Cover the glass containing the colored water with a sheet of paper, turn it upside down and place it on top of the glass containing salt water. Salt water is heavier than colored water, so the two stay separate as long as the boundary between them isn’t disturbed.
When you rub the balloon with a tissue, the balloon gets a negative electric charge of several thousand volts. When the candle is burning inside the glass, the heat makes the air expand, so some of the air escapes outside the glass. Darken the room and cover part of a flashlight with your fingers to make the beam narrower. When the light in the stream strikes the boundary between the water and air, much of the light is reflected back into the stream. With a black felt-tip pen, write a three-letter word in large letters on a white piece of paper. Get a piece of dark construction paper or tear out a page from a magazine that is printed on both sides. Usually you can’t read the writing inside an envelope because of the light reflected off the envelope’s white surface.
Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Time to get messy, light some stuff on fire, and use food products in ways they were never intended! Teaches: The baking soda base and the citric acid create an endothermic reaction while releasing carbon dioxide in bubble form.
Fun Quotient: Oobleck is cornstarch and water, and if you didn’t play with it as a child then I am so sorry for you because you probably grew up in a Dickensian work house. Fun Quotient: Instead of having to wash with it, you get to nuke it until it becomes a frothy cloud of 99% pure mess. Teaches: When the gas molecules trapped in the soft pliable soap get hot, they need more space.
Teaches: The natural glory of fat, and how arctic animals can survive temperatures that kill everything else. In northern states, it was common to create a “stack effect” by opening windows in the basement and top floor. Wraparound porches offered shade from the direct sun while still allowing light to pour through windows. We’re continuing our 2016 Back to School Guide with our picks for cool backpacks for teens and bigger kids this year. Be sure to visit the site and check out all of the cool offerings from BIC, while you’re at it. All products are selected by our editors; there has been no compensation in exchange for recommendations.
If you believe in the importance of handwriting like we do, visit the BIC Fight for Your Write campaign, sign the pledge to commit to handwriting practice in your own home, and one pen or pencil will be donated to a classroom in need through Thanks so much to our amazing 2016 Back to School Guide sponsor BIC, who’s celebrating handwriting in fun ways through their Fight For Your Write campaign. I am really making an effort to get back to cleaning the way our parents and grandparents used to clean. I think it is truly amazing that you can clean so many things with salt, and can’t wait to find more ways to use it! These days, there’s no shortage of awesome Muppets paraphenalia, like Muppets artwork, cool t-shirts, even iPhone cases.
We’ve been long time fans of the Mary Had a Little Party shop on Etsy, and now, our love has grown even stronger thanks to the super awesome Vintage Muppet Party Collection, complete with birthday hats, invitations, cupcake toppers, and even table decorations.
I suppose what I love most is that along with the kids enjoying these iconic figures, which are a nice change from the modern day licensed characters (no offense, Dora), the parents at the party will experience a bit of nostalgia as well.
NextEver notice how gorgeous kids’ clothes look even more gorgeous when they’re on sale?

We love all kinds of DIY gifts for moms on Mother’s Day but one of our favorite is of course, homemade food gifts. And hey, if this is for a mom who’s ever cooked for you, baked for you, or otherwise nourished you in any way, we think feeding her right back is just laden with sentimental meaning. All picks in our gift guide have been editorial chosen by our team; there is no compensation in exchange for recommendations. This recipe is so easy (yay, science ovens!) and yields about 40 candies which is enough to fill up a pretty box or basket. Valentines food gifts can also make for terrific Mother’s Day food gifts, and we really love these painted heart sugar cookies we found earlier this year on the Minted blog that are so easy, even the kids can help out.
We flipped out when we found this stunning and super easy recipe around Valentine’s Day.
These are really Brazilian chocolate caramel truffles and honestly, what mom doesn’t love truffles? When you put the balloon near the can, electrostatic induction affects the molecules in the metal. Put your finger over the hole, fill the bottle with water and cap it to keep it from draining out.
The light continues this internal reflection all along the arc formed by the falling water. But the tube blocks that reflected light, so you see only the light coming through the envelope. Pour some hot water into the bottle (be careful!), shake it vigorously and empty the water. As the shampoo on the end of the toothpick dissolves, it reduces the water’s surface tension around it, thus releasing the water’s hold on that end of the toothpick. Parents and teachers across the internet have found fun ways to teach kids science, and have documented the experiments for the rest of us.
The experiment uses citric acid, food coloring, and clear hand soap to make fluffy frothy science. Lemon juice is acidic enough to resist oxidation in open air, but a little heat “rusts” it right up. Also, on a different level, why you’re not supposed to take the arrow out of a person after they get impaled in movies. Optical illusions occur because our brains fill in the gaps for whatever our eye isn’t processing.
This is the age kids get pretty picky about what they’re wearing every day, because it really is a reflection of them.
After all, you’re going to need plenty of cool new pens and pencils to go with that cool new backpack, right? A I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and I’m back again to share another fun vintage cleaning tip! A See, when they were growing up, you didn’t buy antibacterial wipes and there was no such thing as a magic eraser. A Use a lemon and salt to clean stains and marks off of your cutting boards and butcher blocks.
A Remove perspiration stains from your clothes by adding 4 tablespoons of salt to one quart of hot water. A Gently scrub the inside of your tea or coffee stained mugs with salt and a damp cloth to remove stains. A Clean your drains and grease build up in them by pouring salt down the drain and running hot water for 2 minutes. A Clean buildup and gunk off of your iron by sprinkling salt on a piece of parchment paper and running a hot iron over it. If only I had this fun birthday party decor back when she was little and begging me for a Muppets party. Click over for Jaclyn’s recipe passed down by her own mother-in-law, and some really excellent tips.

It really is such an easy recipe, but know that you need a little bit of meringue powder and a silicone mini ice cube tray. The heavier salt water will now be on top, so it will flow down and mix with the colored water.
The outside of the can gets a positive charge, so it is drawn toward the balloon and starts rolling in that direction. When the bag and the air inside are lighter than the surrounding air, the bag starts to rise. As the water vapor cools, it turns back into water, causing the pressure inside the bottle to drop. The water around the other end of the toothpick still has surface tension, so it pulls the toothpick in that direction. Here are 15 hands-on science lessons that will stick in a kid’s brain far longer than anything they get from a textbook. Seed crystals form on your stick, attracting more sugar crystals, until finally, about a week later, you got yourself some tasty science on a stick. This experiment shows the difference between a permanent magnet (the ones on your fridge) and the kind that can be turned on and off at will. Further south, before AC many homes were built on blocks, allowing breezes to flow underneath and help keep them cool all summer long.
People would sleep outside to catch the cool breeze of the summer night without all the bugs. A Last month I shared How To Clean Your Oven Naturally, and today I’m back to share 10 Tips for Cleaning With Salt! A Add a few tablespoons of salt to your coffee pot, then run one cycle with water only and allow to soak for an hour. A You can also find my Eight Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen from Top To Bottom, including cleaning in between the glass on your oven doors —> HERE!
A If you have any tips that you would like to suggest or see, let me know in the comments below! There are great cleaning tips for real people, as opposed to those who have mega-bucks to spend on cleaning equipment. If you do this just before you fry pancakes or anything, your pan will be virtually non-stick.
Just start with a good raw honey and make them quickly — ideally you want them to steep for three weeks. Considering how easy it is to make, that could be a problem – just a few basic ingredients including one vanilla bean.
There are tons of recipes for fudge out there, but if you have memories of mom’s peanut butter sandwiches, this is a fun way to pay it back.
You can find both at our affiliate Amazon (yay Prime ship!) or at any gourmet or baking supply store near you.
If you want to keep things springy and colorful, just stick with rainbow sprinkles and a nice candy box. Some of the carbon dioxide formed by the flame dissolves in the water as well, decreasing the pressure even more. The water outside the glass on the saucer is forced into the glass by the higher aire pressure outside. A So, in an attempt to keep as many chemicals out of our home and away from my children, I’m going back to the basics when it comes to cleaning. A Well, I tried some of them out, and they worked…here are 10 tips for cleaning with salt!

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