Beyond here, honestly, you should already have a pretty idea of what you’re gonna buy without our help. It may not have the tutorial the Nikon has, but I think it is better for a first timer in all other areas.
I too am very surprised not to see some other makes of camera here, especially in this day and age - I shoot Sony A350 & A850.
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Striking a perfect balance between ease-of-use and powerful features, the Sony ? DSLR-330L digital SLR camera puts better pictures at your fingertips. Plus, SteadyShot INSIDE in-camera image stabilization reduces blur, while the on-screen Help Guide and Graphic Display help take the complexity out of DSLR photography. Capture Fast Moving Subjects Unlike previous systems that required a tradeoff in autofocusing performance, the ? A330 features a dedicated live view sensor for fast, accurate, SLR-class autofocusing—even during live view shooting. Improve Shooting Skills A unique new Graphic Display helps you hone your photographic skills by making it much easier to understand how aperture and shutter speed adjustments will affect your results.
Tiltable LCD Shoot easily and comfortably from virtually any angle or position with Quick AF Live View.
Adopted from our top-of-the-line ? A900, the ? A330 features an advanced D-Range Optimizer that helps you take beautiful photos in difficult lighting conditions. The ?330 features a stylish, modern design with an intuitive button layout for easier operation.
Continuous Shooting lets you shoot at up to 2.5 fps (frames per second) while viewing your subject through the optical viewfinder so you never lose track of the action.
The Auto Pop-Up Flash automatically pops up and fires as needed when the camera is set to certain scene selection modes, helping first-time DSLR photographers shoot more effectively. Smart Teleconverter 2X Digital Zoom lets you zoom in electronically on your subject and reproduces pixels on a 1:1 basis so there’s no degradation in picture quality. SteadyShot INSIDE in-camera image stabilization is built into each camera body, so every a-mount lens benefits from the ability to minimize blur due to camera shake. An integrated on-screen Help Guide and Graphic Display help take the complexity out of DSLR photography.
Eye-Start Autofocus System begins precision autofocus adjustments the moment you raise the camera to your eye, so the camera is ready to catch the perfect moment. Anti-Dust Technology helps keep the CCD imager clean, resulting in consistently better pictures, by utilizing a static-free anti-dust coating on the CCD filter, as well as an anti-dust vibration that automatically shakes the CCD to help dislodge dust each time the camera is shut off. A 10.2 megapixel APS-size CCD image sensor captures your images in stunning detail, giving you the freedom to make large prints and tight crops without sacrificing quality.
An HDMI terminal gives you the option of connecting your camera to a compatible HDTV and playing back your images in stunning high definition quality (HDMI cable required, sold separately). 9-Point Center Cross AF Sensor with improved focus control to help bring images into sharp definition more quickly, and predictive focus control automatically calculates the position of fast-moving subjects. Stamina Battery power allows you to take up to 510 shots2 on a fully charged NP-FH50 InfoLITHIUM battery when using the optical viewfinder mode, and you’ll be able to see how much power remains in percentage increments, so you can keep shooting in confidence.
PhotoTV HD compatibility3 lets you automatically create high-resolution thumbnails optimized for viewing on a compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTV. Function Guide Display provides intuitive and easy to use on-screen menus that can be activated and operated with one hand using the Fn (Function) button and controller button to adjust Flash mode, Autofocus mode, White Balance, Metering mode, AF area and D-Range Optimizer.
Sony today unveiled their new A850 Digital SLR as part of an update to the company’s Alpha camera lineup. The only discernible difference between the new A850 and the A900 is a reduction is viewfinder coverage from 100 percent to 98 percent, which is evidently enough for Sony to be able to shave a huge $700 from the price. The Alpha A850 includes a 3-inch LCD (921k pixels) with 270ppi photo-quality resolution, which combined with an Intelligent Preview Function that allows you to see the effects of manual adjustments before taking a shot, should enable a greater level of control and efficiency with your shooting. This fully-featured pro-DSLR includes a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that will get as many as 880 shots per charge, plus its precise 1 percent charge level monitoring will ensure you don’t (unexpectedly) run out of juice.

The A850 is compatible with all official accessories made for the A900 and is compatible with all of Sony’s A-Series lenses, including their premium full-frame Carl Zeiss optics. The new DSLR-?850 from Sony offers serious photo enthusiasts a step up to the creative possibilities of full-frame imaging at a compelling price.
Ruggedly built for unflinching pro-style handling and performance, the ?850 shares the same 24.6 megapixel sensor and virtually all features of the flagship DSLR-?900, introduced last year. At the heart of the ?850 is a full frame 24.6 effective megapixel Exmor™ CMOS sensor that captures flawless, detail-packed images with vibrant, lifelike colours and fine textures. The purity of high-resolution image data captured by the full-frame sensor is optimised by two-stage noise reduction in both analogue and digital domains. The camera’s optical glass pentaprism viewfinder aids accurate shot composition, offering an extremely bright view with minimal distortion and an approximate 98% field coverage. Serious enthusiasts will also prize the camera’s fast, high-accuracy autofocus system that provides excellent framing freedom while making it easier to achieve optimum focus with moving subjects. Shots can be viewed on the large, high contrast 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD that offers an exceptionally high resolution (921k dot) for critical evaluation – even outdoors or in bright ambient light. For greater creative control, an Intelligent Preview function indicates the effects of exposure, white balance, and D-Range Optimiser adjustments prior to shooting. Touching the Fn button switches the display to Quick Navi mode, allowing convenient one-handed adjustment of key shooting parameters. Like its full-frame sibling, the ?850 is ruggedly built for dependable performance in gruelling conditions with a high-tensile aluminium chassis and all-magnesium alloy body shell.
The supplied high-capacity InfoLITHIUM™ rechargeable Battery Pack (NP-FM500H) delivers power for up to 880 shots (approx.) per charge. The camera can be connected to your BRAVIA™ or any HD TV (requires optional HDMI cable) for a big-screen view of your shots. The ?850 is fully compatible with the range of official accessories by Sony for the flagship ?900. The choice of full-frame lenses to complement the ?850 is enhanced with the new 28-75mm F2.8 SAM.
Delivered with USB Adaptor, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX 32GB is ideal for users who want to transfer data in high speed: approx.
The DSLR-?850 full-frame digital SLR camera is available from September 2009 and the 28-75mm lens will be available from November 2009. It shoots in 1080p, with full manual controls, and it’s amazing what it can do in low light. Sony ? DSLR’s responsiveness, versatility and image quality helps capture those moments that other cameras often miss. The ? A330 features a variable-angle LCD monitor that can be tilted up or down making it a snap to capture high-position and low-position photos. The mode dial on top of the ? A330 offers instant access to 6 Scene Selection modes, each with a user-friendly Help Guide and example photo. It also works together with an anti-static coating on the low-pass filter to help keep the image sensor clean. Choose from Standard mode, which optimizes exposure for the scene overall, or Advanced mode, which can be used to bring out rich shadow and highlight detail.
Make your subject the star with a portrait lens, use a macro lens to gain entry into another dimension, or get beautifully balanced, well-lit photos with an external flash.
In addition, the LCD display tilts up or down for low or high-angle shooting situations, such as capturing a child’s first steps or shooting over a crowd. In addition, the lightweight body and revised grip make the camera more comfortable to hold and carry. In addition, the ? features an integrated hot shoe, which lets you expand your lighting options with a range of accessory flashes (sold separately). Just turn the Mode Dial to select from Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Sunset, and Night View modes.

The Help Guide offers clear, concise explanations of various modes and settings, while the Graphic Display helps you understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, as well as the effect each has on photographic results. Choose from 8 finishing styles, including Standard, Vivid, Potrait, Landscape, Night View, Sunset, B&W, and Adobe RGB, and fine tune them to your personal taste with the ability to adjust contrast, saturation, and sharpness settings. This newly developed lens employs a Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM) to deliver smooth and silent autofocus operation, and offers a flexible focal range that allows you to capture everything from wide angle to midrange telephoto shots with ease.
In addition, BRAVIA Sync works with compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTVs to let you control camera playback using the television’s remote (HDMI cable and BRAVIA Sync capable HDTV required, sold separately).
Normal DRO improves detail using standard gamma curves for fast shot-to-shot response time, while Advanced DRO adjusts dynamic range area-by-area for greater accuracy. Like its full-frame sibling, the ?850 fully exploits the creative possibilities of the ? family of lenses that includes premium full-frame optics from Carl Zeiss, plus five high-performance G Lens models. Noise reduction is first applied as the full-frame sensor converts light to electronic signals. The 9-point AF system is supplemented by 10 focus assist points to assist subject detection, improved out-of-focus detection to reduce focus hunting and a dedicated F2.8 sensor for enhanced AF accuracy with wide aperture lenses.
This Preview is invaluable when composing complex scenes that may typically combine multiple light sources with different colour temperatures.
A secondary backlit LCD panel on the top of the camera body gives useful confirmation of major settings, even when the main LCD is turned off. This in-body optical stabilisation system delivers up to 4 steps of anti-shake correction with all compatible lenses, opening up even greater creative possibilities when shooting handheld. Viewfinder, card slots, controls and other sensitive areas are protected from dust and moisture by rubber seals.
Battery levels can be monitored in precise 1% increments, cutting uncertainty about remaining shooting time. On-screen image quality is optimised for superbly lifelike reproduction on BRAVIA™ models supporting PhotoTV HD. This compact, easy-to-carry lens is ideal for photo enthusiasts looking to add a bright, general purpose zoom to their collection of full-frame optics. Featuring everything from gadgets and electronics to communications and internet developments, scientific and environmental breakthroughs to advancements in design, lifestyle, transportation and renewable energies.
Also, for the money, it edges out Nikon’s D5000 on a few points, namely superior video handling and Live View. Also, given Sony produce some of the electrical witchcraft that's housed within both Nikon & Canon (processors and the like) I'm very surprised. The A330 makes shooting with a DSLR easy and fun with its compact and lightweight design, intuitive controls and Quick AF Live View. Plus, the high-speed BIONZ image processing engine delivers enhanced color reproduction, rich tonal graduation and remarkable clarity. Dual BIONZ™ image engines process large amounts of digital data, applying finely-tuned noise reduction during image processing to deliver pictures with extremely high level of sharpness and minimal noise level. In addition, an anti-dust system guards the full-frame sensor from the effects of dust entering the body during lens exchange. On-screen playback can be controlled via an optional wireless remote commander (RMT-DSLR1). This combination of high native sensor resolution and powerful noise control techniques ensures superlative image quality, even at high sensitivity settings up to a maximum ISO 6400 (with expanded ISO range). Ideal for day-to-day shooting tasks, its bright maximum aperture makes the 28-75mm F2.8 SAM particularly valuable for interior scenes and available-light portraits.

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