Photography tutorial pages are a reminder that we can all improve our photo-taking skills with the right kind of guidance. Photography tutorial resources that focus on specific areas like portrait photography are especially useful because they are geared towards helping you overcome particular challenges rather than general ones.
Read on to find links to some of the coolest photography tutorials available online for serious portrait photographers. Photography tutorials for portrait photography focus on the technical aspects of picture taking.
If portrait photography is your calling, this photography tutorial can help you hone your skills further.
If you are a newbie in the world of photography illumination, this detailed photography tutorial will be a big help.
Earlier in this post, we featured a tutorial using a single light source in portrait photographs.
In the early days of being a struggling photographer, you may yearn for expensive equipment to add dimensions to your photos. Here is another photography tutorial that promises to get you better acquainted with lighting and reflectors.
If you are testing your skills by taking portrait photos indoors this fabulous portrait photography tutorial offers several great tips. She is a founder of EliteChoice, a known luxury blog started in 2006 and have also worked with Mint, Hindustan Times Business daily for 4 yrs.
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Technology * Parenting * Geekery Digital Mom Blog is about a tech mom and her adventures raising 4 kids. To make a mark in the world of portrait photography, one must first acquire the necessary skills. If you are eager to become a successful portrait photographer, this roundup of 20 portrait photography tutorials could educate and inspire you in a big way. But here is a tutorial that shows you the importance of getting your models to pose, and even dress, correctly, so as to get the best out of those portrait shots.

Photoshop and other image editors give photographers the option of taking their photos to a whole other level. This tutorial teaches beginners to use a single light source in their portrait photography. Then it is best that you make use of a general portrait photography tutorial before jumping into the specifics of things.
Here is another one on those lines, except that this photography tutorial is dedicated to creating low key illumination.
In this photography tutorial on character studies, interested shutterbugs can learn to use lighting in such a way that it highlights the key qualities of the subject itself. This photography tutorial talks about the pros and cons of shooting in natural light, whether on sunny or cloudy days. The tutorial uses the case of a basic studio headshot to explain how one can use lights in different ways to create remarkably different images. But the challenge arises when you are expected to take similar quality portrait photographs at non-studio locations. Thus, the requirements for taking portrait photos in the local park or in a photographer’s studio are different from those for travel portraits. This succinct tutorial covers everything from background and lighting equipment to advocating fast shutter speed. This insightful tutorial covers several of these and encourages photographers to improve their technique and composition.
NOW, if I could just figure out how to get the fridge to remind me to actually do the meal planning…. Have leftover pizza – put a 4 day sticker on it, so you know when its no longer good. There is also a huge database of other recipes, so if you know you want to make say a broccoli cheese soup but have no idea how to – let All Recipes help you out.
Anyone with a decent camera can take a good portrait photography, but for that photograph to be brilliant, one needs much more than good equipment. Thus, as this cool digital photography tutorial shows, even ordinary photos can be elevated to an art form. So what do you do if you are an amateur photographer looking to take a brilliant portrait of your best friend?
In this particular tutorial, interested shutterbugs can learn how to achieve classical style lighting for portraits. Once you have understood how a single light can impact your photos, you will be ready and able to experiment with multiple light sources and give your photos a professional feel. If you are looking to create a beautiful portrait photo, keep the background in mind as well. In this tutorial, one is able to see how the correct lighting illuminates age, action and emotion on the faces of older men wearing hats. It also discusses how you can make natural light work to your advantage by using diffusers and reflectors wisely. By shifting the lights around one can control shadows, contrast, tone and more, creating surprising photographic differences in similar subjects. If you have ever been in a fix in this respect, this photography tutorial gives you the lowdown on how to take studio-style photographs in somebody’s home. If you are keen to add travel portrait photography to your resume, this photography tutorial will help.

Now, self-portraiture is not easy; at least, not if you are trying to produce a fine photograph. From what camera and lens to use to zeroing in on a location and nailing the lighting, this photo tutorial has it all. Shutterbugs are encouraged to go close to the subject, engage them and take permission if required. This mix of her personality developed her interest in world of web design and she continues to awe us with her beautiful writings.
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Learn about how different light sources contribute to the overall photo and then work on using this to your advantage. Thus, you will learn about illumination, location, posing and the use of props among other things.
This portrait photography tutorial is really useful in that respect as it encourages photographers to use backgrounds that add to rather than take away from the subject of the photograph. Learn how to give your photographs an exciting edge while keeping your spending to a minimum.
It focuses solely on travel portraits, providing tips for composition, gear and technique among other things. This marvelous portrait photography tutorial gives you a leg up by talking about everything from the equipment you should use and how you should set up to how to compose and frame the photo. It’s NOT just the place where our food is stored, this device has become integrated into our family lives. Both my husband and I work full-time jobs and the kids, well are currently out of school for summer. Trying to make sure that there is enough food for 3 meals a day for our kids is a full-time job in itself.
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