Explore Drawing, Painting, Claywork and even Photography for self expression, self discovery and self healing. We will explore Art and Meditation using simple Mindfulness, Colour and Feeling, Art and Relaxation, Art Journalling, Mandala Painting and accessing starting points for art activities using guided visualisation. Previous art experience, talent or genius is definitely not needed, and everyone is welcome! She is also a Buddhist nun, and is interested in integrating mindfulness and meditation with art in a non-religious way to enable self discovery, self awareness, personal expression and healing.

While there will be opportunities to reflect and supportive sharing during the course for those who wish to, please be aware that this is not a therapy group, so if you are in therapy, or are in a difficult emotional space, please check suitability with Zangmo or relevant professionals before booking on the art course. This small, informal group will have a maximum of 4 participants, and is being offered as a taster art workshop for a weekly course starting in October or weekend art workshops run throughout the year.
Use of materials will be taught as an integral part of the activities, and basic art materials are included in the cost. She is an Art Teacher and Artist working with art, psychology and spirituality using drawing, painting, photography and digital film.

She has completed an 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course with Bangor University.

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