Write For UsIf you are a photographer and you have a tip to share or want to display and talk about some of your best photography, you could write for us and share your ideas and tips.
Weave a story into your photograph: At the time of photographing people, try to include objects that they love, or you can even use objects that they hate. Try to use unique angles to photograph your subject matter: If you come to think of it, we all view this world from just one perspective that is, by standing upright. Ita€™s one of the best photography courses I invested in and youa€™ll understand why when you get one yourself. Professional and amateur photographers have been doing this type of creative photography since the time photography had actually begun. When we look at photographs that consist of people, it helps us to establish a human connection with the photographs.

Try to take photos from lower or higher angles and you will experience the same world in new and entertaining way. Photographers, who are expert in this type of photography, have already made a fortune and a reputation for themselves in the industry. It’s true that, in indoor shoots, you will have more control on the environment, but outdoors help you in adding a touch of reality to your photographs. When you look at these photographs, you can’t help, but wonder about the things that must have been going on in the head of the person when he was being photographed. Plus, for each module Evan has created 9 hoursa€™ worth of video tutorials, taking you step by step through some of the best photography tricks Ia€™ve ever seen.
Here is just a small selection of the videos youa€™ll get inside: Basically, what Evan does is bust the myth that only a select group of high-end photographers with ultra-expensive gear could possibly achieve such results.

This book is geared toward anybody who owns a DSLR camera and has the burning desire to experiment and sharpen their skills. Most of what you need is right at your fingertips; plus you dona€™t even have to own Photoshop. Youa€™ll also learn steel wool spinning, like in the image below: Plus, the book is filled with a lot of extra references for additional resources like YouTube videos, Flickr groups, or users to get even more inspiration for your projects.
Evan will walk you through all the steps from setting your camera to stitching the images on your computer.

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