Going Digital Yorkshire is delighted to announce that our Macro & Close-up Photography Courses will use the magnificent facilities of Tropical World for our practical excercises. If photographing horses is your passion join equine photographer Pandora for a day of learning how to create stunning images of horses and their owners. Set in the magnificent Roundhay Park, learn essential camera skills to get off Auto and become more creative with your photography. Using the backdrop of the fabulous Gardens of the World within Roundhay Park.Master shutter speed to blur and freeze motion and take great action shots and learn how to cope with tricky lighting conditions. Learn the essential skills in taking great portrait pictures with experienced portrait photographer Pandora. Learn how to photograph during the golden hour and into the night and practice your low light photography skills to capture Leeds at night and the fabulous Christmas lights.
Please refresh this page or try contacting us directly using our main site contact form available from the main menu. And one photographer was means to locate vanishing hues of bullion and orange as they conflict by a approaching obscurity in a collection of landscape scenes in North England. Terry Roberts from Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, motionless to put a collection of images together to immortalise a beauty of a panorama he grew adult in.
Mr Roberts began a plan 7 years ago in an bid applaud a landscape he fell in adore with as a child. Mr Roberts was a scholarship clergyman in North Yorkshire before timid to pursue his passion for photography. Will be cycling adult to and by Stoirths a small after today, some good views quite on a splendid balmy day like this one.
The views voiced in a essence above are those of a users and do not indispensably simulate a views of MailOnline. Robert Goodwill Stabs Whitby’s Disabled In the Back, Front, Sides And Anywhere Else He Can Find. I have great experience in the locations I choose to host my Whitby photography courses, some of them in Whitby, Saltwick Bay & Sandsend, as well as the creative side we will cover the technical side of photography, understand your cameras settings and take control of what your camera is doing.

Night courses are designed to show you how to understand the light, the main aspect to a photo. The transition from day to night tests your camera skills, as it gets darker the photos become harder to control but the results are much more fascinating and you’ll get some excellent photos from your time on the course. The morning light is a favourite amongst outdoor photographers and in this course you will learn where to stand, what settings to use and how to get the most out of your visits to your favourite places as well as get some excellent photos from your time on the course.
There is so much to learn in landscape photography that one day is not enough, it is said that you need thousands of hours practice at this to become consistent and an expert so my courses will teach you the next step or something different to what you already know.
All my courses are outdoor courses and the weather can play a big part in the outcome of your photography, if it rains or it is windy then the course will still go ahead, I have learnt how to take photos in these conditions and even the bad weather can influence some great landscapes. We may not stay in just one location for a full day course, we may travel around the area walking or driving if necessary. Rest assured you will return home with a variety of photos and techniques you can enjoy in the future and learn from them for future excursions. Covering tips and tricks, movement in the sea, using colour as composition, using shapes as composition, post processing, GRAD & ND filters, controlling the sky, waterfalls, your camera settings and developing your own skills. Roundhay Park in Leeds is one of the biggest city parks in Europe with over 700 acres of parkland, lakes, woodland and gardens making it a perfect location for our photography courses in Leeds. Tropical World Leeds is one of the UK's most popular garden tourist attractions and home to the largest collection of tropical plants outside Kew Gardens.
Held at Hope Pastures north Leeds which is a rescue and rehoming facility for ponies and horses giving you plenty of models to work with.
The techniques learned on this workshop can also be used to take product shots for eBay or your own website.
Valid for training in the Yorkshire region for 9 months from the date of issue, but excludes entry fees. Then my outdoor courses are an excellent way to develop your skills and learn some new tricks on the way. There is plenty of time to discover which areas you are good at as a photographer and which areas need some more attention.

Learn and share new photography skills and meet like minded folk who enjoy being outdoors taking photos.
With over 30 varieties of butterfly along with a vast collection of tropical planes and other wildlife. Pandora takes you through what makes a great images, how to work with horses to get the best out of the natural light and also tips on editing the final images.
Pandora will take you through setting up a scene, how to work with people and horses and some helpful tips and advice based on her expereince. Pandora will teach you the technical aspects but also how to pose and work with people putting them at their ease to create beautiful natural images. We will then make our way around the city centre making the most of the great photographic opportunities the city has to offer.
Also, as a photographer myself, we can contend that some of these photos are technically utterly formidable to achieve.
A willing subject will be available on the day for you to practice plus we hope to have a visit from The Distinquished Gentlemen's Ride on their fabulous motorcycles who will be stopping for a quick photogrpahy session with us.
You will need a digital camera with the ability to set both aperture and shutter speed and a tripod (we can loan tripods). Hope Pastures is a rescue home and a percentage of your booking fee goes to support this charity and the work they do.
A donation per student will be going to prostrate cancer research which the riders are raising money for.

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