Digital photography retouching often results in a very creative photo which is very much related to the fantasy world but they convey a very deep meaning in side it. Choosing the right digital camera when undertaking a new hobby or profession in digital photography will be the key element to your success and photo quality.
Your digital photography budget may be limited, so determine first how much you’ll be willing and able to spend and take a portion off for the additional accessories you’ll require such as memory cards, batteries, a tripod, and a camera bag. Digital cameras come in all shapes and sizes and some can be big and bulky while others are incredibly compact.
Too many features could make your camera more difficult to use and will likely increase the price of that device.
Thomas Hawk is an amateur digital photographer who is well-known by users of photo-sharing site Flickr. For those new to the digital world, we have some beginner tips on live view, understanding your histogram, and resizing photos. The first of our digital photo tips explains what Live View is and how you can use it to achieve more accurate focus of stationary subjects.
After you've captured your image, you may want to post it on the web or email it to a friend, or even submit it to a contest. If you are going to process your images on the computer after you've taken them, you really must be shooting in RAW format, rather than in JPEG.
Have you ever noticed that in digital photography there always seems to be photos of fork lightning that some clever photography enthusiast has mastered?
So how do we apply our digital photography to sharp, brilliant streaks of colour over our images? Getting great shots of forked lightning is not as difficult as you would think, or have been led to believe. As a digital photography teacher, I can honestly say that the first thing people do it buy way to much equipment for this exercise. The main challenge in digital photography when taking lightning shots is where to position yourself.
A quick way to get great lightning shots is to find a good place to set up where you know lightning is either happening or is about to happen.

Try setting your aperture to about an f-8 or so and leaving the shutter open from anywhere between 10 seconds to 60 seconds. This is very much known as Photo manipulation art as well , as in this the photographer changes the real objects and gives it a new look to convey the hidden message behind the scene. Here are few of the eye catching examples of some amazing photo retouching and photo manipulation which could further explain the art of photography manipulation.
Try our page on basic digital photography, where we explain noise, DPI, megapixels, sensors, and more, as well as comparing DSLRs to compact point and shoots.
Whether you are brand new to photography in general, or just brand new to the digital world, these articles should help get you started. For point and shoot, or compact digital cameras, using the live view screen on the back of the camera is actually the norm. The histogram is one of the most important tools you have available to you to help you get a good exposure. These days it's easy to create professional looking digital photo books to show off your work. The fact is that digital photography is a challenge and as soon as we develop the interest in digital photography we are challenging ourselves from the start. I’ve had many a frustrating time, in the early days of my photography, trying to get the best angle, the best position only to find I had the camera pointed at completely the wrong part of the sky. What tends to happen is that due to other light in the atmosphere, light from buildings, streets and cars you can see this scene turns out much brighter on a 60 second shutter speed. Digital photography is intensely fun and incredibly educational and creative, but it’s not worth risking your life for.
The photographers use many of the photo-shop tools to add photo manipulation effects to the real pictures and through this they often mix two or three pictures or object and present all of them on a single photo. Next, you need to learn some technology to get your images onto a computer so that you can share them and print them. It will cover everything from camera settings, to organizing your files, to correcting your images, to converting your files from RAW, to printing. Its important to get the most out of the long, open shutter speed by leaving it open for a long time.

The great thing about a shutter release cable is that once the lightning has struck there is no need to keep the shutter open and you can simply press it the shutter will close.
As much as it’s a beautiful spectacle, its much more wise to stay well away from lightning. If you decide to take things further and polish and process your pictures, then you also need to learn complicated software. You certainly don't need to know everything before you can get started (or none of us would ever start!).
And when it comes to either traditional or digital photography, catching electrifying fork lightning is just too much of an enticement to see if we can “win” the challenge. I was thinking it was as hard as trying to predict a horse race with a crystal ball until I worked out the logic of it all and it started to become a lot of fun. You can do this with confidence on a really black night such as being in the country on a dark night without any city lights or too many clouds around for the light to bounce off. There's no denying that it's important for you to be familiar with your camera, and understand the basics of digital photography. Learn how to take full advantage of the information provided to you by your digital photography histogram. In the country you may have the freedom to leave the shutter open for as long as 60 seconds. It will certainly improve your pictures to have a grasp on what's going on behind the scenes, because it can help you choose sensible settings to get the results you want. See some histogram examples that show a photo and corresponding histogram together to clarify your understanding. In addition, the more familiar you are with your camera gear, the less you have to think about it while you're shooting.
Read and learn all tips for taking digital photography that you can, but make sure you remember that your most important tool is the one between your ears.

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