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Step 1: TestingI tested with a piece of printer paper to find the best location for the diffuser. Step 2: Print out template, cut out and tapeI used a CAD software program and made two versions of the template - one is a larger version for more light, I've never tested the smaller version. Step 3: Go shoot yourself (with your camera)For testing purposes, I went to the darkest room in my house, the bathroom and turned off all the lights. Sorry - the photo you have requested has been removed or has not been approved for publishing.

They're super bright, blind people, and they make spotlights for my wide-angle lens on my Canon XTI. I'm not working with the best materials, so i figured I'd try to find the optimum location. I later gave up and made the diffuser modifiable for your needs.
Only problem was my flash was a little wider then the space allowed, but it was a nice snug fit. With my wide-angle lens, it's quite noticeable; the lens shadow is in the picture, the edges are dark. For taking pictures of parties, I wanted something that I could use so people don't look like rabbits in headlights and softened the lighting.

I also needed something with simple light weight construction that I can slip into my already heavy camera bag.

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