The change in tones, removal of odd blemishes and the addition of some vector was all minimal post production work, created using PS and AI.
German photographer Florian Imgrund took a lot of beautiful black and white photos with a double exposure, and significantly, without any template.
Aneta Ivanova is a 23-year old self-taught & self-employed photographer and Computer Science student. See below for more some amazing portraiture shots by Aneta, a brief interview and instructions on how to create a double exposure in the digital darkroom.
The models you photograph…are there any certain instructions you give them when posing or does it come naturally to them? On most of the photos I am my own model, so I don’t need to give any instructions, because I perfectly know what I want. Does pairing portraits with a background come easy or must you test out a variety of backgrounds?
Yes, I use the same technique in all my double exposures, I try to keep things as simple as possible. Rodney Smith is one of my biggest inspirations. The first similar double exposures I saw were these by Dan Mountford and they left a mark in my mind.

Here in this tutorial, we are providing two amazing videos to know How to Take Double Exposure Photographs. In this Video Tutorial Sara K Byrne shows you how to shoot multiple exposures with a Canon 5d Mark III. In this Video Tutorial Howard Pinsky explain about how to create a double exposure effect in Photoshop, using two images, selection methods, layer masks, Adjustment Layers, and more! Double Exposure Photography is the art of crossing over from image capture to Graphic Design. Dan Mountford is a British student studying Graphic Design at the University of Brighton. He works with a wide variety of disciplines like Photography, Illustrations, Editorial and Motion Design. His Portfolio on Behance Network has been viewed over 807K times and has over 3k followers to date. All landscapes were shot during my trips, so when I shoot the second part of the image – the portrait – I know exactly what I want. Also, we have put together a collection 40 Stunning Double Exposure Photos for your inspiration.
Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

In Photography, double exposure or multiple exposures is the addition of multiple layers to create a single image. He has worked with brands like The Economist, EMI Records, Urban Outfitters, The Barbican, Le Monde and the New Scientist Magazine.
Her first interests included shooting experimental self-portraiture in her home, followed by the discovery of fine art and fashion photography. She also knows what to do and doesn’t need any instructions, it’s more like a mind-reading.
Where the directions say “merge the layers”, what exact menu choice is being selected?
When it says “make optional black and white adjustment”, does this mean that the two combined images have been in color up until this point?

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