Student tour groups will revel in the history, architecture and culture of Providence as they skirt down cobblestone streets, past gaslight street lamps (now converted to electric).
Founded in 1636 by preacher Roger Williams, Providence was established on the basis of religious and political freedom.
First on the route is the John Brown House, the home of the profitable slave trader who made his fortune in the China trade. Providence is highly regarded for its bustling art scene due in part to the performing arts establishments throughout the city. In an attempt to revitalize the city back in the 1970s, the people of Providence revisited their roots and began creating stunning parks and walking paths.
Adventure awaits your youth travel group at Roger Williams Park, comprised of waterways, bike paths, gardens, a Carousel Village, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Temple of Music and Roger Williams Park Zoo. Providence boasts its convenient size and accessibility, making it both easy to see and easy to navigate.
The Visitor Information Center offers a downloadable walking tour playable on any mp3 player. The city’s Arts and Entertainment District is full of art galleries and performance places where student tour groups can put on a show.
Roger Williams Park Zoo offers many rental spots on its grounds, including an outdoor venue designed like medieval Italy.
Thanks to the presence of Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute, talented chefs roam the streets, and many have opened fine dining and quick-serve restaurants for your student tour group to enjoy. Providence lays claim to the creation of the diner, so what better place to take your student tour than a diner. There are plenty of hotels (more than 5,500 rooms) that can accommodate your student travel group. For less expensive options, your crew may have to venture a couple miles outside of the city center. Providence has many attributes that make it a great student travel destination, from historical architecture and world-class museums to a bustling arts scene and beautiful landscapes.
Who We AreStudent Travel Planning Guide is the place to research and organize your next student group adventure.
Despite of the fact that humans are ground-based animals, ancient people never stopped dreaming of flying like birds.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Hermes, aka Mercury is a god wearing winged shoes (talaria) and a winged hat (petasos) to transit quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine.
Amazing picture of Angkor Wat Temple At Sunset In Siem Reap Cambodia, one of the picture from some pictures, from the piece of writing Guide To Cambodia – Where To Go And What To See.
This city welcomes student travelers with not only friendly, small-town charm, but also the vibrant, hip appeal of a big city.
Providence dates so far back, there are a number of historical and traditional buildings for student tour groups to visit. Five different school tours are available, or groups can choose to participate in the standard Rhode Island history tour.
The Providence Performing Arts Center not only features Broadway productions, but it is also a testament to 1920s theater architecture with its gilded walls, imported marble and crystal chandeliers.
Trolley Tours of Providence will take your school trip on an educational, entertaining ride through the city on a bright red trolley car. It will take a little coordination prior to your visit, but you can download the recorded tour to each student’s ipod or mp3, and then provide them with a map of the route and all the stopping points. Federal Hill is the location of Providence’s popular Little Italy neighborhood, with more than enough options to moisten the palate. Seaplane Diner has classic ambiance with traditional American food and tableside jukeboxes. Downtown hotels are ideal due to their proximity to attractions and dining options, but can be a little pricey for a school trip. Baltimore’s maritime traditions will take student tour groups back to the early days of this modest, hard-working port town. In our website, e-newsletter and print publication you’ll find the top student travel destinations, new performance venues and student-ready attractions.
Human with wings therefore appeared in the religions, legends and folklore of many places in the world. The Mile of History, located on Benefit Street, consists of 18th and 19th century houses as well as some key historic sites that are must-sees for student travel groups.
Next, students will hit the First Baptist Church, where school tours can be booked in advance.
Another aspect of Providence culture that student tours will eat up is the culinary arts, which has solidified the city’s dining reputation.

With an amphitheater, terraces and boat landings that border the Woonasquatucket River, WaterPlace is a must-see. The stage is usually reserved to Rhode Island artists, but there is a chance they will take out-of-state performers. Costantino’s Venda Ravioli was a simple pasta store, but now serves espresso, cheese, meat and packaged Italian specialties to enjoy on the outdoor terrace. A reasonably priced hotel is Hampton Inn & Suites Providence Downtown, complete with complimentary breakfast.
Comfort Inn Pawtucket and Johnson & Wales Inn Providence Seekonk both include free breakfast.
Learn about the best student tour operators, uncover new hacks and find new best practices so you can orchestrate phenomenal student trips. The Providence Athenaeum follows, an 1830s Greek Revival building that was turned into a library and still holds that purpose today.
The Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson & Wales University offers student tours a chance to see thousands of years of culinary history, from rare cookbooks and old menus to kitchen gadgets and chef creations. The Venetian-style bridges that connect downtown to the East Side give the park an Italian feel, and with actual gondolas on the river, your crew will think they are actually in Venice—if just for a moment. For something a little smaller, your student tour group can rent one of the gazebos that line the river. Across the river on Federal Hill, Hotel Dolce Villa boasts an Italian atmosphere and has enough rooms for a decently sized student group. A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. Student tours can wander the stacks where Edgar Allan Poe courted Sarah Whitman, the inspiration for his poem “Annabel Lee.” End your stroll through time with the Museum of Art at Rhode Island School of Design, an impressive college museum that traces the history of art. Haven Brothers is a tractor trailer with a counter and six stools serving up burgers and their famous fries.

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