertainty about remaining shooting time. On-screen image quality is optimised for superbly lifelike reproduction on BRAVIA™ models supporting PhotoTV HD. This compact, easy-to-carry lens is ideal for photo enthusiasts looking to add a bright, general purpose zoom to their collection of full-frame optics. Featuring everything from gadgets and electronics to communications and internet developments, scientific and environmental breakthroughs to advancements in design, lifestyle, transportation and renewable energies.
From beautiful still photos to smooth Full HD movies, this camera empowers your freedom of expression, letting you capture your own unique view of the world. In addition to the 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor for finely detailed images, the new EXPEED 3 image processor provides high-speed operation and excellent, rich colour reproduction – as well as enhanced movie recording. The superior accuracy of the 39-point AF system and nine cross-type sensors delivers razor sharp images by focusing precisely on the subject you choose.
This means you can share images that you are proud of with friends via social networks and email for instant reactions. The camera’s subject tracking of moving objects in three dimensions, with full time servo AF (AF-F), ensures focus of moving objects throughout filming. A range of seven special effects: Selective Colour, Miniature, High and Low Key, Silhouette, Colour Sketch and Night Vision can be applied in real time to images and movies through Live View so you can see what your final creation will look like before you shoot it. Or that wanting your camera body in anything other than black is somehow indisputably wrong. And at the top you find always men (fashion, painting, literature, photography, even cooking !! The motions constantly distract me from what I’m watching and your brain is constantly reminded that you are watching TV.
The mirrorless EVIL cameras make great sense and have their uses but they are not reflex cameras.
The high resolution image reproduction is responsible for the high speed image data readout. The Pentax K5 DSLR Camera is remarkably built and designed to be robust, durable, and tough enough for challenging scenarios. With it, the camera functions on a better performance and a faster and more consistent focusing speed. Of course, it’s because no matter how strong your desire is to get the most advanced digital camera out there, you just cannot realize that if you are not willing to invest enough money. In this aspect, everyone must learn that there are several types that feature different capabilities. It has several other features such as suitability for large printing, zoom lenses, manual shutter speed control, and higher resolutions.
This type is referred to as the mother of digital cameras because of features not found anywhere else such as interchangeable lenses, true reflex viewfinders, exposure and color control, and very advanced accessories. But if you purchase the same at Amazon, you can avail of the extended warranty features for a reasonable price.
We asked on Twitter what our followers favorite digital slr camera was and nearly every answer was different, or was a wish for an upgrade to an existing model.
The camera also got a Multi-Control dial for faster navigation of its interface while trying to shoot vertical and horizontal stills. Dual BIONZ™ image engines process large amounts of digital data, applying finely-tuned noise reduction during image processing to deliver pictures with extremely high level of sharpness and minimal noise level. In addition, an anti-dust system guards the full-frame sensor from the effects of dust entering the body during lens exchange. On-screen playback can be controlled via an optional wireless remote commander (RMT-DSLR1). The high ISO sensitivity (100-6400 which is extendable to 25600) delivers brilliant shots in dark or poorly lit environments as well as producing clear images of fast moving subjects. Meanwhile, the 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor provides precise data to the camera’s Scene Recognition System, which optimizes exposure, autofocus and white balance immediately before the shutter is released. In addition, the Nikon D5200 is an intelligently designed lightweight camera, with clear menus and superior ergonomics, making it a pleasure to maneuver and shoot with. It is even possible to control your camera remotely from your smart device to help you take beautiful shots without disturbing your subjects. Adding to that, creating movies to be proud of can be achieved with in-movie editing and the camera’s built-in stereo microphone. In addition, in-camera High Dynamic Range (HDR) and D-lighting capture detailed images of high-contrast scenes, increasing creative possibilities. The D5200 is one for people who think buying a big camera will make them into a photographer, hence the cherry and chocolate exteriors = p&s upgraders.
I know many people like to have a D400 and a D7100, but I think Nikon will cover both with just one camera because upgrading the D7000 to D400 specs is just a very small step (different AF and other body will basicaly do the trick). It provides innovative and highly advanced tools intended to produce the highest quality images using high speed processing. This viewfinder is made even better with a natural bright matte focus screen ideal for manual focusing. That’s why most people fail and end up regretting what they get because they often ignore those little things like added features and valuable specs.
But as a consumer, there is really lot to learn about digital cameras before being able to purchase the most ideal one.

Perhaps the most observable of its weaknesses are that the shutter makes a very loud sound and the camera is quite expensive. If you’re a photography guru who requires the most advanced photographic tools, you certainly get the same with the K-5. We can however show a list along with some explanations, that way you can make a more informed decision for buying the best dslr camera (and most affordable) that meets your needs.There are hundreds of dslr cameras on the market, some with very close matches of specification or price. And to prevent accidental changes while shooting, the Canon EOS 60D also has a locking mode dial. This combination of high native sensor resolution and powerful noise control techniques ensures superlative image quality, even at high sensitivity settings up to a maximum ISO 6400 (with expanded ISO range). Ideal for day-to-day shooting tasks, its bright maximum aperture makes the 28-75mm F2.8 SAM particularly valuable for interior scenes and available-light portraits. You can also select from 16 different Scene modes – they optimize the camera settings, such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture – to the situation you are shooting. I have friends just like this who want to get into photography so they buy a big camera but only ever use the 18-55 kit lens. Just because each frame in 60i is lower quality than 30p doesn’t mean that they are going to be equivalent. And with the integration of the spot-beam projector feature, the AF system does not encounter issues in low light and dark areas.
The decision will likely come out after determining a list of factors and then checking each factor out.
The super zoom meanwhile has almost the same specs to that of an enthusiast but the clear difference is it includes at least ten times optical zoom lens capacity. In fact, only those who do professional photography and a few hobbyists can afford to buy one.
So next time, take a look at image quality, mega pixel count, picture taking speed, and ergonomics.
This digital SLR has a brilliant method of creating and producing the best and highest quality images, with the kind of quality that is second to none. The process we used to come up with this list of the best was based on the same process we used to buy our favorite dslr, the Canon 7D. Moreover, it boasts a nine-point autofocus and can shoot up to 5.3 full-resolution stills per second. It is also highly regarded when it comes to reliability and a very friendly user-interface.
There are several things to consider such as the image quality, performance, added features, and obviously, the price. Image quality is important because it tells you how good you pictures can be especially when you’re thinking of printing them out.
Our criteria for choosing the best dslr camera for your needs is based on price, resolution and speed. But they don’t get the entry level camera because they fancy themselves as becoming expert. Ultra compact cameras on the other hand are built for mobility and convenience because they can be fitted and inserted into pockets and bags. There’s a new high speed and low noise CMOS image sensor combined with a PRIME II imaging engine. It can be this generation, or the next, but at some point there are no more features to add to keep a model line.
There’s also the added HD movie and video recording feature and extra-wide sensitivity range.
Tallying up the scores gave us our results, with the best overall camera listed last.What features were we interested in when considering various models of dslr cameras? As omsebody else suggested, it would be more logical to add a line below the D3xxx line than to add something at the top.
There are times when the quality of the image does not really depend on the mega pixel count. Our review of cameras was assuming that most people reading this article are not professionals but also I not absolute beginners either. In fact, some brands boast 12mp varieties that have lower quality images compared to 8mp or even 6mp. We assume that most people looking for a DSLR are likely to use at least some manual settings, but we also appreciate consumer type features such as a built-in flash. Of course, because we are not targeting high-end professionals with our list of the best dslr cameras, we appreciate lower prices versus high costs (the more affordable the camera the better)!
For us, HD video in our DSLR camera was not a huge factor in our decisions though we are certainly happy when a camera has that feature.Why are speed and resolution major factors for our list of the top rated DSLR cameras? We know some people would argue that your lens and sensor have a bigger impact on the output quality, and the end result is the whole point, right?
Well, sure, but I started out in DSLR photography with a Canon 350D and two areas where I felt really limited were the frame rate and the resolution.
Canon EOS 1000DThis DSLR camera was launched in 2008 and is aimed squarely at the entry-level market but despite that positioning and age, still packs in some serious features. If price is your main factor then it is well worth looking at, as this is one of the best and affordable DSLR cameras on the market.Click here to buy the Canon EOS 1000D DSLR9. The specs won't set the world alight, especially the low frames per second, but the price is competitive and the resolution is decent at 14 mega pixels.
Many people tell me they prefer the ergonomics of this Nikon body, which is worth considering into the equation.Click here to buy the Nikon D3100 DSLR8. That said, even though the product was last refreshed in 2008, it is a fantastic performer. Full frame sensor is probably the headline feature, giving it extremely good quality in every environment you can throw at it. Resolution-wise you are looking at 21 mega pixels, which is good enough for some excellent prints at large sizes without much post processing.
The full frame and the resolution mean many professional photographers use this as their go-to DSLR camera.
As mentioned earlier, expect this to be rectified soon, in which case it will likely be a dominant player once again.Click here to buy the Canon 5D MkII DSLR7. Unfortunately, while an excellent and popular camera, the newer Canon 60D beats it in all departments in terms of specs.
Still, Nikon fans will tell you it works and feels better in actual use, and it is a good choice if you already have a Nikon lens collection.Click here to buy the Nikon D90 DSLR6. Nikon D3XIf you are looking for a pro level DSLR camera then you are going to be heading up the price scale but also getting better performance for your money (and usually build quality). Obviously it will price out all but a minority of camera buyers but the image quality served up by its superior innards and 24 mega pixel sensor are very impressive.
Canon Rebel T3i Another entry-level DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel series has historically been the sweet spot between amateur price but respectable specs.
This brand new refresh is the only 2011 camera on the list and packs 18 mega pixel resolution for a low price, potentially below $800 if you spot a deal! Canon 7DIt has to be said, the Canon 7D won out among our top ranked DSLR cameras but not by a huge margin. The faster frames per second helped, plus the build quality and hand feel (many Nikon owners would disagree there). Yes, you might be able to get a good deal, seeing as it is already being seen as an older model. If you are anything like me though you will love the results.Click here to buy the Canon 7D DSLRSummaryThe best DSLR cameras is the kind of subject that naturally leads to discussion, arguments, and a lot of subjective personal taste, so let me pre-empt the flames by saying this is MY list of the best DSLRs.

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