You can go through the provided guide or download my PSD template that I’ve created and use it.
The template was created with version CS5 and not I did not test it with other versions.It might work though. Selected as a mission specialist by NASA in July 2000, Good reported for training in August 2000. If you are big fan of unique hidden doors and cool home theaters, the Home Theater Ticket Booth Door from Creative Building Resources (CBR) combines the best of both worlds. The room showed above is one couples' unusually creative gift to their very excited teenage daughter. When Louise Kircher, a retired teacher, and her husband, Dennis, a former accounting manager at Boeing, moved into their year-old, 4,300-square-foot contemporary home in Mesa, Ariz., the staircase in the master bedroom was something extra that came with the house. To make sure your hidden door stays hidden, Creative Home Engineering offers a number of non-traditional hiding machines.
McMills Construction approached Beausoleil Architects for help installing a garage in the bottom floor of a property on Oak Street in San Francisco's Upper Haight district in order to maximize the tenant's rent. Following the completion of two years of training and evaluation, he was assigned technical duties in the Astronaut Office Advanced Vehicles Branch and the Space Shuttle Branch. The basic requirements to become an astronaut include a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or math. Inside the Space Shuttle, the pressure is the same as it is here on Earth, but outside the space ship there is no pressure at all – it is a vacuum! If a tool gets “dropped” or floats away out in space, eventually it will reenter the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up.
Sometimes astronauts sleep in those sleep stations (cabinets) if they are working separate shifts (if some are working while others need to sleep). Yes, weightlessness in space causes the body to lose muscle mass and bone density since you are not using your bones and muscles as much. If all the engines on a space shuttle broke down, and if they couldn’t be fixed, would the space shuttle just continue to orbit Earth?
Like a lost tool, the Space Shuttle would continue to orbit the Earth for a while, but would eventually reenter the Earth’s atmosphere.
The orange suits that astronauts wear during launch and landing are special pressure suits. How many languages do astronauts need to speak if going to the international space station?
The primary language on the International Space Station is English, but all astronauts also learn Russian so we can communicate with our Russian crewmates and ground controllers.
The white space suits (EMUs or Extravehicular Mobility Units) that we wear for space walks weigh about 250 pounds on Earth. CBR's elaborate hidden door features a programmable, scrolling LED sign built into the top of the frame, while the interior of the hidden door functions like your traditional ticket booth, complete with recessed lighting.

The bookcase, holding rows of books, a stuffed dachshund and a volleyball, silently swung outward, revealing a tiny, well-lighted room. It rises to reveal a hidden room, where she and her husband store an antique bedroom set and a replica of a gilded mummy's coffin.
The owner of the house had the wardrobe and figured he might as well add a touch of magic to the house for a pretty amazing result. By hiding the space behind a retractable facade indistinguishable from the rest of the historic Victorian apartment house, they were able to avoid running afoul of the city planning department strict appearance codes. Good served on the crew of STS-125, the final Space Shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Our suits hook into the Space Shuttle and water flows over our body to help keep us cool inside the suit. We have to wear a special space suit that is pressurized inside to keep us safe when we go outside. Most of our food and drinks come in plastic pouches that we cut open and eat the food with a spoon. On SM4 we all slept at the same time in sleeping bags that we tied off to the walls and ceiling of the Space Shuttle. Luckily when you return to Earth your body adapts again to gravity and slowly builds back up the muscle and bone. Unfortunately, it would take too long for the astronauts to survive because of the limited consumables on board the Shuttle (oxygen, water, food, and carbon dioxide “scrubbers”).
We go from zero to 17, 500 miles per hour and feel up to three times the normal force of gravity as we accelerate to orbital velocity. Spacewalks are especially demanding as you work against the pressure and stiffness of the space suit for up to 8 hours.
These suits protect the astronauts from a loss of pressure inside the cabin in case of emergency.
It is particularly important to be able to speak and understand Russian if you are flying up and down on the Russian Soyuz rocket. During flight, the commander has onboard responsibility for the vehicle, crew, mission success and safety of flight. On the front of the ticket booth, a detailed wood inlay displays the high level of craftsmanship involved in constructing this hidden passageway, although we'd recommend ditching the frosted comedy and tragedy faces on the front ticket booth glass.
A remote control amazingly lifts an entire staircase out of the way revealing the hidden passage. But, the company also constructs hidden doors from grandfather clocks, fireplaces, paintings, stairwells, and other household fixtures. In the remaining void they infill a highly functionally and visually dazzling spiral-staircase wine cellar to fit all your favorite vintages and go with your favorite funky furniture designs. He completed his second mission on the crew of STS-132 to the International Space Station and has logged a total of 24 days, 16 hours, 05 minutes and 11 seconds in space, and a total of 29 hours and 53 minutes on 4 spacewalks.

You also need to be in good shape physically and medically in order to pass the NASA space flight physical.
We had to be especially careful working inside the telescope not to lose any tools or even create any debris. It is more comfortable than trying to sleep in the seats.  Also, we take down most of the seats while we are on orbit to make more room to float around and work. During that time all you get to drink is about a quart of water and there is no food inside the space suit. In space they are weightless and float with us as they protect us from the vacuum of space. For those who intend to staff the ticket booth, or at least fill it with a costume-draped dummy, the interior is accessed through a full sized cabinet door at the back.
They also offer an option that allows your hidden door to double as a vault door, so your valuables stay double protected. Still, the stage is set much like many of us imagined when we read the children's classic as kids: a dark-painted room with wood-trimmed windows and antique wooden furniture, with a large dresser that looks strangely both foreboding and inviting.
Astronauts go through training in mission simulators for launch and landing, practice spacewalks in a huge swimming pool, and fly NASA T-38s to improve our crew coordination and flying skills. Then the astronauts can open the hatch to go outside without getting “sucked out” since the pressure in the airlock is the same as space – zero! There was another Space Shuttle on the launch pad ready to come up and rescue us if we got stuck in space. It is equally demanding mentally as you must keep your focus at all times in the unforgiving environment of space. As this hidden door is a custom creation from CBR, we'd recommend ordering yours to match your own home theater decor. Priced from $5-$250K, you'll probably want to make sure you've really got something big to protect to make the purchase worth your while.
Mission specialists perform extravehicular activities (EVAs), or space walks, operate the remote manipulator system, and are responsible for payloads and specific experiment operations. But, even if you don't, Creative Home Engineering claims that a quality hidden door can make a solid investment from an appreciation standpoint.
Even when no air flow is needed for temperature purposes it is kept moving to keep the air fresh.
Customers have had these installed in all kinds of ways, from flush- and hidden-door versions to entrances that intentionally boast their presence.

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