This was made by putting objects on the photographic paper under the enlarger then exposing the paper to a burst of light.
Vancouver Photographer Jason Pfeifer's Canadian Photoblog featuring an exploration in street photography, digital photography, and experimental photography. Vancouver's George Massey Tunnel undercuts the South arm of the Fraser River that estuary's its way to the Georgia Straight. There was a time, when an anaglyph image was produced with two different black and white images.
To make a stereo pair is almost as easy as shooting two separate shots at two slightly different cameras positions. The stereo image is meant to be viewed according to the method used to create the final output.

Another reason I like anaglyphs is that the image is viewable at any size and at any distance, either in its entirety or in part. In most case, the printed images were a bit on the dull side and it was difficult to see all the details.
I found them to be fascinating, but avoided them because they seemed too complicated to create. After that, you need to put them together in a way that makes it possible to view them in stereo. The beauty of modern color anaglyphs is the shockingly realistic appearance of depth and detail that can be seen once you put on a proper pair of stereo glasses. The glasses, acting as filters, allowed the colors to be either blocked or seen by the right or left eye.

I say proper pair, because there are different kinds of 3d glasses required depending on the type of anaglyph being viewed. If you are really interested, I cover the topic in more detail in my book Rethinking Digital Photography as a chapter topic.

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