So, the very first key element to success is to always have a stable camera, and the way we do this is by learning camera holding techniques and a tripod will come in handy too. To create long exposure shots you need a slow shutter speed like 8s or 4s depending on the length of exposure you want.
Light painting also uses long exposure settings at night or in a darkened room with the use of light emitting hand held tools. This is one of the simplest trick photography techniques to do with no additional tools whatsoever. Another example is a woman lying on the grass with the mountains and the sky as the background. Other sources could also come from residential lighting, lamp posts, and large public buildings. Technology * Parenting * Geekery Digital Mom Blog is about a tech mom and her adventures raising 4 kids. If you were to tell me that a REFRIGERATOR could keep my family organized, well NOW I would totally believe you but before the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator came into our life I would have laughed in your face.
The StickiBoard app is a shared family dashboard that allows our family to keep a connected calendar everywhere, including on our refrigerator’s screen.
Meal planning is something that i totally SUCK at, but sounds good in theory and the first few days of grocery shopping – i TOTALLY can do.
On the days I remember to meal plan, I put a note into the calendar so she can see what she will be cooking for dinner. The other cool thing, you can put digital stickers over items so you know when they go old. Remember me telling you the dinner issue of needing to find something to cook with leftover ground beef and vegetables?
This feature is not yet available in my area, but according to the fridge it’s COMING SOON.
Are you guilty of taking photos with your phone and then they stay on Instagram and are never printed? Photo of the Ragged Point Restaurant: This photograph is shown as a before picture which is the starting point for a for a Digital Computer Arts Project that became a number of wild designs used on Ragged Point Inn book and menu covers created using Photoshop filters.
Photo of the Ragged Point Inn Restaurant: This photograph is shown as a "before" picture which is the starting point for a Digital Computer Arts Project that became number of wild designs used on Ragged Point Inn and Resort book and menu covers created using Photoshop filters. According to the studio, the agreement includes items such as camera bags, lenses, filters and other camera accessories. There were no new updates on the specifications of the camera—but from what we understand, the Polaroid Socialmatic will be a flat touchscreen camera with a built-in printer, 16GB internal storage capacity, with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.
Since releasing the video and rising to FACEBOOK FAME – Candace Payne has been well, everywhere. SO yes, I guess you could say that Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom is winning the internet and the hearts of all that watch.

Thanks Candace, the internet-webs loves you, your infectious laugh and for bringing us a little bit of happy. Well, in this article we’re going to talk about creating trick shots by just using your digital camera, along with a few items you probably have lying around your house, together with a lot of imagination and creativity. Tripods are very essential for every photographer because it will lessen camera shake and produce sharper and clearer images.
It doesn’t need to be too tight that you need to flex your muscles, just relax and gently rest them at your sides. You can take advantage of steady objects like the floor or the ground to provide much needed stability. Long exposure shots are great for moving objects like cars, carnival rides, and even firework displays. To create an illusion of movement, a good idea is to use a steady subject and place it in between the camera and a moving background object that emits light.
Start by placing your camera on a tripod, set the shutter speed to 8s or 16s depending on the ambient light and the amount of light painting that you will do.
When we flip the camera upside down, the woman seems to be pressed up against the grass and below her are the mountains and the sky.
It is the part of the photograph that is out of focus which we can manipulate by using lights of different sizes and colors.
Different photography techniques were discovered by people who were not afraid to try new things. NOW, if I could just figure out how to get the fridge to remind me to actually do the meal planning….
Have leftover pizza – put a 4 day sticker on it, so you know when its no longer good.
There is also a huge database of other recipes, so if you know you want to make say a broccoli cheese soup but have no idea how to – let All Recipes help you out. Digital Photography Tips and Tricks: The fun you can have and effects you can achieve using Photoshop filters is virtually unlimited.
I can’t even with how awesome it is that the internet has produced something wonderful. The shots that you create will depend on your creativity, so anything that emits and bounces off light can be a great subject.
Cellphones, flash lights, lasers, sparklers, are good examples of light sources but you can go crazy and use anything you want (as long as you are safe).
With different angles we can create a lot of different perspectives; all you need is to use your imagination and practice, practice, and more practice will be required. Their recipes are crowd sourced for ratings so you know what others think of the recipe before you spend a time slaving over the stove to make it.
Mastercard has partnered with grocery stores to DELIVER groceries to your house and get this – YOU CAN ORDER THE GROCERIES FROM THE FRIDGE SCREEN.

The cool thing is, you can sync your Instagram app with StickiBoard and choose which photos will display on your refrigerator. She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. With all of the political non-sense and plane crashes, online bullying and general yuck – who knew watching a video from CHEWBACCA MOM could be so down right uplifting.
The Chewbacca mom BROKE in the internet – well Facebook and is the most viewed Facebook video of all time – and get this, she just posted (via Facebook live) on May 19th!
When you click your camera, your shutter is open; this is the perfect time to paint using your tools. When we shift our camera to its side to shoot, the dog will appear to be crawling upward on a wall instead of a floor.
If at first the subject appears to be dark, you can use your flash or adjust your camera’s shutter speed, ISO, and aperture for the best results.
Incorporate things from your surroundings and include your friends and family in your photographs.
It’s NOT just the place where our food is stored, this device has become integrated into our family lives. Both my husband and I work full-time jobs and the kids, well are currently out of school for summer. Trying to make sure that there is enough food for 3 meals a day for our kids is a full-time job in itself. Our teen and her crazy schedule, she knows it must be on the calendar or no chance in the events happening.
Trying to work a full day, come home exhausted and know I need to make something about of leftover ground beef and a variety of vegetables is a normal occurrence around these parts. Instead of using paper, we are using the refrigerator to keep track of when we last gave the kid meds. We currently are using it as additional fridge space, but we can easily make it the perfect temperature for wine, or get this – even additional freezer space if needed. I miss the days of grocery delivery and excited to see this making a comeback, us moms need this in our lives! To see someone who is just so real and authentic and can laugh like that – total win and what the internet needs more of.

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