You might think you know how to shuffle cards, but you’ve got nothing on Lee Terbosic. This is one of the most amazing trick videos we’ve ever seen, and definitely the most beautiful.
International yo-yo superstar Takeshi Kamisato came up with this trick, and famed yo-yo player John-Bot added the sound effects.
Mark Hayward learned this trick from a Canadian yo-yo player in 1992 at the International Jugglers Association annual convention in Montreal. The rope that works best for this (and loads of other very cool magic tricks for kids), is called ‘magician’s rope’. The ‘mono filament’ that is used to make this trick is often used to make jewellery and you can get it from most craft shops. The first step in making the floating cup trick is to make two small holes in the top of the plastic cup, about 1cm from the rim of the cup. Now do Step 1 again, exactly opposite the first hole.  This is important because if the holes aren’t exactly in the middle of the cup, the finished effect will not be as successful. About Latest Posts Colette KellyChildren's entertainer at Magic 4 ChildrenHi I'm Colette, Mum to Kristen and wife of Ken Kelly. My son is currently working on this trick to show his grandparents over the webcam, great job Kristen and Kelly!

He doesn’t know who that guy was, but since then Mark has taught this trick to yo-yoers around the world.
We have found that the best way to make a neat hole is to use a thumbtack and an eraser. Place the thumbtack on the outside of the cup and the eraser on the inside and press the thumbtack through the cup. Firstly, you need to stop the ends of the rope from fraying… This will make sure that you can use this trick again and again.
This is done with the paperclip that gets bent into a hook and this fits into the rope as the ‘gimmick’. The way you do this, is by placing the rope inside the cup and lift it about 1.5 cm to 2 cm from the bottom of the cup and mark where it meets the mono filament on the rope with your finger.
Make sure that it is pointing down into the cup (inside the rope) so that the ‘hook’ can hook onto the mono filament. Thank you to all of the people who helped out with this project, we couldn’t have done it without you. It’s the most fun when you really get into making the noise of charging your ray gun before you fire it. Start on the outside of the first hole, though the inside of the opposite hole and out on the other side.
You may need help from an adult with this step as it is a bit tricky and you need a pair of pliers to cut the extra bit off.

We will still post tricks periodically (amazingly there are a few that we missed), and the site will stay live so you can still share cool tricks with all your little friends. There are some tricky bits that you may need an adults’ help with, so have a grownup nearby. Your cup should now be able to hang in mid air if you hold the two ends of the mono filament.
This makes it even more entertaining for your audience and the trick will be more effective. From this number, subtract 1 number larger than the numbers to the right of the last number.
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