Being outdoors and taking lots of photos with exposures to suit eats up a lot of power in your charge. Take the biggest size capacity memory card or memory stick (if it’s a Sony) because believe me, you’ll need it. When taking pictures of fireworks with your tripod, one trick to use is to keep the shutter button down for the entire time the fireworks have exploded in their array of colour. If your camera is an SLR or has some good manual controls then you can choose how you want the fireworks to come out. Once you feel confident to start learning how to take photos of fireworks, try an event and good luck! Love your articles Amy, they’re extremely interesting, especially since I am new to photography. We have fireworks in my street this time every year, even though they are small, I can still apply the principles. Could you message me with a few pointers about how you made this site look this cool, I would be thankful.
I absolutely love this site, information like this is so important to my digital photography. I haven’t really seen any truly striking black and white fireworks photos, are you sure you want to do black and white? The modern photographer, whether they are amateur or professional, will have an over abundance of equipment from which to choose. The way any photographer should begin to determine what kind of equipment they are going to need should be based on the work they intend to do with the camera and its many attachments.
Of course many professional sports and journalism photographers also walk about with more than a single camera at any given time and that is to allow them the opportunity to use powerful lenses without having to switch over to “everyday” lenses to do close up or traditional work. Clearly, the decision for one camera with many lenses, versus two cameras set up and ready to go, is both personal and professional. If you do plan on purchasing a video camera where you can change the digital video camera zoom lens then compare the options of each lens to find the one that you want.
If you are a professional photographer, then you should check out Leica, Carl Zeiss and Leupold. Before you make that digital video camera zoom lens purchase you should research each feature that you want and choose the lens that fulfils those wishes the best. I just like a small camera that fits nicely in my pocket or the glove compartment of my car. Color correction is just one step of the entire filmmaking process…but oh, what a difference it can make. In the indie film world, jobs are more often merged and unified and Color Correction is more and more falling into the hands of the Editor. Surfing, like any other activity, can be learned with some basic knowledge and a bit of practice. As an additional challenge and to further increase my enjoyment, you can add photography in the mix.
If you are getting interested in surf photography then let me share with you some of the tips and techniques that are vital to any aspiring surf photographer. I’m guessing you are reading this article because in one way or another, you are interested in surfing.
Let’s just assume that you are a capable swimmer and a decent surfer and you want to capture some images in the water. When you feel that you have mastered capturing images using smaller cameras then you can upgrade to a DSLR. Now there are other ways of having excellent surfing pictures while not being on the water.
The best time for surf photography is the golden hours, 2-3 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset. There is no need to bite the bullet and splurge on the most expensive gear when you want to do surfing photography.
We live in a world where an impactful image can be just as easily made using a cell phone or a DSLR. Bhatia, who divides his time between Mumbai and Bangalore, is a photographer, architect and writer. Having studied architecture, his own forte lies in documenting architectural and interior spaces; he also likes capturing the cultural essence of a place and its people through his travel photography. Bhatia says the workshop will provide quick tips and practices for different genres of photography, such as portraits, travel, landscapes, food, and architecture. For a start, understand that fireworks are short lived, explosions of colour which have an intensity lasting for just a few seconds.
Once captivated and determined to get a really good picture, you’ll be there for as long as it takes snapping away and will most likely loose track of time.
The picture will be compressed when you get it onto the computer and email it anyway, so chose the highest resolution so the image does not loose clarity and so that even some of the noise from the night sky will be compressed. It’s not until they are in the sky that you can really tell where to focus, what to focus on, how to set the camera, and you can’t do all that in a few seconds.
The moment they show signs of fading, release your finger and let the camera close the shutter.
But not too long: I recommend holding the shutter button down, or release the cable after about one and a half seconds up to five seconds.
Now that I’ve given you something to think about with your exposure why not try altering your angle? Make sure it’s a good clear shot without street lights getting into the camera to detract from the beautiful images on your photo, or passing cars that may potentially create light streaks in your picture.

She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. For example, a wedding photographer is going to probably require two cameras as switching between various lenses and settings could easily allow them to miss a great shot. There are many professional and hobbyist photographers who do infrared and nighttime or astronomical photography. This is obviously a professional decision rather than a difference in the equipment, but is often necessary for those in any sort of photographic profession.
For example, the photographer who answers the first question with something like “macro photography will be performed” is not likely to need two cameras to get their job done, but they will have to seriously consider the lenses to buy instead.
Budget considerations should also be taken into account as well, and this is due to the higher costs of advanced cameras and lenses. The focal length of the lens has a lot to do with the type of digital video camera zoom lens choice.
As a rule of thumb, the more expensive lenses are usually the better choice since more of the elements in the lens with be glass, although this does increase the camera weight. I’m just not sure if this is going to make a lot of sense or be even relevent for a lot of people. The question is how to achieve this; via natural, ambient lighting (which might be enough), or external lighting like flash or soft boxes.
I was able to get the ezine download the other day by the way, thanks for replying and helping so fast. You can take average footage and really make it pop, sing and enhance the viewing experience of your project. I keep an extensive library for all the different components of filmmaking…and this one I keep going back to for any color correction question I have. From a technical point of view, it looks really hard, but in reality, it’s really very simple to learn, as is surf photography. Sharks can be swimming near the beach, huge waves can suddenly form and wipe every surfer, and there is always the possibility of drowning. The best thing I recommend at this stage is that you bring a disposable water proof camera or a water proof point and shoot camera.
Buying a water proof housing or getting one made specifically for your camera should be on top of your list. A telephoto lens preferably 600mm and up will give you the advantage of taking photos from dry land. The high cost of using a helicopter makes it an expensive choice but it is the most productive way of capturing those superb action photos.
If you catch yourself on the water during the off times then leave your camera behind and enjoy the surf. As I’ve said you can always start small and just try it out for a couple of times and get the hang of it bit by bit.
Removing your eye from the viewfinder from time to time will help you see where the real action is, so it’s time to get out there and have a blast on the waves. His work has been featured by various print and online publications, and he will soon launch a book on Mumbai’s housing-typologies. Capturing a mood of a space or a moment is not easily taught, but developing an appreciation for others’ photographic work can be, aside from finding out, say, what draws you to a particular image. Taking pictures of fireworks involves a little bit of planning, not just point and shoot and hope for the best. They need the depth in a shot, so make sure the composition is in keeping the appearance of being ‘big.’ After all, you want to convey their majesty and power in the photo. There is nothing worse than the camera running out of power at the crucial moment or the thing blinking at you, saying you have one shot left and you haven’t finished! What you are doing here is keeping the ‘eye’ of the camera open long enough for the light and colour to get into the lens, senor and create a grand image for you. Also choose a spot where people won’t constantly walk in front of the camera, stare at it and wave whilst you are trying to take the picture (pet hate). This can enhance the creativity of your angle and shots by simply using a different movement on your camera. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time. There are also many lenses, flash units and also special filters that apply to lenses and flashes as well.
This is because macro photography requires special effort where lighting is concerned and there are many lenses available with special lighting built right into the equipment. I shot a wedding in September and used the Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS II USM and it blew me away with the quality.
The quality of the videos will show if you use one of their digital video camera zoom lens. The quality of the lens is also determined by lens speed, a significant factor in your shoot quality. In the end if you do the research and take into consideration your shooting needs and budget, you will make the right choice. Maybe I am just getting focused in on a little detail that really doesn’t make a difference in the big picture. But when one accepts the possible dangers of surfing and tries his best to prevent such things from happening, then surfing becomes a life changing experience. The whole day of surfing is ended with the best souvenir ever and you can’t help but feel happy and proud of your achievements. Disposables are relatively cheap and water proof point and shoot cameras are a bit expensive (around $300) but if you like swimming or any water related activities I’m sure you’ll use it a lot.

A camera housing can be installed on the surfer’s board and provide you with pictures with a different perspective.
Shorter lenses are okay for zoomed out photos but if you really want to include face action shots then you should invest in a decent telephoto lens. You can be a bit closer than usual to the surfers when using a helicopter so all you need is a 70-200mm lens. Then if you’ve mastered everything that you can and you find yourself really enjoying the experience, then it’s time to break the bank and invest in some proper photography gear.
Getting good digital shots of fireworks is about using your settings properly to expose the picture without getting too much noise in the picture.
Perhaps even pick something in the distance that you think might be the same distance away as the fireworks would be, and set the camera to that. Longer exposure times do indeed compensate for the lack of light, but the only draw back with digital is that the longer the aperture stays open, the more noise creeps into the photo.
If you’re not sure, try both types of exposure and a something in between and see what you like best. The infrared camera alone could require the equipment to be radically adjusted each time a project is attempted.
Digital video camera zoom lenses are not created equal and a lens from Nikon may or may not work with a digital video camera made by Canon. If you are just a beginner then these lenses may not be the best place to start, because of the cost.
You should think about focusing distance as well as advanced features such as vibration reduction, USM or ultrasonic motor and filter thread which should be present in any good digital video camera zoom lens.
You can also make images look garish, ugly and destroy all the hard work the crew did to capture those images on the day of the shoot. That said…the tips I would like to share with you are applicable to all Color Correction software.
It has better integration with the timeline and has a cleaner interface that should make my workflow quicker and easier. Starting off small will benefit you because it’s easier to carry and won’t distract you too much from actually surfing. There are other ways of getting closer to the water and it depends on the layout of the beach. If you choose auto focus you’ll find your shot will be gone as the fireworks evaporate into the blackness of the night sky. Open both pictures in PhotoShop; select a rectangle or freeform part on the sky of the second photo, copy that as a layer on top of the first photo, then merge the results.
This means that a serious photographer or artist who regularly practices infrared or alternative photography may want to purchase two cameras in order to make life simpler. You could make a case for reversing the spending, more on the lens and less on the actual camera. But if you want extraordinary quality, these digital video camera zoom lenses are the way to go. The challenges and choices are many and it comes with great responsibility if you are the one applying the Color Correction and Color Grade. I’ve been on Davinci Resolve for the last 2 years as my main grading system and feel very comfortable and capable of almost anything I envision in my brain. The best surf shots are done in a POV or point of view style which is usually a few feet from the surfer.
Point and shoots produce great images; just remember that when dealing with these kinds of cameras that your timing should be perfect.
If you think that’s a bit hard then you can use a jet ski or a motorized boat to photograph a surfer.
Shooting in burst mode should also be frequently done to increase the chances of having a wonderful action shot. But usually picking a singular experience while shooting, is like choosing your favourite child!” Photography is all about practice and having the will to experiment with the view before you. Angle it so that the shot is 90 degrees vertical, and even whereby the bottom of the picture is at an angle.
I spoke about it in a video tutorial about wedding photography I recently did in our monthly Photography Magazine.
Without a proper digital video camera zoom lens, your prized video camera isnt all it could be. Once I give Speedgrade a fair shake on a project I will blog about my experience and let you know!
There are a lot of misconceptions out there right now but in a couple weeks when it Adobe CC becomes available they will be cleared up.
The more you indulge in the art form, the further you put yourself into the moment instead of being just a spectator. You would be much better off if you spend equal amounts on the camera and the digital video camera zoom lens. This fact makes it more important to purchase the best digital video camera zoom lens possible.

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