Not long ago, it was tipped that Google could come up with a new design for the software home button that is featured on devices that don’t have a physical counterpart. By now, you’ve probably spent a good enough time catching everything there is to catch in Pokemon Go. Moans and groans around the world were heard when Niantic started bringing the hammer down on great third-party Pokemon GO companion apps like these. The latest version of the Android Wear app is notifying users of the Together watch face that Google will officially be shutting it down on Sept 30th, along with the reason why they’re doing it. In video part 1 (of 2), we see firsthand features like Multi Window, Page Buddy, Contextual Menu, enhanced photo tagging, enhanced NFC capabilities, Reader Mode, and new Facebook ticker on the lockscreen. It’s tough to hear a device confirmed to be getting the latest versions of Android sometimes.
The update for you guys has not only been announced, but it will be here on March 10th – good timing for those of you who want to play around with all the new features to be had over the weekend.
For those of you with the unlocked international version, be on the lookout for the upgrade over Kies 2.0 this Saturday. Verizon, knowing they have to keep the number of preinstalled apps on their Galaxy Nexus down, have decided to upload their visual voicemail application to the Android market for Galaxy Nexus users. These tips and tricks will mostly be applicable from the moment you boot your phone up, but you may need to setup your Samsung account for a few of them. You should also know that any wall charger with Quick Charge 2.0 will work with the Galaxy S6. In the Battery section you will see estimated time left for remaining power and the option to turn on one of the power saving modes.
In this section you will find information about what things are taking up the most storage.
You can have up to 7 different pages (or panels) to hold your apps and widgets on the home screen.
Samsung has included a few different screen modes to allow you to easily adjust colors and brightness.
Here you can set up the reminder intervals for 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes. If you find yourself typing out long words or phrases a lot, such as email addresses, you might want to create a text shortcut. There are a plethora of ways to send files to other people, but Samsung devices have a special one called Quick Connect. It can be annoying to snap a photo and have to click around the interface to see how it came out.
Instead of using awkwardly-placed on-screen buttons to snap a photo, you can use your voice.
Head into the Camera’s Settings menu and find the option to toggle voice commands on or off. If you do prefer a hands-on approach to shuttering, you can have the camera recognize your volume rocker as a physical shutter button.
All of that is useful for the rear camera, but what about making it easier to take selfies?
You can also wave your hands in front of the camera to initiate a countdown timer to snap your selfie.
Samsung prides themselves on great cameras with their smartphones, so including a Pro Mode with the Samsung Galaxy S6 was a must.
To go a step further, you can even set presets for a certain configuration that you like, so the next time you need that collection of settings you can simply switch to it with one press of a button. There are many different reasons why one would want or need to perform a factory reset on their Samsung Galaxy S6. Note that a factory reset will only restore device settings, user accounts, system and app data and downloaded apps to their original state. Losing your phone or having it stolen is one of the worst feelings in the world, but many tools are available to help you track it down should the unfortunate scenario occur. It’s an app that will not only locate your device using its last known GPS location, but also allow you to remotely sound an alarm, lock the device or perform a full factory reset in case you fear it’s fallen into the wrong hands.
With everything enabled, the next time you need to track your phone down you can simply head to Google’s online Device Manager portal here, or use the Device Manager app from another Android device to find out exactly where your phone is. The Samsung Galaxy S6 now has an awesome fingerprint scanner, and you’re going to want to register your thumbs to use it right away. Note that the fingerprint scanner can also be used to gain access to select supported apps, such as Paypal. Congrats: you’ve set yourself up with a convenient, yet secure way to access your phone and get into apps without having to deal with clunky passwords every time. As much as we’d all like to believe we lead 100% appropriate lives, more than a few of you probably store pictures and files that you don’t want others to see should they need to use your phone. The first thing you need to do before taking advantage of this feature is select which types of files you want to protect.
Setting Private Mode to “Off” will make it so that the files you specified to be private are hidden from normal viewing, while “On” makes all those files available for normal viewing. Select whether you want Private Mode to turn off whenever the screen turns toggle Private Mode settings. And now you can rest easy knowing all those private photos, video and files won’t be seen by anyone who happens to be snooping around. We hope you’ll never have to use the Samsung Galaxy S6’s great SOS feature, but it’s here if you need it. Think of a scenario where you might be getting robbed and you don’t have time to take your phone out, unlock it, find an appropriate contact, type the message and press send — that all takes less than a minute, but every millisecond is precious in an emergency scenario.
At the bottom, specify recipients you want to receive the message, as well as any text, photos and audio recordings you want to attach to the message.

Now, the next time you’re in a pinch where you absolutely can’t call or text someone for help, this feature will at least alert your closest family members and friends that you’re in dire need of help. This feature is an extension of ULTRA Power-Saving mode where Samsung will use a greyscale user interface, scale back processing power and restrict access to a few select apps.
You can download AllTogether by heading to the Samsung App Store and searching for it after you’ve setup your Samsung account.
Long gone are the days where kids want to play with action figures and plush toys: they want your phone. This will lock the phone into a state where kids can only use apps and play games appropriate for them, such as a drawing app, a writing app, and even a kid-centric selfie camera with fun stickers to use. Your kid won’t be able to exit this mode unless they have the lock code which you setup upon first launch so they won’t be able to find their way into too much trouble. Similar to Kids Mode, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a Pin Window feature that’ll allow you to keep the phone locked into one app. We could also see this being useful for store owners who want to show a specific app on a display unit. Specify whether you want your secure lock screen to come up if someone tries to press the home button.
Now that you have it setup, all you’ll need to do when you want to pin an app is open your Recent Apps menu by tapping the Recent Apps key next to the home button, and pressing the push pin icon located in the lower right corner of whichever app it is you want to pin. First up, Adapt Sound will help you tune your Samsung Galaxy S6’s sound to make sure you’re hearing everything it has to offer. The Phone and People apps have been updated slightly, and for the Moto G they added the Motorola Alert app. Because not everyone is a fan of Gmail (we know, preposterous), Google has just dropped the stock Android Email app onto the Google Play Store for the downloading. Roughly a year since the debut of their flagship Find 5, rumors are starting to piece together what we can expect to see out of the phone’s followup.
If the Find 7 lives up to its rumored spec sheet, we again could be dealing with a mammoth phone from the feisty mobile manufacturer looking to make a name for itself among the myriad of Android options out there.
As we move closer towards Android L’s impending announcement, more and more core Google apps are getting the Material Design treatment. Besides the cosmetic changes you see above, the Google Play Store 5.0 update feels very snappy and flows quite nicely.
Other changes include a refreshed user interface, the ability to cast your device’s camera roll to any other device equipped with Plex and more. You also know that it’s getting much more difficult to play the game without purchasing in-game upgrades.
As much as most of you want to believe the company is the big bad wolf, their reasoning is neatly summed up with 1 telling image. As we told you guys a few days ago, there were a number of improvements coming along for the ride, all having to do with new features and apps inside TouchWiz. They decided to upload a video to their YouTube channel highlighting the new features making their way to S3’s.
But we at least know that the carriers should soon be able to provide the upgrade to their customers, testing pending.
You don’t have to worry about plugging in your device or accidentally ripping the cord out of the wall. If you don’t allow any exceptions the phone will be completely silent (not even alarms will break through). Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds until the device powers off.
There’s also a section that shows which apps are using the most battery so you can disable them.
You can see if there are any unauthorized system changes and enable the KNOX app if you want to use your phone for work. When this mode is enabled it switches the phone to a black and white interface and disables most background activities. When this mode is enabled the screen brightness will turn down and the processor will scale back.
With this feature enabled your Galaxy S6 will stay on as long as you are looking at the display. For example, if you’re texting someone and you want to call them just put the phone to your ear. The Briefing panel is actually powered by Flipboard, so you get a similar interface, but it runs much smoother in its own app. It will look dull at first as you transition from the other more vivid settings, but it’s actually the most true-to-life. You can enable this by going into the Camera app’s Settings menu and finding the Quick Launch setting.
It’ll allow you to pre-focus on a subject before snapping photo or video, and will attempt to keep that subject in focus if they happen to move. Instead of doing all that you can have the phone automatically bring a preview up for you to check out and either keep or delete it before moving on to your next shot.
Not only does it help you keep the camera steady for the perfect shot, but it can be fun to get your subject (or subjects) to join in. You can change its behavior in the Camera app’s Settings menu under Volume Key Function, and set the rocker to either zoom in or out, snap a photo or begin recording video. This eliminates the need to use your second hand to take a photo, which is often the number one cause for subpar selfies. This action is typically performed when you are getting ready to sell or return a phone, or when you feel like things have gotten so slow to the point where only a full restore will make it feel new again. Personal files such as photo and video will persist through a factory reset, so rest easy knowing those are safe.

It will also soon be possible to use it for logging into websites on the phone’s web browser, and paying for purchases with Samsung Pay once those features become available.
Samsung’s Private Mode is a great feature that helps keep your skeletons locked into the closet where they belong. What this will do is send a preset message to any contacts you want whenever you quickly press the power button 3 consecutive times.
This should be used as a last resort so as to avoid the “boy who cried wolf” scenario, and because sending a more detailed message will help people find more appropriate help. The difference here is that background data will be shut off while the screen is turned off, which is key since background data is often the biggest cause of battery drain outside of the display. It allows you to connect to other Samsung Galaxy users over a private WiFi network to chat, share files and more without having to use mobile data.
To keep them innocent, you can download Samsung’s Kids Mode app from the Samsung App Store. It does this by playing a series of audible beeps at different frequencies and asking you to note each time you hear a beep. It serves as a device-wide equalizer that you can use to recreate the effect of surround sound (though it obviously won’t be as good as actual surround sound). The app looks to have been updated since we last seen it, featuring a design that falls in line with other Google apps, including a fancy slide out menu. Really, it seems this is yet another way for Google to continue modularizing their platform so that small app updates can be done individually, with users no longer having to wait around for a major firmware release.
According to recent whispers, the Oppo Find 7 could launch with a Snapdragon 805 CPU, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest system-on-a-chip for mobile devices.
As to that LTE support, Oppo recently posted an image to their Weibo page with text that translates to “4G LTE, I’m ready!” The message could simply be a response to a recent push to aggressively roll out LTE to Chinese mobile users, but it might double as a tease for the Find 7. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the reason why many users outside of China will never have a chance to check out the hardware should it come to fruition. Google’s Material Design update for the Play Store leaked a few weeks back, now it seems that Google is ready to unleash their latest rendition of the Play Store upon the masses. In material Design Fashion, the entire Play Store sports newly colored categories that align with Google’s Material Design color palette, which are incredibly bold and bright. Of course a lot of that feel could come from all of the new animations and transitions that are flowing freely through the app.
We’re seeing numerous reports of people having a rough time and having to revert back to a previous version. Before, the multimedia streaming server had two different apps — one for those who pay monthly for a Plex Pass, and one for those who just want to pay a one-time fee for simple features. The upgraded app is waiting for you in the Google Play Store so head over there for the download, and be sure to read on if you’re wondering about the benefits of forking over a few extra bucks.
Thankfully, a newly-leaked animation shows it’s not as bad as we thought it would be. If you have a Galaxy Note 2, there’s not much to see here, as these improvements already come out of the box on that device.
Samsung Galaxy S II users, specifically the international GT-I9100 version, will be able to tell their children and their children’s children a different tale, though.
When you set up your phone for the first time you will be asked to sign in or create a OneDrive account.
You can take it a step further and have OneDrive automatically backup your photos and videos. Some versions of the Galaxy S6 include a button for S Finder under the brightness slider in the notification shade. Your phone will make a noise after a certain amount of time if there is a notification that really needs your attention. This feature works with not only faces, but ANY object you want to focus on ahead of taking the shot. The first allows you to take a selfie by holding your finger on the heart rate sensor for 2 seconds. For those extreme cases where you absolutely can’t shut your phone off and need to squeeze as much juice out of the battery as possible, consider using Samsung’s Emergency Mode.
This is great for something like a camping trip where data might be limited but you still want to be connected to those nearby. Feel free to jump in by making a new account (it only takes a minute) and jump into some great threads.
You can preview the service, but you’ll only be able to get a couple of minutes of playback. Alternatively, Plex Pass users can sign in with their account and get full access to the standard set of features, as well as the extra goodies the Plex Pass provides (all of which you can read about at the tail-end of this post). It feels like we’re getting closer but we still have to wait for an announcement before getting too excited. You can also set up a schedule to automatically enable Do not disturb at a specific time every day.
If you use these toggles a lot (which you should), a quick edit now will make your life easier. If that’s not there on your version you can still launch it from the Quick Settings toggles. You’ll also notice a new hamburger menu icon (with a kick ass animation I might add) on the side as well as a newly designed sidebar with flatter icons.

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