Delivering top-notch performance and high resolution at an affordable price, the Nikon D70 digital SLR offers easy-to-use yet powerful features to a wide range of users--from novices to serious and experienced photo enthusiasts. Its DX format 6.1-effective megapixel CCD sensor is optimized to deliver images with excellent sharpness and clarity, and it's compatible with Nikon's DX Nikkor lenses.
Optics and ResolutionThe D70 incorporates a next-generation 6.1-effective megapixel DX format CCD image sensor that produces 3008 x 2000-pixel images, and is optimized to deliver a wide dynamic range and superbly sharp details.
Nikon programmed the D70's advanced system LSI processor for improved performance to produce vivid colors and clarity, optimized auto white balance, auto tone and color control, and to run real-time processes that diminish digital noise in long exposure shots for cleaner overall results.

More FeaturesThe Nikon D70 has been designed to offer faster operation at nearly every level of performance, with the camera ready to shoot the instant it's turned on.
Compressed NEF (RAW) files are processed and stored exponentially faster, making shooting in compressed NEF mode easier and more convenient than ever.
Whether you are new to digital cameras or have been using one for years, you may benefit from understanding the terms associated with them.What is a Digital SLR Camera?One of the most common phrases you might hear when someone is looking at cameras is SLR digital camera. This means the there is a mirror behind the camera lens that directs light toward the viewfinder when you are taking photos.

The camera uses a mechanical mirror system so the mirror moves out of the way quickly when you release the shutter as you take a picture.What are Point and Shoot Cameras?A pint and shoot digital camera is a still camera that is designed for simple operation. They are typically use autofocus or a focus free lens.  This allows you to simply point the camera at your subject and shoot the picture.

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