I was hoping to capture some exciting moments while the swans were swimming in a pond, and I think I got a great outcome.Wildlife photography can be a worthwhile area of photography, and as Amya€™s photo shows, you dona€™t have to sit in a hide for days to get a good shot!Swans are graceful birds, at least on the surface. And at this point I am slightly bemused, as Ia€™m not too sure what Amya€™s a€?exiting momentsa€™ were.
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To me at least, swans = graceful.Ia€™m going off at a tangent a little here, so leta€™s get back to the photography.
They just hold out a piece of paper like a zombie and expect results.Instead, ask the person walking by what kind of music they like.

You’ll have way more conversions and save money on printing if you simply spark up a friendly conversation. Birds for some reason always seem to look better when they are not a€?facinga€™ the camera head-on. And a good pose a€“ it has its wings slightly open which has made for an appealing look.There are only a couple of areas where this good photo could be a€?upgradeda€™ to a great photo. If it had, we would have gotten a whiter head and neck.Now, it may well be that this swan was just dirty, or maybe still has some cygnet feathers still in its plumage (their cygnet feathers are darker than their adult feathers).I wonder if Amy has some other photos on her memory card where the light was more favourable?
Apply this, and it should lift the darkness a touch.Other than that, my only other suggestion is not related to this photo itself, but is more of an idea for another shot.

It could add an extra element to the whole image.Just a few thoughts and suggestions, and thanks Amy for your submission,Ed.Want to comment?

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