As a rule of thumb, it is always best to select the lowest possible ISO setting your camera will allow (50, 100 or 200 – depending on make and model) for the conditions you are shooting under.
As digital technology improves, the cameras being produced today have a far better noise capability at high ISO settings compared to those that were produced just a few years ago.
Even if you have an image that suffers from noise, software products like Adobe Lightroom and Noise Ninja, allow you to more or less eliminate the noise without degrading the final image in post production. Stewart Girvan will guide you through the basics of DSLR Photography and go through a practical demonstration and kit review. With the use of Photoshop learn how to make some make some small adjustments to your photos to give them the WOW factor! We have arranged special deals for individual or group accommodation at the workshop venue or with hand-picked providers in St Agnes. Your digital camera and if you have any other specialist kit, feel free to bring it along too. Art and craft workshops and holidaysIf you are on holiday in Cornwall, live nearby or want to do something different with your UK break, take a look at our range of art and craft workshops and courses. Useful art and craft readingWant to carry on producing beautiful art and craft pieces at home? What we doOffering a wide range of art and craft workshops, holidays and breaks in St Agnes, Cornwall, Aggie Arts provides you with a holiday with a difference. One of the main advantages of using a digital SLR camera, is that you can focus on a subject directly through a sheet of glass. For starters, a water drop needs to fall into something that is clear enough for you to be able to focus directly through.

The image below shows you how to set up a macro studio for capturing water splashes and drops. When photographing water, it's best to set your digital SLR camera to either shutter priority or manual mode (if using an extension tube). To give you a rough idea how many, look at the megapixel rating for your camera – 18 megapixels roughly translates to 18 million cells!
Have you ever noticed that some of your images look very speckly, with a random pattern of dots and colour appearing? If you think back to your first car stereo, we used to crank up the volume and in doing so this led to distortion. The more we increase the ISO (the sensitivity of the sensor’s response to light), the more the image quality starts to degrade.
Some high-end professional cameras even record good quality up to 6400 or even 12800 ISO (and beyond) and some can even expand their ISO range to 204800.
All you need to do is get in touch, tell us what you would like to do - and we'll do the rest! An extension tube allowed me to close in even further to fully fill the frame with the water droplet. For example, the image below was photographed with a red piece of cardboard placed behind the tank. The quality of what we were listening to got progressively worse the more we turned up the volume.
It is far better to have a sharp noisy image rather than a blurry low noise one – noise can be dealt with in post-production.

Using the backdrop of the rugged Cornish Coastline, learn how to use depth of field in your images from blurred backgrounds to pin sharp landscapes! We offer courses, workshops and holidays in photography, acting, felt making, textiles, dress making, hat making, jewellery, papercrafts and much more! Placing an extension tube between the camera's body and its lens, also meant I had to shoot completely in manual mode.
Next, I knew to have the best chance of capturing the drop, it had to roughly fall into the same area with each splash.
Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the photographer.
This is more noticeable in the dark areas of your image, or areas where there is a lot of one colour tone (see the picture shown above, where a small dark area has been enlarged to show the effect of noise and how it changes when the ISO is increased).
Not all macro lens have this option so don't worry too much if you can't find AF on your lens.
If your following along with this home studio setup, it's also important that you have good lighting and a nice cardboard background placed behind the tank for color.

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