The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has an impressive update to its set of features, such as more configurability, excellent video and photo quality, streamlined shooting design, and better performance compared to its predecessor. This is Nikon’s update to its D3S series, which features faster performance in terms of continuous shooting, more flexible and better video quality, and a sensor with higher resolution.
The D800 has an impressive full-frame and its targeted users are non-sports professionals, like those who shoot for landscapes and weddings, as well as architectural photographers who focus on subjects with little motion.
It’s a relatively inexpensive camera for the features it offers, such as its smart design, fast capture, and impressive photo quality.
It’s a full-frame camera that captures great quality photos with accurate colors (if you use its ‘Neutral Creative Style’ setting) and well-resolved details. If you’re looking for low-light focus that’s slightly improved as well as burst speed, then the D300s is the unit for you.
Also known as Rebel T3 in the United States, the EOS 1100D is designed for those who are new into professional photography. Thanks for looking at the Top 10 Professional Digital Camera Reviews 2014, we will be updating this list as newer camera’s are released this year.
With advent of digital photo capturing device, photography is no more limited to sophisticated photographers.
This Nikon DSLR facilitates Full Hi-def video clip firing and also supports Universal serial bus 2.0 as well as High-definition multimedia interface Mini connection.
The Rebel is a sound Point at the basic level with Canon’s DSLR Camera line, and the T3i may be the most recent sort.
The actual release associated with Olympus E-5 DSLR is one such marvel which usually needs to be knowledgeable to believe. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest RedditFor people like myself who tend to root for the underdog, Pentax has always been an easy brand to love. With a 24 megapixel APS-C size sensor, the Pentax K3 is an advanced DSLR with a weather resistant magnesium alloy and stainless steel body. In-camera shake reduction can compensate for around 3.5 stops, allowing sharp images to be captured in much lower light at slower shutter speeds, or when using long lenses.
2 SD memory card slots is a great pro-level feature that allows you to record the same image to both cards for added peace of mind (wedding photographers will enjoy this feature), or one card can record RAW while the other records JPEG, or — you can simply double the amount of available memory that you have, recording images and video to the second card when the first one is full.
The Pentax K3‘s shutter is rated for 200,000 cycles, an impressive amount that for most users will mean the camera will become technologically long in the tooth and be replaced long before the shutter gives out. While Pentax has trailed behind its competitors in the video capture arena in the past, the Pentax K3 makes use of H.264 video compression and enables manual, program, and priority exposure control during movie recording.
For the past decade, online photography forums have been filled with people insisting that a full-frame sensor is a necessity for professional photography.
High ISO noise performance in the Pentax K3 is outstanding and for those who don’t realistically need the wider angle of view that full-frame cameras can offer, the Pentax K3 is a very solid performer, regardless of what kind of work you shoot.
This photo was taken at sunrise with the Pentax K3 and 18-135mm lens, along with a 10 stop ND filter. For those who are new to Pentax, buying into any brand always requires some careful thought and consideration. The Pentax K3 is one solid, well built piece of gear and unlike other DSLR camera manufacturers who put their image stabilization in the lenses, the K3 features in-camera stabilization, meaning that even if you use those older Pentax manual focus lenses, you’ll still get this benefit.
Right below this button, you’ll find an AF mode button for quick selection of the autofocus mode, and beneath this button is a switch for toggling between autofocus and manual focus.
On the rear of the camera to the right of the viewfinder you’ll find the LV button with its red dot, which is used to turn on Live View. A monochrome secondary LCD display on the top of the camera shows all the usual exposure information, along with the metering mode and autofocus points you’ve selected. While the Pentax K5 II and Pentax K5 IIs both can shoot at 7 frames per second, the Pentax K3 gets a burst of speed over its predecessors and brings the rate up to 8.3 frames per second. Battery life with the Pentax K3 is reduced from the K5 II, but I found it to be pretty good.
The Pentax K3 is easily the current top APS-C DSLR camera with a huge set of features, many of them innovative and unique to Pentax. A Comprehensive Review of the Pentax K3 DSLRWith a rugged, weather sealed body, numerous professional features, and outstanding image quality, the Pentax K3 is an excellent DSLR offered at a reasonable price. Nick ZantopEditorPhotography and adventure keep me sane; writing about it keeps both of us entertained. The 144 g (5.08 oz) Moto X 2014 has a 13MP camera that can capture 4K (4128 x 3096) resolution video. The biggest advantage of recording 4K video footage with Moto X is that the vibrant imagery offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to editing. Bharat writes about latest gadgets, toys, robots and new technologies across various platforms.
It has an autofocus system that’s quite flexible, a bright, big viewfinder, a flash control that’s wireless, a streamlined interface, and photo quality that’s nothing short of excellent.
Its resulting images are clean at midrange or low ISO sensitivities, with algorithms that reduce noise. The resulting images also have good latitude in terms of highlights as well as broad tonal ranges.
Its other features include: dual card slots, video capture, and on-board wireless flash controller. It’s a full-frame, top-flight camera that delivers fine images along with a fluid shooting experience.

In terms of photo quality, the EOS 6D is a worthy upgrade from the APS-C model for consumers. There are numerous DSLR cameras in the market which are used by both professional and amateur photographers.  Each one of all of us loves to capture excellent moments, and although various new technologies have come up in our life photography nonetheless continues to be favourites of several. It provides a 16.2 MP DSLR Camera and it is powered by Nikon EXPEED 2 image running engineering. The actual strong points with the 7D tend to be its 18 Megapixel quality, HD movie recording, and 3-inch high-resolution LCD monitor along with a 19-point auto-focus program. When Pentax was purchased by Ricoh in 2011, a lot of loyal Pentax shooters held their breath, fearing that the merger might kill off the brand.
With an impressive list of professional features, often found only on high end full-frame cameras, the Pentax K3 is moderately priced at only around $1300 for the body and $1650 including the 18-135 kit lens. With 92 independent seals, the Pentax K3 is weather, cold, and dust resistant to ensure continuous operation in a diverse array of environments. The big 3.2 inch 1037 dot LCD screen features an anti-reflective coating, making live-view monitoring in the sunlight easier.
A feature I particularly like is the Pentax K3’s mode dial which has a handy locking mechanism that can be easily engaged to prevent the dial from spinning, preventing clumsy photographers like me from accidentally changing the shooting mode.
Full HD 1920×1080 recording is available using several frame rates including 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, and 24p. While the price tag may be consumer grade, the Pentax K3 is every inch the professional DSLR camera.
As such, the (online) world of photography has legions of people pining after the almost mystical benefits they think full-frame sensors will bring to their photography, although most can’t really articulate why they need a full frame camera. For those who shoot with Pentax DSLR cameras already and have a collection of Pentax lenses, the Pentax K3 represents a good buy, especially if you’ve been longing for more resolution and any of the numerous features that the K3 brings to the table.
The camera looks and feels as if its ready for anything… and it is, with a steel chassis and magnesium alloy cover, plus 92 seals to keep out the weather. As someone who frequently uses manual focus, this switch is in a good spot and is easy to reach. Right beside this button is the aperture dial, flanked by an AF button that can be used to autofocus the camera without having to press the shutter. Resetting all of the exposure variables manually can take quite a while, so this button makes it an instant thing…pretty handy! It also displays which of the dual SD card slots you’re using and which file types are being recorded to each.
Images are essentially noise free from ISO 100-800 and ISO 3200 and 6400 are still very usable.
While there are of course cameras like the Canon 1DX and Nikon D4s which have faster burst rates, the Pentax K3 is impressive and fairly quiet as well. Without any flash use, the camera should have no trouble lasting for more than 600-700 shots. While this may not be the ideal camera for the casual snapshot photographer, for those who demand a lot from a DSLR, the Pentax K3 is tough to beat. Similarly, drones are becoming every professional photographers dream device with ability to carry best of DSLRs on board.
The amazingly high resolution is used for large screens and in filmmaking, here is a footage that shows how 4K imaging looks when shot with a smartphone camera. In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the internet for endless questions.
This means that cameras used by professionals must be customizable and compatible with a wide range of studio equipment and other accessories. With its solid performance and well-designed body, the SLT-A99 makes for an excellent option for pros. It can deliver excellent noise reduction and JPEG processing, as well as great tonal quality and dynamic range. With these specifications it might very easily move up a class – however Canon presently has which part well-covered.
In 2014, it seems that everyone can breathe again — Pentax and Ricoh have released several excellent cameras since the merger, and I was pretty excited to check out their latest flagship DSLR to hit the market, the Pentax K3. In fact, the Pentax K3 boasts so many features that I think it’s pretty safe to call it the most full-featured and impressive APS-C DSLR camera available on the market.
The Pentax K3 uses a SAFOX11 autofocus system with 27 focus points, of which 25 are cross type points and autofocusing is quick and accurate. An optical low pass filter is used to minimize moire, which is a strange looking wavy, rainbow colored pattern that can appear when photographing a scene with repetitive details like you might find on fabric or a feather which exceed the sensor’s resolution. An electronic dual axis level makes getting horizons perfectly straight an easy task; especially useful to landscape photographers who lose valuable resolution when crooked horizons are straightened in post-processing. For the photographers who do like to have a free spinning dial, keeping the lock disengaged will keep them happy as well. The ability to use older manual focus Pentax K mount lenses adds even more optical options, many of which can be picked up incredibly cheaply. If you’re a professional or serious amateur though who heavily uses and maybe even occasionally abuses your gear with outdoor adventures, the Pentax K3 is the camera built just for you.
All in all, the Pentax K3 is a good looking camera with a grip that’s comfortable to hold.
Just above this set of buttons is one that deploys the pop-up flash, which rises higher than many I’ve seen, useful for using the flash along with longer lenses and for minimizing red eye.

Below the green button, you’ll find the toggle for switching between video recording and still shooting. Above ISO 6400, noise becomes more obvious, but with some post-processing, even images shot at ISO 51200 are often suitable for small prints.
I was able to shoot about 300 long exposures with heavy live view usage at both sunrise and sunset before the battery was exhausted — long exposure photography tends to really eat up battery life. With 24 megapixel resolution and outstanding low light performance, the K3 is enough camera to last even the most gear-hungry photographer for a long time. Combining major facets of a new age smartphone and a drone; Motorola in collaboration with professional drone operator Glenn McKenna took the innovative Moto X (2nd Gen) and attached it to a quadcopter to capture memories in 4K (ultra HD resolution). Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. However, choosing what pro-level camera to buy can be challenging, what with the overwhelming number of options out there.
There is selection of distributors nowadays on the market offering kinds of camera for great variety of functions; however you might undoubtedly like to have any camera that can bring out your little specifics of the emotions.
It portrays a brand see locater too that is repaired eye-level Pentaprism Viewfinder plus a 3-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD along with 921,000 Dept of transportation pixels decision. The EVF is nonetheless not necessarily just like a traditional viewfinder; Bad life of the battery. Other features contain shadow realignment, supersonic wave filtration, TruePic III as well as graphic processor and many more enhanced characteristics. Like Pentax’s previous DSLR cameras, the K3 is a rugged photo taking machine, capable of surviving in some pretty nasty weather. Omitting this anti-aliasing filter enables sharper images at the risk of moire in certain situations. With the K3 mounted on a tripod, photographers will never again have a good excuse for the ocean sliding down a 5 degree slope.
Above all, the Pentax K3 is the camera to buy if you need a DSLR that can brave whatever elements mother nature throws at you.
Once pressed, Exposure Lock will lock the auto-exposure settings so that the following photos have the same exposure and white balance settings, a feature that’s particularly useful when shooting panoramas to ensure that all of the photos will have the same exposure. The rest of the buttons are fairly self explanatory and are easy to figure out, even without consulting the included manual. JPEG files shot with the Pentax K3 look good, but with a serious camera like this that packs so many professional features in, you’re passing up a great opportunity to shoot RAW.
At 3 frames per second, 200 JPEG images or 52 RAW files can be captured before the buffer fills. A note about long exposure photography with the Pentax K3; during the daytime, the viewfinder seems to suffer from a very obvious light leak.
Digital SLR cameras are recognized for its greatest features and also clarity now the marketplace can be flooded with some other options for Digital camera video cameras.
Even so, the particular Cannon Eos 550d 7D continues to be an excellent DSLR you cannot go wrong along with.
To get the best of both worlds though, the Pentax K3 features a unique system that allows the camera to simulate the effects of an anti-aliasing filter.
For audio monitoring, a headphone jack is included and stereo levels can also be displayed on-screen during video capture.
There are a lot of buttons on the Pentax K3, but for the most part their placement makes sense. At the slightly faster 4.5 fps setting, the buffer fills after about 100 JPEGs or 32 RAW files. This is a pretty common occurrence even with professional DSLR cameras and the remedy is very simple: just cover the viewfinder. Most lenses with such a wide focal length range tend to be iffy when it comes to sharpness, but even at 300mm I was impressed.
The camera system includes a standard rechargeable EN-EL15 Li-ion electric battery, which is capable of doing using an impressive 1,050 pictures for each charge. This option can be turned on or off, depending upon the scene — for maximum image sharpness, it can be left off. DNG is a widely used format and you’ll find this file type to be the most compatible when it comes to viewing and processing images. The camera’s autofocus system is quick and accurate, even when using subject tracking.
Because of its pro-level efficiency and characteristics, it is quite famous among photographers.
For situations where moire may be an issue, it can be turned on…and the results are quite good, perhaps even as good if not better than many of the cameras which actually do have an anti-aliasing filter. Unlike many entry level DSLR cameras which can only handle shooting a few RAW files before the buffer fills and burst shooting grinds to a halt, with a fast SD card the Pentax K3 can keep shooting in RAW for up to 22 files before the buffer slows things down.

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