How to take boudoir photos with strobe is different than using that on camera flash most cameras have. This next image is basically the same setup with the light, the camera has moved a little and the subject is facing the light and not looking at the camera. This image is similar to the above image, except the light is coming from camera right instead of camera left.
As a wedding photographer, we generally shoot and compose portraits of the bride and groom together with the rest of the wedding party on-location most of the time. Here’s a video guide from BowensTV about face shaping to help you with various lighting style patterns and setup in portrait photography.
Butterfly lighting is actually the shape and form of the shadow produced directly under the nose area. The position of the light is always the key when working with hard lights to make high-contrast portraits. Whenever using a high-contrast lighting pattern such as this, losing detail in the shadow areas as well as the hightlights might be a huge challenge. In this lesson we will look at lights that don’t have any soft boxes or light modifiers. Creating fabulous wedding portraits or family portraits either in the studio or on-location outdoor can simply add a smile to your client. Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. Whether it’s with strobe or hot lights, knowing how to take boudoir photos with dramatic lighting will take your images to another level. First off you want to get that strobe away from the center axis of the camera and at least a  few feet away from the camera. Except the model is turned in the opposite direction and the light is also switched from camera right to camera left. This type of light is what they used in the old days of Hollywood to do those studio Hollywood glamour shots.

It is NOT what lights this image, there is a fresnel light just out of range of the camera lighting the subject. The model is facing the other direction, the light is coming from camera left and coming down at a sharp angle, almost on top of her. The subject is also facing the camera, looking into the lens with a sultry provocative look.
Just like a portrait photographer, we like to diffuse and soften the lighting just to cover up any skin imperfections in the portrait. Shadows and dark areas are extremely defined as well as the range of brightness between light and dark tones in the portrait. If it’s very high, the shadows may hide the face, whereas a very low or perhaps full-frontal source may get rid of the shadows altogether.
It can be very useful and practical to a day to day portrait session, whenever you put together all the elements of photography. The images I am going to show below will be with strobe flashes, either mono boxes or off camera strobes like speedlights and the second part will be with hot lights such as Fresnel.
These two lights work well together as they are at the same color temperature and no white balancing is needed to take this shot.
As one might see, even in color these images with hot lights or hard lighting give a sort of Hollywood glamour feel to the images.
Again one can see the dynamic of old Hollywood glamour photography with the single hot lights.
To begin with, we assess the features of the face and determine which one to emphasize even more as well as which one to cut down. You can use lighting coming from a bare bulb, off-camera speedlight, strobes, or from the sun on a clear day.
But if you place the light very low or centered, the light will appear flat and won’t show any shadows.
But applying the butterfly lighting and loop lighting can give our portraits more contrast and punch.

The key light is high to one side of the subject’s face, however not as high as the butterfly pattern, nor as low as the Rembrandt pattern.
For photographers who just got into the hobby, try to familiarize yourself with various lighting equipment before going on a portrait photo shoot, specially if your camera and gears are new. If you will notice there is some light that falls onto the background which helps to separate the model from the background, otherwise we’d lose her int he darkness of the background.
This type of light gives a certain quality to the images, hard lights and shadows with a softness to them and a soft falloff. Longer noses look great coming from a low angle while double chins are better with high camera angle. With these main illumination, it can generate a prominent, hard-edged shadow along with enhanced contrast between highlight and shadow. With Raw processing, you will be able to retain the details in the shadows and highlights because you can slightly overexpose to prevent loss of details in the shadows.
We did cheat and use 3 pieces of foam core and one umbrella, but looking back now we could have not used the umbrella and been fine. Lighting along with its several modifications is an essential tool in assisting the portrait photographer expose people at their best. Then finally, when we do photo retouching on the portrait, we try to soften the effect whenever we can for added glow to the image. With a RAW exposure, you’re all set and will be able to use the fill light to maintain details.
We were shooting Katie Lohmann for a different shoot and she suggested the super Girl outfit. At first I was a little reluctant until I looked at some comic book art and started to see the shot.

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