As in the English language, in a paragraph all the words, punctuation mark and the blank spaces are called Tokens. Variable A variable is used for storing a value either a number or a character and a variable also vary its value means it may change his value Variables are used for given names to locations in the Memory of Computer where the different constants are stored. Numeric constants refer to the numbers consisting of a sequence of digits (with or without decimal point) that can be either positive or negative. Character constants can represent either the printable characters or the non-printable characters. String constants refer to a sequence of any number of characters enclosed in the double quotes (" "). In The Exponential Form of Representation the Real Constant is represented in the two Parts The part before appearing e is called mantissa whereas the part following e is called Exponent. Identifiers The Identifiers are those which are used for giving a name to a variables, arrays, functions, classes, structures, namespaces and so on, like a b etc these are used for naming a variable.
Depending on the number of operands and function performed, the C++ operators can be classified into various categories.
Punctuators, also known as separators, are the tokens that serve different purposes based on the context in which they are used. Connect Us On FaceBook and Google+Dinesh Thakur is a Technology Columinist and founder of Computer Notes and Technology Motivation. TopicscommentsThe Pep Guardiola era at the Etihad Stadium begins with the visit of Sunderland on Saturday, with the Premier League title in City's sights. For all the excitement generated by academy kids breaking through in pre-season - not to mention the recent signings of  Oleksandr Zinchenko, Marlos Moreno, Gabriel Jesus and Leroy Sane, all 20 or under – the real litmus test of Manchester City’s short-term ambition is how Pep Guardiola utilises the old guard.
The danger is that, should it go awry, the likes of Yaya Toure, Pablo Zabaleta and Aleksander Kolarov will resemble proud beasts of the jungle expected to perform circus acts. The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss spoke recently of his preference for instilling his ideas into young heads, but Guardiola still needs the squad's experienced mainstays to embrace his ideas.
City may have lifted the Premier League title twice in the last five seasons, but they've also been guilty of complacency far too often.
It's inconceivable that Guardiola will stand for such half-measures, with the 45-year-old already having preached the importance of aggression without the ball and let his players know that a 'humble' work rate is 'not negotiable'. Whether the opposition are Burnley or Barcelona, a consistent level of intensity is demanded and an insatiable desire to win in the correct manner will be drilled into those hungriest to learn. Never before has a player been so widely castigated for successfully agitating for a transfer – a common enough occurrence in the modern game - and the booing at away grounds and the unrelenting negative press inevitably began to have an effect on Sterling last term.
That the player in question was only 20 years old made his treatment particularly unedifying, and even Guardiola’s restorative powers may be tested in the case of the former Liverpool man.

Even if Sterling’s mojo does return, it's been suggested he may struggle to adapt to an attacking mandate that demands intuitive moment and an outstanding touch. Of the four recognised centre-backs from last season, only Nicolas Otamendi has participated in pre-season - and his contributions amounted to a meagre 45 minutes against Borussia Dortmund.
City’s desperation to recruit a ball-playing defender in whom Guardiola can place his long-term faith has seen Eliaquim Mangala and Otamendi pushed to the margins, with 18-year-old Tosin Adarabioyo and full-back Aleksandr Kolarov preferred in the heart of the backline of late. Even for a coach who loves to surprisingly reinvent players, the repositioning of Kolarov will surely prove an experiment too far.
With the defence presently in chaos, the importance of a familiar presence between the sticks is greater than ever. For an internationally-renowned goalkeeper, Joe Hart continues to be hampered by some bafflingly basic flaws: he's too often beaten at the near post for a stopper of his standing, while a weak spot low to his left has not been eradicated even after incalculable hours of training. Whoever is to be City's No.1 will need to be assured of their position and bedded in as early as possible. Zabaleta was given the captaincy in City's final friendly against Arsenal, suggesting he will pip Bacary Sagna to the right-back slot, while to his left the promising but unpronounceable Adarabioyo is expected to be given a deserved debut against Sunderland after a strong pre-season.
Pep Guardiola says Vincent Kompany should only worry about getting fully fit, while he claims he will still "count on" Yaya Toure. Joe Hart has praised Raheem Sterling for never being bothered by negative comments, but does not think Liverpool fans will boo him. Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling are set to miss up to four weeks of action after suffering injuries against Manchester United.
Raheem Sterling faces a fight for his Manchester City starting spot this season, but Pep Guardiola has given him an early boost. And a Program is that which Contains set of instructions, and an Instruction contains Some Tokens. Similarly in a C++ program all the C++ statements having Keywords, Identifiers, Constants, Strings, Operators and the Special Symbols are called C++ Tokens.
When we declare any variable then we specify a Name So that identifiers are used for naming a variable. So that Operator is that which have a Special Meaning and also have a Sign For Example we know that + is used for Adding two Numbers. These include arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators,' the conditional operator, assignment operators, bitwise operators and other operators.
Some punctuators are used as operators, some are used to demarcate a portion of the program and so on.
Massaging sizeable egos frustrated by a lack of playing time could be another challenge, too.

It's unlikely that those mentioned will be integral figures in the revolution to come, but does City's new manager have the persuausive powers to get them on board for the time being?
Last season was a case in point: City boasted what was probably the strongest squad in the division yet were still regularly out-fought, out-thought and beaten by the mere application of want.
Nevertheless, a question mark remains: what level of complacency remains embedded in the present side’s DNA?
There's plenty of comeptition for places, too, and Sterling could find the path to the starting XI tricky to navigate if he gets off to a slow start. The quest for John Stones' signature rumbles on; if Everton have witnessed any of City's recent friendlies, they'd be wise to hold out for an extra ?10 million. The scowling Serbian was a clear favourite for inclusion in Guardiola's out-tray, yet there he is: in the centre of proceedings, nonchalantly trotting round. Repeated links to Marc-Andre ter Stegen, though, suggest there could be further disruption in that position too. Guardiola must either put his faith in Hart or bring in a replacement sooner rather than later. So Tokens are used for Writing the Programs the various Types of Tokens those are contained by the Programs. C++ Tokens are the essential part of a C++ compiler and so are very useful in the C++ programming.
However, there are few character constants that cannot be included in a program directly through a keyboard such as backspace, newline and so on. Note that the double quote next to the backslash is an escape sequence and not a delimiter for the string constant.
These categories are further classified into unary operators, binary operators and ternary operators. They talked the talk but their walk had a slight gradient and always seemed like it was too much bother for City to undertake. Not many predicted the Yorkshireman would be a starter under the new manager, but it may not be the last surprise of the new era. These character constants are known as non-printable constants and are included in a program using the escape sequences.

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