Floresan lambalar?n ilk kullan?m? 1939 y?l?nda gerceklesti ve ureticisi General Electric’ ti.
Bu lambalar?n cal?sma prensibi ise soyledir: Elektrik dugmesine bast?g?n?zda elektrik, floresan icindeki tupun bir ucunda bulunan elektrottan diger uctakine dogru enerji olusturur. Bu yuzden cal?smas? bak?m?ndan tasarruf saglarken, cok s?k ac?l?p kapand?g?nda elektrik kullan?m?n? ust seviyeye c?kar?r. BILGIUSTAM KIMDIR?"Turkiye'nin Bilgi Sitesi" slogan?yla 2006 y?l?nda yay?n hayat?na baslayan Bilgiustam, bilim ve egitim konular? basta olmak uzere bir cok farkl? alanda ozgun icerige sahiptir. Bu noktada as?l amac?m?z; kaliteli Turkce icerik olusturmak ad?na gayret gostererek Turk internet mecras?na katk?da bulunmakt?r.
PHOTO NOTE: Photography was taken with a Cannon S5 IS digital camera with florescent and natural lighting.
While your contract is a rental contract, you can make us an offer to purchase at any time. I would like to take this opportunity through you to compliment the attention, communication and service that I recently received from Cameracorp Australia. Cameracorp Australia is a trading division of The Polygon Group Pty Ltd, Australia's Foremost Rental Group of Businesses. For over 25 years we have given in excess of 100,000 Australians the opportunity to persue their recreational activities through our innovative rental programs. So whether you are just beginning on your photographic journey or a seasoned professional, we are sure you will find a product to suit your needs. Now with Cameracorp Australia, you can hire the world's finest photographic products and accessories!

Just as a painter instinctively reaches for the right brush, a portrait artist reaches for an 85mm lens.
VC technology makes it possible to take photographs handheld in dim light and to make optimal use of slower shutter speeds and increased depth of field without extreme increase of the camera’s sensor sensitivity (ISO equivalent).
Moisture-Resistant Construction, including special seals at areas of possible ingress, provides added protection.
Even the font style has been newly developed to enhance legibility as part of the overall product design. The SP series lenses – 35mm, 45mm, 90mm Macro and 85mm – are built to achieve optimal performance, including functionality, handling and physical design. The focal length is ideal for producing a pleasing image with true-to-life facial features in accurate proportion. Its unique design allows us to include our VC (Vibration Compensation) system – without the lens becoming too large or heavy. Superb optical design makes colour fringing inconspicuous, achieving sharp and clear image quality and enabling outstanding performance at any illumination level. At the same time, Tamron’s design philosophy embraces the notion that photographers – particularly portrait photographers – use background blur, bokeh , as a creative element to concentrate emphasis on the subject. Camera movement – often too minute to be perceptible to the photographer – is the leading cause of unsharp photographs, especially in newer DSLR cameras with higher pixel densities and finer image resolution. This is especially important in portraiture because lighting is often low and the photographer needs the spontaneity of not using a tripod or disruptive flash units. A highly durable Fluorine Coating, applied to the surface of the top element, prevents condensation and repels smudges, grime and fingerprints.

All deliver maximal sharpness, clarity and optical fidelity and are compatible with both full-frame and APS-C type DSLRs. Hala normal ampullere gore daha pahal? olsalar da kullan?m omurleri neredeyse 10 kat daha fazlad?r.
Surekli cal?san floresan lambalar 60 bin saate yak?n cal?sabilirken, ac-kapa yap?lan lamba omru 20 bin saate kadar duser. For further price details at anytime during the rental period please contact us on 1300 858 911 (purchases are subject to approval and some conditions apply). While a wide-angle lens makes close objects appear larger than they are, and longer telephotos compress and flatten features, the 85mm medium telephoto is just right.
Through numerous simulations conducted for wide-ranging blur effects, such as a gentle, melting transition from the focused to the out-of-focus areas, Tamron has created a soft and natural blur effect that achieves perfect harmony with the inescapable sharpness.
Cunku zamanla elektrik tasarrufu daha onemli bir hale gelmeye baslad? ve bu lambalar elektrik tasarrufu sagl?yordu. Plus the working distance between you and your subject is perfect for making the personal connection that’s often missing when using a zoom. Ilk olarak toplu olarak yasan?lan yerlerdeki giderleri azaltmak amac?yla bu lambalar kullan?ld?. Okullar, is yerleri vb. Ilk c?kt?g? zamanlar ancak buralara hitap etmesinin sebebi ise maliyetinin biraz daha fazla olmas?yd?.

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