Exiting – the third stage of creation, in which the movie or the 3D picture is displayed for the final view. The scene as a modeling space includes geometric shapes, visual properties of the materials such as colors and reflections, analyzing the sources of light and putting the shades where required, and analyzing the cameras and the angles from where the projection is made.
Download Now Coral Reef Adventure Aquarium 3D Screensaver Downloaded 5894 times OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista. In this new Olmpic logo design series, we will discuss how to create the best and most challenging emblems of Olympic Games. Grab a Star Tool and drag a star holding down Shift to put it on the baseline, and Alt to make it proportional – this is important, as this is the exact shape we need.
About Vector DiaryVector Diary is a popular blog offering great illustrator tutorials and tips. For method one (if you are an expert of design software, please ignore this paragraph), firstly you have to take great efforts to search as many logo samples as possible for reference, and choose one which you think is the most suitable for your business or website, and start to design finally. For method two (if you are rich enough, please ignore this paragraph too), it is probably the most expensive choice.
All the features of Sothink Logo Maker will satisfy your needs and turn your idea into an ideal logo.
Download Sothink Logo Maker to design logo and install the logo creator on your computer.
In the Color&Effects panel, select an effect (as indicated in the below) for the flower. Simple: You can get started easily with this logo maker to DIY your own logo without any professional logo design experience. Professional: Well designed built-in templates and logo images ensure you a professional-looking logo. Wide Use: This logo maker enables you to design company logo, button, banner, header, icon and signature for website, blog, forum, email and more. Sothink Logo Maker upgrades your logo design experience by offering 190 templates, 2500+ searchable vector graphics and 40+ text fonts. Effects like gradient, shadow, bevel, glow, reflection & hollow can be accessed by one click. Express your love with cards and collages, add a sparkle of love to those special photos of your loved ones.
The movie “Avatar” is only one of the examples of the extraordinary possibilities of 3D Animation. In this stage, the scene and the objects are created, and they are placed in the initial frame. The special effects are also an important part of animation, as those create the unique scenery which is so fascinating for the viewers.
It is nitrogen from the atmosphere in a liquid form and it has to be super cold to stay a liquid. Open Adobe Illustrator (I always use CS3 version, but you can use any other) and create a document 1000 x 800 px, RGB mode. We need to unite these two shapes, zoom in and make sure the Smart Guides are turned on (Command + U). Now, when you have this strange united shape, select it and while choosing Selection Tool (V) click Enter.
Again, just like with the blue stars, we’ll have to combine these two stars with help of additional shapes and pathfinder panel. Select the resulted shape and again, move it 100 px right with copy like we did before to get the second shape positioned properly. Now, once we have our patterns ready, and star shapes positioned on top border of our cropping area, we can change the fills of shapes.

This is a modern logo with strong american spirit embodied in blue, white, and red colors and shape of stars. I work as an illustrator at my brother's web-studio, and I'm also a design teacher at the IT academy.
For most people in the world, the first thing that appears in their mind should be Apple Inc.
It is easier said than done, and you may feel it quite difficult to turn a dim idea in your mind into a real design. You need to describe your business to the designer, and name your preferred color and font, which may take you a lot of hours, especially in case you can’t talk face to face. Besides, there are 400 well-chosen color schemes filtered by color and category which keep you from complicated color palettes and color matching rules.
As there is not a generally accepted definition of this term, a succinct description of what it means is enough for one to understand what this is about. 2D animation is based on length and width, while for 3D animation; depth is added as the third dimension. Scientists use something called a freezing point or melting point to measure the temperature at which a liquid turns into a solid. For water, the temperature needs to be a little over zero degrees Celsius (0oC) for you to melt. Deposition occurs when a gas becomes a solid without going through the liquid state of matter. The logo is pretty made up of stylized lines and we shall see how to achieve this line effect in illustrator.
Our purpose is to join 2 stars in top and bottom points, so we’ll create additional shapes to cover gaps between star ends and then unite.
Bring it to front (Command + Shift + ]) and Alt-drag it to the red set of shapes in order to make another copy. Now alt-drag the rectangles we just made to the side, then reduce the height of top white rectangle to 16 px (minus 2 grids), now again repeat the duplication, and this time reduce top white rectangle height to 8 px (minus 2 more grids).
From left to right, apply blue pattern to blue stars (from thinnest blue pattern on lighter left star, to widest blue pattern on darker red star ). Now create new layer and draw a circle (L) 120 x 120 px, make it no fill and blue 10 pt stroke.
We recreated this emblem precisely with help of custom patterns, exact positioning, and pathfinder panel.
Tony has written one of the most popular tutorial to learn illustrator and has helped more than 20,000 people. Given enough communication and time, a high-quality logo is finally delivered while it is often unfortunately not the one you want exactly. Let’s imagine a logo design software with dozens of samples and templates, well designed images, professional preset color combinations and special effects.
The molecules organize in a specific arrangement that takes up more space than when they are all loosey-goosey in the liquid state. Those of you who live near the equator may not have seen it, but closer to the poles we see frost on winter mornings.
The idea is rather simple, but at the same time technically it is not easy to create – and it makes this logo very professional and memorizing piece of design. Open Transform panel (Shift + F8) and, with star selected, press a small chain on the right. Select the original star, grap the Pen Tool (P) and delete the bottom-left endpoint of it – the pen should get minus sign, turning to Delete Points Tool (or you can take this tool from the start).
This time we’ll need a precise positioning, so select the lighter red shape, press Enter with Selection Tool (V) chosen, and insert 100 px for horizontal move, and 0 px for vertical move, now click Copy.

So, we already have the first blue star, to make the first united shape we need to duplicate it and work with copy, so Alt-drag it somewhere to the side, while keeping the original blue star as a backup. Take a Pen Tool (P) and draw three shapes that cover gaps between star ends, be careful – the points must lie exactly on the stars endpoints (again, smart guides will help you). Now, take the original blue star we backup before and bring it to front (Command + Shift + ]), now move it to the other blue shapes. Now we need to move the first set of 3 red + 1 white shapes to the center of document, and take the set of blue stars and position them so that the rightmost blue star lies exactly on the leftmost blue one.
White star will remain white, so move to applying red pattern fills to red stars the same way.
On top of that, his tutorials and tips has helped designers improve their illustration skills and have received great feedback.
The logo is so important for people to recognize a company and distinguish it from others. What you need to do is to select a template, select your favorite graphic, color and type in the text.
3D animation introduces a higher complexity of drawings and movies, with more details and fidelity.
To create a solid, you might have to decrease the temperature by a huge amount and then add pressure.
Because the same number of molecules take up more space, solid water is less dense than liquid water.
Those little frost crystals on plants build up when water vapor from the air becomes a solid on the leaves of plants.
Now in height field (H) enter 408 px, and the size will be changed proportional – this is the exact height we need. We just created the first set of stars that will later be a right part of logo – the red and white shapes. You can draw one single shape that unites all needed points – I made them grey for demonstration, but yours should be the same pink fill color. If you have liquid water (H2O) at room temperature and you wanted water vapor, you could use a combination of high temperatures or low pressures to solve your problem.
When the pressure surrounding a substance increases, the freezing point and other special points also go up. I suggest that you lock all three red shapes and one white star in the Layers panel (or select them and press Command + 2).
When you are ready, select all shapes and unite them in Pathfinder panel (Alt-click Add button). The last we need to do is delete black stroke in middle white star, and finally select the entire group of stars and move them to the top border of your cropping area – again, smart guides will indicate when top points touch top border. Lastly, select two left rings of three and move them with copy 70 px horizontally and -70 px horizontally to get a set of 5 Olympic rings. Finally, take the first 4-ended dark red star and move it to our 2 shapes, you’ll also need to bring it to front (Command + Shift + ]). Aligning the right and top points (with help of smart guides) to get image similar to this.
Note that I always copy stars in order not to create them again from scratch, but if you forgot to backup the star – simply create it again referring to Step 1.
It is because of Illustrator anti-aliasing function (you can switch it off in general preferences).

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