Google every now and then comes up with easter eggs, which sets this search engine apart from others. On 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man game (May 22, 2010), Google launched the Pac-Man doodle that allowed people to play Pac-Man on the Google’s homepage itself. Let Me Google That For You is a web service that instead of giving you the search results, gives you a link to the Google’s search results page with the query you want to do a search for. Breakout is an arcade game developed by Atari far back in 1976 and is quite famous up-till now, though with other names and upgrades.
Simply searching for “Use the Force Luke” on YouTube will make every element on the YouTube page to float and they can be controlled by only one force, the force of your mouse. If you know and understand the Fibonacci series, then try searching for ‘Fibonacci in YouTube. Hemant Aggarwal writes this blog to help computer users with problems related to web services and getting the most out of their own websites.
Sometimes, black and white perspective adds another dimension to an image and creates a more powerful impact on the mind. Use any of these free black and white wallpapers that are designed to add a new charm to your desktop screen.
Eerder onderzoek heeft aangetoond dat niet alleen mensen zo’n vertekend beeld kunnen waarnemen, maar ook meerdere diersoorten zoals apen, katten, uilen, goudvissen en bijen.
De onderzoekers publiceren hun vondst in de online editie van het vakblad Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This is a fun-filled, hands-on, creative workshop for anyone who wants to enjoy The Thrill of Watercolor Painting with renowned watercolor artist and workshop instructor, Will Daskal.

It is designed to accommodate all levels of ability, from beginners to intermediate students. You will learn to use your innate, fundamental drawing skills to sketch out a pleasing composition which will be the basis for your watercolor painting; or, you can use a favorite photograph. Sessions will be three hours in length and each course builds upon previously learned, simplified watercolor painting techniques!
This entry was posted in Characters, Tutorials and tagged drawing spider-man, how to draw spider-man, how to draw spiderman by idrawdigital. Google Gravity is an experiment that induces gravity in Google and every element falls down to the bottom of the page. This link shows you a visual of how you can perform a search on Google and then takes you to the search results page automatically.
Goglogo is a web service that allows you to make a logo with any name, and it will create a logo that will have exactly the same look as Google. The only way to save the results is to click on the o’s with your mouse multiple times until they are destroyed.
If you want to play the amazing game on Google, try searching for “atari breakout” in Google images. This collection includes some of the best black and white desktop wallpapers that you can set up on your PC screen for an artistic effect. Een groep zenuwcellen in de visuele cortex blijkt deze ‘storing’ in ons waarnemingsvermogen te veroorzaken.
Omdat de technieken om dit onderzoek uit te voeren bij mensen nog beperkt zijn, hebben de onderzoekers ervoor gekozen om dit bij makaken te doen.

Mijn interessegebieden: mens en maatschappij (met name de gezondheid, het brein en psychologische aangelegenheden) ruimte en technologie.
Here’s a number of resources and links showing you how to draw the world famous wall crawler. You can then pick and through everything on the screen, and guess what!, everything still works. This is for all those who have people in their family, who don’t know how to do a Google search. It uses GIF files, one for each letter you type, and then arranges them to make the letters you typed. Dat is vastgesteld door psycholoog Alexander Maier, verbonden aan de Vanderbilt University, in samenwerking met een team van neurologen. Maier en collega’s richten zich op dat gebied omdat het neuronen (zenuwcellen) bevat die onder meer een rol spelen bij het herkennen van objecten. Uit hersenscans van de makaken die een afbeelding met een optische illusie te zien kregen, bleek dat het hersengebied V4 inderdaad actief was. Bij het verwerken worden de prikkels door ons brein in context geplaatst en vult het deze informatie aan.

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