I figured it might be helpful to go through the thought process I used when putting together one of my rigs. A field monitor will add to much weight to a rig that has to be carried all day so removing that gives you room for wireless audio and a mixer.
There is always a lot of noise in a crowded room and the audio mixer allows you to control levels and split your audio up into left and right channels. I usually only bring 2 lenses to an event, a prime for low light and a zoom for a little bit of range. My hands are large enough that I can operate most of the functions on the camera with my thumbs and still keep both hands on the handles. The question has come up enough that I’m going to put together a full post with equipment list and brake down all the parts. That is an old Beachtek DX phantom power mixer that I used to use when I shot on DV cameras. I realize this post is a few years old, but if you see this I’d really appreciate the help! There aren't too many sexy Video Rig shoulder pads on the market, not to mention anything affordable. All standard 15mm fit, so it will work perfectly on a couple of new Gini DSLR Rigs I picked up. I know it probably shouldn't matter to me, but the green knobs are the only thing I would want to change. For the cost of this thing you can probably get the small jinfinance rig and slap it on the "cowboy studio" rig like Joel's example.

Have to keep this one in mind after I buy a gini rig, but before that I should probably invest in some better glass.
Here is the review of using just the back half of the Cowboy Studio rig and attaching any rod system (at app.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The Idea behind this configuration was event coverage, which means I will be running around a crowded area, grabbing quick interviews and product overviews then darting off. I’ve found that the easiest way to cover event audio is to keep a lapel mic on the actor and a hand held mic on the person being interviewed. This will make life a lot easier in post when you’re trying to clean up audio and remove noise. Just because you have the gear doesn’t mean you need to be loaded down every time you leave the house. I use the redrockmicro shoulder pad, I like how it has mounting holes on the top and bottom for things like a quick release plate on the bottom to mount to a tripod when it is not in use. One trick I’ve found very useful is to record about 4 minutes of crowd noise with a field recorder. DSLR cameras provide great video, but when filming long clips in a hot room the sensor can over heat.
I stay away from L glass at large events to keep the dollar value of the equipment on hand down. I'm all in for this one, so i'll let you know how it turns out as soon as it washes up on U.S.

There are times though where you don't want the chest clamp, and need to use the pad area to mount other accessories. It also seems to keep the person being interviewed focused and cuts down on overly enthusiastic hand motions. You might also want to record something longer then 12 minutes, like a guest speaker, or a zombie walk from the back of a gulf cart. The follow focus and matte box seem a little crummy, but the arm and camera mount look nice.
I think they can be handy under the right conditions, but I don’t find myself using them much. I just wanted to ask what the pieces with the holes on the top and bottom are called, and where I might be able to find them. First, the crowd noise covers up the effect of noise reduction filters on the camera audio track. I configured this Rig to work with either camera so the change out is simply a matter of pulling one camera off the quick release plate and sliding the other on. Second, it allows you to keep volume levels consistent between cuts, which makes the transition from interview to interview smoother and Third, it gives you filler when you need to cut sections out of the camera audio track. In my opinion this looks much more comfortable than the Redrock Micro microShoulderPad, and offers a better look, and more mounting points.

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