The BPG was founded in late 2010 in conjunction with a group of interested and experienced photography members of Booth Museum. The Guild continues to grow with over 150 members from all areas of Atlanta and north Georgia. The Booth Photography Guild shall pursue, develop and passionately endeavor to bring about an increased interest in and appreciation of photography as an art form.
We are a small group of photographers that meet monthly and often schedule field trips or workshops.
This will be accomplished by educating photographers of all levels and by exhibiting photography and bringing in exhibitions to the community.

For more information contact Liz Gentry at (770) 387-1300 ext 7235. For programming and speaker schedules visit the BPG Meetup site by clicking here. The Guild’s main purpose is to cultivate photography enthusiasts who are patrons, members and guests of the Booth Western Art Museum. You are allowed to attend one regular meeting and one field trip or workshop before deciding. We like to keep our meetings light and fun where everyone has a voice and and can bring your images for others to see.

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