All the galleries give you lots of control over which photos you see, with a 'wishlist' to hold your favourites .. 3. Waste water and sewage waste are the main source of different water pollutants which enter our rivers and other water bodies.
6. The pollution is usually much worse in developing countries compared to developed countries, mostly because these countries lack basic funds to tackle pollution. 8. Indoor air pollution is even bigger problem than the outdoor air pollution because according to the data from the World Health Organization indoor air pollution has caused more deaths than outdoor air pollution. 9. Renewable energy is the key in stopping environmental pollution, together with developing environmental conscience that is.
10. Noise pollution is one of the most neglected forms of pollution despite causing huge environmental damage, especially in oceans. In this tutorial, we'll look at a fast and easy way to add a more traditional soft focus lens effect to an image.
With our image newly opened in Photoshop, we can see in the Layers palette that we currently have one layer named Background. Drag the Radius slider at the bottom of the Gaussian Blur dialog box to adjust the amount of blurring.
Click OK when you're done to apply the blurring to the layer and exit out of the Gaussian Blur dialog box. At this point, the basic soft focus effect is complete, but let's fine-tune things by bringing back a little more of the original detail to certain parts of the photo, specifically the two people's faces and the flower bouquet. We're going to paint with black on the layer mask to reduce the amount of blurring in certain areas, but we don't want to remove the blurring completely.
With the Brush Tool selected, black as the Foreground color, and the brush opacity lowered to 25% or so, simply paint over any areas where you want to bring back more of the original image detail.
I'm going to paint over the bride and groom's faces with my brush to bring back some detail.
I'll paint a couple of times over the flower bouquet as well to bring back some detail, and I'll leave the rest of the image alone so that only the most important areas of the photo are in focus. Old paper textures may help you to create “old photo” effect or to give your project old style look.

By creating a vintage picture or a beautiful medieval collage in Photoshop, you can use a old paper textures that will make your photo or image older.
Any designer during his work collects a large amount of different textures and backgrounds for his design projects and collages.
Crops & Commercial HorticultureSee up-to-the-minute production techniques for better yields and profits. Ag TechnologyUse virtual and real tools to improve critical calculations for farms and ranches. Strategic PlanningSteering projects from Point A to Point B along the most trouble-free route.
APAC & Government ContractingExpanding your business by learning the language of government contracting. Herb gardens are becoming a beautiful as well as functional addition to the home landscape. This is because there are many industries that not obey the rules about dumping waste which results in polluted rivers and other water bodies. It has been estimated that world at this moment generates more than 4 billion tons of industrial waste per year.
As long as fossil fuels remain dominant sources of energy we will not be able to stop the ever-growing pollution that is happening almost everywhere in our planet. Actually, there are many pollution facts that have not been exposed here, so if you have another facts you want to share, you can put it on the comment box below. The nice thing about creating this effect in Photoshop rather than with an actual soft focus lens is that Photoshop gives us complete control over the final result. To control the amount of blurring that's applied to the layer, drag the Radius slider at the bottom of the dialog box while keeping an eye on your image in the document window. Instead of a soft focus effect, we've recreated how the world might look to someone who needs glasses.
By default, whenever you have a layer mask selected, Photoshop sets the Foreground color to white, with black as the Background color.
You can change the size of your brush using the left and right bracket keys on your keyboard, which are located to the right of the letter P.

If, after painting over an area once, you find you could still bring back a bit more detail, simply release the mouse button, then click and paint over the same area again. If you are desperately need the texture of old paper and even with the torn edges you may take a look at our collection of old paper textures. Dragging the Radius slider to the right will increase the amount of blurring, and dragging to the left decreases the amount of blurring. Be sure to check out our Understanding Layer Masks tutorial in the Photoshop Basics section for more information on how layer masks work. With the Brush Tool selected, the Options Bar at the top of the screen changes to show options specifically for the Brush Tool.
To swap them so black becomes the Foreground color, simply press the letter X on your keyboard.
To maximalize the efforts, there are some facts that should be known by people about the pollution. What you're trying to do here is blur the entire photo without blurring it to the point where you can no longer make anything out in the image. One of those options is Opacity, similar to the opacity option we just looked at in the Layers palette except that in this case, we're affecting the brush opacity, not the layer opacity. You'll want to use a soft-edge brush, and you can control the edge hardness of the brush by holding down the Shift key and pressing the left and right bracket keys.
I'm going to set my Radius value to around 12 pixels, which works well for the image I'm using.
Press Shift+left bracket a few times to make the edges softer, or Shift+right bracket a few times to make the edges harder.

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