Set to debut in the United States at the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, the EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera from Shofu is designed specifically for dental imaging needs.
The 12-megapixel camera offers 8 shooting modes with its 49 mm macro lens which is ideal for capturing detailed, close-up images. The camera is designed for both intraoral and extraoral photography and is light enough to be used with just one hand.
The EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera, by Shofu, is the latest addition to their extensive product line.
Designed to produce superb image quality, EyeSpecial C-II has exceptional depth of field range, fast autofocusing and anti-shake capabilities, as well as infrared, UV and anti-reflection filters to help achieve those high quality images. This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Summary:RING48 can be used to shoot at a very close distance, especially for the clinical dental photography.
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Whether intraoral or extraoral, dental photography is a great way to document clinical situations, communicate with patients and enhance insurance submissions. While a smartphone might be capable of capturing high quality images, dental photography—both in and out of the patient’s mouth—is best captured with a specialized camera. While many intraoral cameras are capable of capturing extraoral images such as a headshot for use with the patient record, specialized extraoral photography systems are the best choice for documenting cosmetic procedures and capturing images outside of a patient’s mouth. The first consideration when looking to add a digital camera to your practice will be how you intend to use it. Other considerations when adding a digital camera to your practice include the comfort of using the system, what other hardware or software will you need to get the most out of the camera, and how the system will integrate with the technology and software already in use in your practice.
The partnership enables Practice-Web to offer Lighthouse 360’s automated patient communication software to its customers.
The full line of A-dec dental equipment will be available from Henry Schein in the second quarter of 2015.

Dental products distributor will be the first to sell Sirona treatment centers in North America.
Previously only available in Japan, this digital camera is designed specifically for dental imaging. The camera features optimal depth of field range, fast autofocus and anti-shake features to make it easy to achieve high quality images in a dental setting, according to a press release.
Sold at a suggested price of $2,795, the camera comes with a 4 GB memory card, batteries, and SureFile photo management software available as a free download. Although lightweight, the camera is very durable and will withstand the occasional mishandling.
Included with the EyeSpecial C-II is a 4GB SD XC card but the camera is also compatible with an Eye-Fi Pro X2 card allowing images to be automatically transferred and uploaded onto a computer, tablet or smartphone.
This proprietary software will allow the user to automatically sort and file images by patient name or ID number, saving time and improving HIPA standards. Trade news is supplied as a service to the reader and does not imply endorsement by the BDJ. Digital cameras have just about completely replaced film for operatory photography because these cameras provide instant images, easy storage and integration with a range of imaging and practice management software applications. Some of these systems are designed specifically for dental use, while others are kits based around DSLR cameras paired with macro photography accessories such as ring flashes. If you will be shooting intraoral images, or using the camera for diagnostics and patient education, then you will want an intraoral camera.
As with any technology investment, be sure to inquire about the warranty and service provided with the camera you intend to purchase.
Larry Emmott shares a basic outline of the technologies a practice needs in place and the steps required to shift to paperless records.
Its casing is scratch and scuff resistant and water- and chemical-proof making it suited for infection control protocols.
The EyeSpecial C-II is designed exclusively for dentistry featuring 12 megapixels and 8 shooting modes which are easier, faster and more reproducible to ensure the best quality of images are achieved.

It is scratch and scuff resistant as well as water and chemical proof, which is essential for infection control in the office. Shofu’s stylish and smart EyeSpecial C-II is designed exclusively for dentistry and adds consistency and efficiency to all your dental photography needs. Normal and prudent research should be exercised before purchase of use of any product mentioned.IntroductionThe Kodak DX6490 Dental Digital Camera System, with Dicom imaging software is the latest industry-dedicated tool from Kodak. If your practice doesn’t already use a digital camera to document cases, now is the time to find the intraoral or extraoral device that best meets your needs.
Shaped like a wand, these digital camera systems are capable of capturing high-definition images from inside a patient’s mouth.
If you already own a DSLR, you can purchase these accessories to turn it into a high quality clinical camera. If you are looking to document your cosmetic work and to capture before and after shots of your patients, an extraoral camera is more likely to meet your needs. The EyeSpecial C-II offers a high performance 49mm close-up lens, intuitive one-touch operations, an ultra lightweight sleek body design and a large LCD touchscreen which allows the user to view and scroll through images effortlessly, even with a gloved hand. The camera is pre-set and optimised for dental imaging and includes applications to make every shot a snapshot. They are a great tool for not only examining and diagnosing a clinical situation, but also for showing the patient exactly what you see while examining his or her oral health.
Six kinds of adapter rings are included to meet the requirements of different caliber camera.

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