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For the remainder of the tutorial I'll be using the pattern generated in option 1 since it's easier to do. Next we'll get rid of the circular pattern in the middle and just leave the light rays that appear to be coming from the center of the image. Now we'll take it to the next level by adding a bright burst of light rays emanating from the center of the image. First, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and create a narrow band selection along the entire right side edge of the image.
Next we'll create what will eventually be beams of light radiating from the center of the image. Stretching the image in the last step gave a band on the right that's probably larger than we want. I'm going to narrow mine quite a bit by grabbing the handle in the center of the right side and dragging it right. The transformation we just did left some pixels in the layer that are beyond the edge of the canvas. This is looking pretty good, but no light burst effect would be complete without some lens flare. If you were to tell me that a REFRIGERATOR could keep my family organized, well NOW I would totally believe you but before the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator came into our life I would have laughed in your face. The StickiBoard app is a shared family dashboard that allows our family to keep a connected calendar everywhere, including on our refrigerator’s screen. Meal planning is something that i totally SUCK at, but sounds good in theory and the first few days of grocery shopping – i TOTALLY can do. On the days I remember to meal plan, I put a note into the calendar so she can see what she will be cooking for dinner. The other cool thing, you can put digital stickers over items so you know when they go old. Remember me telling you the dinner issue of needing to find something to cook with leftover ground beef and vegetables?
This feature is not yet available in my area, but according to the fridge it’s COMING SOON. Are you guilty of taking photos with your phone and then they stay on Instagram and are never printed? Technology * Parenting * Geekery Digital Mom Blog is about a tech mom and her adventures raising 4 kids. Arfa is the founder of Kaamra, which is a fun blog about photography tips, tricks and camera reviews. AboutArtAtm, as a design blog, has a great passion for delivering stylish and creative designs for designers and web-developers on all subjects of designs, ranging from; HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, web design, graphics, typography, advertising & much more.
When you have a look at what software tools photographers - either hobbyists or professionals - use for their work you get the impression that the options concerning software in digital image procession must be extremely limited - much more limited than for example for the camera hardware. Some time ago i noticed that the CDs or DVDs coming with hardware (including but not limited to cameras) i bought in the last years always stayed untouched in the box. As a professional photographer you might be tempted to dismiss open source software as hobbyist toys - and a look at open source use in photography will support this view. Below i will introduce some examples of open source software that can be very useful for digital photo processing.
If you are not interested in the individual program descriptions but want to know about the arguments for using open source software for photo processing you can skip right to the why should i care?
It is obvious that this list has to start with DCRaw - a tool written by Dave Coffin that reads most raw image file formats produced by currently available digital cameras and converts them into standard PPM or TIFF files. DCRaw is a simple command line program, well suited for automated conversion of lots of files. DCRaw extracts the the image data from the raw files and writes it to linear 16 bit files for further processing - you can choose between several algorithms for the Bayer pattern interpolation. DCRaw is a highly portable ANSI C program that can be built and used on almost any computer platform.
UFRaw can save your adjustments to a file and apply them automatically to a lot of files in batch mode. All the information entered about the image (tags, comments etc.) is stored in a SQLite database so it can easily be extracted and used by other programs. Hugin is an interactive version of the Panorama Tools suite for stitching panoramas by coordinating several overlapping images and transforming them to a common projection.
Hugin can also be useful for other purposes than panorama stitching - it can be used for correcting lens distortion, chromatic aberration or perspective correction or for assembling partial scans. Enblend is probably the most outstanding program in this whole list - both in being a simple elegant design and in producing results of outstanding quality.
The images are not only blended very well - Enblend is also quite versatile with the supported input formats.
CImg is in fact not a program but a programming library that will not be of much use for non-programming photographers. For both programs there of course exist countless open source alternatives - you can choose whatever is most convenient for you or what you are already acquainted using. Open source as an instrument of software quality control: How many times have you been annoyed with a bug or anunhandy design of one of the programs you are using? Platform independence: I just already touched this point - Most of the above programs as well as most other open source software can be used on nearly every kind of computer system. Leading edge technology: Open source programs often implement techniques very soon after they have been invented. Less costs and license troubles: This is mentioned last since it is nearly never the only reason for people using open source - it none the less can be an important advantage. Specifically as a photo artist: If you are not convinced by the above arguments you probably shouldn't. These can be placed behind artwork, digital photos, used as desktop backgrounds and so forth.

All the steps are easy and don't require any special skills other than basic knowledge of the Photoshop tools. If you want the rays to have a more pronounced look, you can sharpen the image at this point. At this point, it helps to expand the size of the window so that it's slightly larger than the image.
The wider this area is, the bigger the white area will be in the center of the image when we get done.
The easiest way to do this is to hit the d key to set the default colors, then x to switch them so that black is in the background color. You can choose different patterns for the starting image which will change how the main light beams look. This site is run as a hobby and your donation will help defray the costs and allow more tutorials to be added. Before you begin your purchase, click one of the links to the right first, then place the items you want in your shopping cart. NOW, if I could just figure out how to get the fridge to remind me to actually do the meal planning…. Have leftover pizza – put a 4 day sticker on it, so you know when its no longer good.
There is also a huge database of other recipes, so if you know you want to make say a broccoli cheese soup but have no idea how to – let All Recipes help you out. First is freezing the obvious motion, in which you try to capture a motion that is obvious. Probably all open source programs reading raw files are based on DCRaw and interestingly also most third party closed source tools that do so make use of Dave Coffin's work somehow.
If you are doing panoramas from multiple shots and you are not already using Enblend this is surely a good point to start with. You can use a different size, but keep it square since we will be doing a rotation later that's easier if the canvas is square. With a little experimentation, you'll get the hang of how changing your starting image here will effect the final outcome. We want to really stretch those lines out, so hit cmd-F (control-F on Windows) to reapply the filter a bunch of times. Select the Crop Tool and swipe out the entire area of the canvas (make sure the width and height boxes in the toolbar are clear).
Now hit cmd-Delete (control-Delete on Windows) to fill the layer with the background color.
You pay the same prices you would anyway and this site receives a donation from these retailers. Their recipes are crowd sourced for ratings so you know what others think of the recipe before you spend a time slaving over the stove to make it. Mastercard has partnered with grocery stores to DELIVER groceries to your house and get this – YOU CAN ORDER THE GROCERIES FROM THE FRIDGE SCREEN. The cool thing is, you can sync your Instagram app with StickiBoard and choose which photos will display on your refrigerator. She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. The whole concept of action photography revolves around a subject which a photographer wants to cover and the result of this photography is always pleasing. There are a number of different ways to get started with this effect and I'll show you two. You can choose any values at all for the Variance and Strength parameters which will vary the look of your light burst pattern. Hit cmd-F to reapply the filter again (control-F on Windows) and the center image will shrink further. The reason we have to do the rotation here is that the Wind filter we used above only works from the sides, while the filter we'll use in the next step requires that things be oriented from top to bottom.
In fact, depending on the look you want, you may even wish to stop at this point if you're satisfied with what you have. It’s NOT just the place where our food is stored, this device has become integrated into our family lives. Both my husband and I work full-time jobs and the kids, well are currently out of school for summer. Trying to make sure that there is enough food for 3 meals a day for our kids is a full-time job in itself. Our teen and her crazy schedule, she knows it must be on the calendar or no chance in the events happening. Action photography is a field which shows you how a particular scene looks like when you freeze it. Also, instead of using black and white when rendering the clouds, you can use any two shades of gray. Keep hitting cmd-F until the circular pattern in the center completely disappears and you're left with just the light burst rays. Either way, we need to work in a new layer, so click the new layer icon to create one above our base layer. Set your chosen color as the background color and hit cmd-Delete (control-Delete on Windows) to fill the selection. The procedure we're doing here seems odd at first, but you'll see what will happen in a few steps. You won't see any change to the image since all you did was delete pixels beyond the edge of the canvas.
Rotations and manipulations like this in Photoshop are not uncommon in order to get things set up for a particular filter or transformation you want.
The top edge ends up in the center and the bottom edge goes around the base of the cone in a circular pattern. I'm going to tint my highlight with purple again to blend nicely with the broader light burst rays we created back in Step 5.
Trying to work a full day, come home exhausted and know I need to make something about of leftover ground beef and a variety of vegetables is a normal occurrence around these parts.

Instead of using paper, we are using the refrigerator to keep track of when we last gave the kid meds. As far as image quality goes, the Nikon D3200 delivers stunning results from such a small and inexpensive package.
While I continue to tout the Sony RX-100 (read our review of that camera), which is far and away the best point and shoot on the market, its quality isn’t as good as the Nikon D3200, nor is it as inexpensive. We can also now see how the size of the band we had at the right side of the image back in Step 10 affects the amount of solid color in the center. We currently are using it as additional fridge space, but we can easily make it the perfect temperature for wine, or get this – even additional freezer space if needed. I miss the days of grocery delivery and excited to see this making a comeback, us moms need this in our lives! Ofcourse, both the ways can be combined together to get some amazing results Whatever the objective of photographer is, action photography always looks adventurous to the viewer and here are some Stunning Examples of Timely Taken Action Photography for your inspiration. Even in conditions that aren’t quite perfect, it rivals my Nikon D600 (read our full review of this camera).
Thanks to its huge 24.2 MP resolution, the D3200 can capture great detail, which will allow for huge prints (this will actually be overkill for most users). This is where the camera’s dynamic range and high ISO performance come into play, and the Nikon D3200 is no slouch in this regard. Now, these higher ISOs are far from perfect, and don’t even come close to rivaling the high ISO shots I can capture with my Nikon D600, but for an entry level camera, I was impressed. I took a couple of shots at ISO 6400, but I don’t think those are of acceptable quality.
Few real world photographers are using ISO 6400 in bright sunlight, so I don’t think these tests have much value.
Besides just general image sharpness, these are two of the big things that separate point and shoot cameras from DSLRs.
When editing these photos, I was shocked at just how much highlight detail I was able to recover. Even entry level DSLRs have always been able to pull some detail out of shadows, but usually even the slightest highlight recovery on entry level models has resulted in overly grey areas that should be white. That qualification is also done as a bit of a reminder that at the end of the day, this is still only an entry level DSLR. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that 95% of DSLR users will never need more than an entry level DSLR user provides. The advanced features of a higher end DSLR are largely only useful if you understand how to use them, anyway.If you are one of the 5% who really wants to pursue photography as a hobby (or more than a hobby), I would think long and hard about the D3200. Entry level DSLRs can be a good place for budding photographers to learn and then resell once they outgrow them. They’re also great if you have a limited budget, which is much better spent on lenses. My critical distinction is whether or not a camera can fit in my pocket (which is why I love the Sony RX-100). These entry level models have come really far since the Nikon D40 that I used to learn photography, to the point where you aren’t really handcuffed when using one of the entry level Canon or Nikon DSLRs. This makes it great for taking to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, as it can easily be tossed in a backpack or carried all day without causing any real inconvenience. Just make sure it suits your needs (and future growth) before buying it!If you do want to purchase this lens–or any other photography equipment–please use the Amazon links here (like this one). Reply Albertha September 28, 2014 Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My website is in the very same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you present here.
Reply Genevieve August 26, 2014 It’s going to be end of mine day, except before finish I am reading this great post to increase my experience. Reply Jordan July 7, 2014 I should have read this review before I took the plunge into DSLR-land by purchasing the D3200, but I’m glad I accidentally got a good, solid entry level DSLR. A base model DSLR fits the bill nicely.On a completely different note, I want to say that I’ve been reading your blog since I started planning this trip last December, and it has been immensely helpful! Reply Chad Marx July 6, 2014 I was wondering if there was any truth to the rumors that the firmware update released in January had any effect on third party battery compatibility for the D3200?
We are going to WDW in August and I have been kicking around the idea of buying a second battery as a back-up, but don’t like the idea of having to spend $40+ to buy a name brand battery if I can get an aftermarket one for $10-15. Reply Shannon May 1, 2014 I keep going back and forth between the d3200 and a canon s100. My husband has the s100 and it seems like it will be easier to transport within the disney parks but I have been intrigued by the higher quality of the nikon. I am hoping I can get away with the s100 as it seems more compact but I would also really like incredible photos. Reply Tom Bricker May 3, 2014 I am a big fan of the Canon S series of point and shoots, but the image quality does not compare to a DSLR. I got the D3200 for Christmas and been so scared to use the camera because I have no idea what I am doing. Just wanted to get your opinion on what you think about either of the lens for a beginner like me. Reply Jason Evangelho February 9, 2014 Tom, thank you for this review (and indeed for ALL of your Disney photography tips here).
My wife and I are seriously considering the D3200, but I’ve seen some early reviews of the D3300 which indicate it may be worth the extra $200 or so. Reply Tom Bricker February 9, 2014 Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try out the D3300 yet.

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