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Till date, every photography always found new ways to show their work to express themselves and create new trends and techniques to remark their work apart from the rest of the crowd.
Creative Photography is an art in itself, that requires a skill and precision as we know, it is one of the most creative artforms to come out of the digital age. Today we present boundless creative photography ideas to which will get you thinking about what new and different tactics might capture the attention of your community! This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress.
We have compiled a list of 30+ amazing photo manipulation inspiration examples to inspire the designers and specially photographers. So it makes sense that many new parents want to share it with their loved ones and keep a record for years to come. Her dad flexes his major photography chops, as well as his imagination and Photoshop skills, to place her in a wide range of backdrops and crazy situations. Sketch Around:  This mom takes photos of her son doing baby stuff on a white backdrop, whether he’s napping, squirming, or exploring. Be The Best Parent Around: We couldn’t leave our favorite “world’s best father” out of the mix!
Make a Match: Zoe and Jasper, an adorable pairing of rescue dog and her (family’s) new baby, stole our hearts earlier this year. Doodle Away: This mom takes doodling beyond the paper and onto her baby (using Photoshop, of course).
Pretty as a Fairytale: We’ve seen some pretty creative costumes in our research for this roundup, but we think this take on the classic sleeping princess is the winner of the bunch. Grow by Numbers: This cute series may seem repetitive at first, but it’s a fascinating look at how quickly babies grow. Pose Them With Their New Bedtime Buddies: This cute trio documents baby’s first stuffed animals.

A photo with your pooch standing guard will include everyone in welcoming your newborn to the family. A Study in Size:  Clearly the big dog, tiny baby combo is hard to beat for winning photographs.
Bring Them to Your Favorite Movie: Your children will grow up without many of the classics you had. Show What True Love Looks Like: Adopting is a wonderful option for couples and families, and it still means plenty of love your new child, as this photo demonstrates.
These examples will help designers and photographer to get new and creative ideas about photo manipulation. In this collection you will find some amazing manipulated photos by professional designers.
But we crave something a little more creative than the standard (albeit totally adorable) shoot. If you have the same abilities, this is an incredible way to photograph your child, and will give you plenty of hilarious photos to flip through as they grow older. But what takes this photo series from generic to extraordinary is how she sketches new worlds around her child using Photoshop and good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Photographer Dave Engledow is the creator of a series called Confessions of the World’s Best Father, and he’s an inspiration to anyone who wants to add some creativity and humor to their baby photos. The photo series, entitled Flying Henry, uses natural scenery, Photoshop and props to create portraits that appeal to the child within all of us. Her photo series of son Wengenn, entitled Wengenn in Wonderland, is a gorgeous take on baby photos.
After photographing her child, she scribbles in fun accents and plenty of color to create masterpieces that evoke all the fun creativity of childhood, without any of the mess. Bringing a new baby home is kind of like introducing a royal presence into your life, and we love how this photo shoot reflects just how magical a child can be.
When mom Kelli Higgins finally brought Latrell into her life as her adopted son, he was already ten-years-old. Taken in the same pose, with similar outfits against a plain white backdrop, these photos track one child’s growth from three months to eight.

You know she’ll be holding onto those teddy bears for years after, and it will be lovely to have photos of when everyone was clean and new. The size contrast in this naptime photo is shocking, but we’re sure that big German Shepherd has nothing but love and lots of kisses for her new charge. This unique underwater seascape, made from blankets, towels and a few small props, is just whimsical enough to make you forget about the real world above. Such a cute way to announce that you’re expecting a new addition to the family AND to showcase the little one you already have. This couple and their photographer neighbor spent a rainy day doing the stereotypical newborn shoot with their dog instead for fun. That’s why we compiled this collection of 20 fantastically creative baby photo shoots (+ one bonus) to inspire your own masterpiece.
He chronicles the early years of his daughter Alice Bee with some hysterical images (that Breaking Dad photo is priceless).
Those tiny paired outfits are too cute to handle and it’s amazing to watch the two grow throughout the progression of the series. As baby Wengenn naps, she constructs fairy-tale like landscapes of cloth, blankets, and pillows full of giant bunnies, romantic dinners with teddy and a carousel in the clouds.
We love this “Captain Baby” illustration, which we think does a great job of capturing who’s really the boss of the family.
But she felt he shouldn’t miss out on the “right of passage” babies go through, and organized a similarly styled photo series starring her son. Watching his personality and expression begin to take shape reminds us just how fast life moves.
That’s what these parents did by turning their home into scenes from their favorite movies, and giving their baby a starring role. Ethereal, whimsical, and magical, they are sure to be a treasure for many more years to come.

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