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I would like to take this opportunity through you to compliment the attention, communication and service that I recently received from Cameracorp Australia. Cameracorp Australia is a trading division of The Polygon Group Pty Ltd, Australia's Foremost Rental Group of Businesses.
For over 25 years we have given in excess of 100,000 Australians the opportunity to persue their recreational activities through our innovative rental programs. So whether you are just beginning on your photographic journey or a seasoned professional, we are sure you will find a product to suit your needs.
Now with Cameracorp Australia, you can hire the world's finest photographic products and accessories! If you’re looking for a high quality drone at a mid-range price then the DJI Phantom 1 is perfect for you.
Although DJI has not published a payload spec, they suggest the quadcopter plus payload weighs no more than 1000 grams. The DJI Phantom 1 can fly at a horizontal speed of 20 miles per hour (10 meters per second) and at a vertical speed of 6 meters per second.
A7 also has several customizable buttons so it’s very easy to adjust camera controls to personal taste. Menu system is a variant of the one found in Alpha SLR and SLT models and easy to navigate. Sony A7 lens mount is made for the new FE lenses, but is works with older APS-C E-mount lenses. LCD and EVF offer excellent visibility, but LCD is still too dark in daylight (especially when smudged). As far as the pricing goes, new mirrorless full-frame cameras from Sony will dig a big hole in your pocket. This entry was posted in Mirrorless, News, Reviews, Sony and tagged full frame mirrorless, Sony A7, Sony full frame by Ivan Ivancic.

This machine is sold RTF (Ready to Fly) and is usually priced at $679, but is currently on sale at Amazon. Grip is just about big enough to allow secure and comfortable handling and yet small enough not to become big like DSLR models. I used Sony A7 only several hours so it’s hard to say if Sony succeeded in creating a camera that is comfortable and easy to use for the long term, but as far as I could see there are no major complaints. Memory card write times, playback, zoom and menus are fast, but it still takes two or three second to start up and allow the first shot to be taken. Since these were not made to cover full frame image circle, they will either show significant light fall-off or will be used in crop mode. It is built mostly from plastic (it has metal mount though), but it feels quite solid and optically good. For further price details at anytime during the rental period please contact us on 1300 858 911 (purchases are subject to approval and some conditions apply). It comes fully equipped with a transmitter (controller), software control, and advanced navigation.
The DJI Phantom 1 has a range of about 300 meters and has an effective payload of about 200 grams. If you plan on flying a couple miles from your location, I recommend purchasing a different model such as the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, or the Phantom 2 Vision +.
A7 uses tri-navi control system just like the NEX-7, only difference is placement of second dial which is now at the front. DSLR can take the first shot in a fraction of a second and this is where not a single mirrorless camera can compete. I don’t see a valid reason to use those lenses on full frame A7 or A7R since you will either get cropped image (more than half of the sensor you paid for is wasted) or you get significant vignetting and would have to crop an image in post process (image below taken with E-mount 18-55). The Phantom 1 also comes with a basic camera holder; get ready to capture breathtaking footage from above. This means the drone is capable of carrying a GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 (without the waterproof case) as well as many other lightweight sport cameras.

The DJI Phantom 1 is only capable of flying a little over a mile due to the energy required and battery capacity.
As a new pilot, you should practice flying above a soft surface such as tall grass in an open field.
Full frame cameras are around for years, but not until recently all of them were either big and heavy DSLR models or insanely expensive Leica. They control aperture and shutter speed, and the third (back side) dial is linked to ISO value.
Sony will have to attract users traditionally inclined to Canon and Nikon and this will not be easy. On top of all that, Sony reused the exposure compensation dial from RX1 and placed it on ergonomically excellent position near the thumb. I will post a detailed review as soon as I get this camera for at least a week, and am looking forward to it. This means if you’re flying your drone and it loses radio contact for any reason (out of range, interference, etc.), do not fret!
Nothing like this was produced before and it became apparent it is only a matter of time Sony would release full frame mirrorless cameras.
Make sure to keep the drone within 10-15 feet until you fully understand the controls and operation. The advanced navigation allows the drone to fly back home using the GPS and compass modules. A7 has 24 megapixels, 117 phase detect AF points on the main image sensor and can shoot 5fps. A7R has 36 megapixel sensor with AA filter removed, 25 contrast detect AF points, shoots at a bit slower 4fps and has more magnesium parts (dials, back plate…).

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