The intro to iOS 7 video, starts with Jony Ive sharing his thoughts on design as a prelude to the massive visual revamp of iOS. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Now, Lewis from UnboxThreapy has subjected the Ion-X glass used by Apple on the Apple Watch Sport to the same scratch test, which the glass eventually fails. However, when subjected to two different levels of sandpaper, the display scratched pretty easily. The sapphire display used on the Apple Watch Edition and the Apple Watch were unharmed by the sandpaper in their test because of their higher level of hardness. Sapphire displays have a hardness that is right below diamond, so scratching them is nearly impossible. The Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest variant of the Apple Watch, which is probably why Apple ended up using an Ion-X glass on it instead of sapphire. You can install the Do not Disturb SBSettings toggle or you can install NCSettings, which now includes the toggle for Do Not Disturb.
A new jailbreak tweak called Flusterless developed by developer RiDan has just hit Cydia, which brings a  cool new way to turn on or turn off Do Not Disturb from the Lock screen.
The tweak adds a fairly visible dot (circular moon) on the left side of the date and time label on the Lock screen. If you’re starting off with a back up from another iPhone, then some of these settings will be all set for you, but they are worth touching and checking anyway. Make sure your’e getting your email on your device and then get those contacts in too!
Save connecting your phone to iTunes every time you buy an app, song, or book on your computer. Pick something new and interesting for your wallpaper and choose a different ringtone—or make your own!
Don’t forget, you can send SMS-like messages through iMessage (and pictures and video) over the Internet. If you didn’t turn Siri on when you first turned on your phone, now is the time to try!

Couple things related to Siri, if you don’t want Siri (or Passbook) to be available on the Lock Screen, this is how you can disable it. The magnetometer, or the compass, uses the Earth’s magnetic field to point towards the north.
Leko plans to release this as a library that other developers can use in their own apps, enabling all sorts of new interaction possibilities.
Potential applications of the library include virtual keyboards (gloves with magnets), game controllers, leap motion like gesture detectors, magnetic stylus and more. The first one is an introduction video to iOS 7, featuring Apple’s SVP of design, Jony Ive talking about the redesigned user interface and new features. It then shows various screenshots of iOS 7 running showing the redesign, with Ive giving a voiceover in the background, explaining the design decisions Apple took. As you can see in the video below, Lewis first uses keys, knife and a steel wool to scratch the Ion-X glass of the Apple Watch Sport from where the glass emerges unscathed.
On the other hand, the Ion-X glass is not harder than a sandpaper, which makes it susceptible to scratches. While you won’t have the animation associated with each wallpaper, you can at least enjoy the gorgeous imagery as your device wallpaper. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! In fact, here’s how to set up your new iPhone 5 using iCloud backup to make things smooth and easy. Turn on the automatic schedule to have your phone not bug you in the middle of the night with the latest Facebook and Twitter posts your friends are sending (not to mention emails and other things you don’t need to know about). If you’re still unsure of what Siri can do for you, check out our post on bending Siri to your will.
We didn’t include it on the list, because right now there is no jailbreak for the iPhone 5, but keep tabs on our jailbreak section for all the latest updates. Ashraf spends insane hours on dotTech (usually writing articles but sometimes doing absolutely nothing except staring).

But Leko demoed a really cool, alternate use of the sensor, where he tracks the position of a magnet some distance away from the iPhone, without using the camera. Now that the idea is out there, I can’t wait to see what developers will do to innovate. Unfortunately, it overlaps over the time field if you have LockInfo installed, so I will stick to NCSettings.
If this is a new device for you (or you decided to just start from scratch), these are a few things to get you started off right. If you’ve been keeping your Mac address book up to date and iCloud is turned on there, then your contacts will start populating on your phone automatically.
This is important for setting up Do Not Disturb so that those people can call you and your phone will ring through regardless. Make sure you turn on allowing calls from your Favorites so you don’t miss important calls. You can turn Siri on and off there, as well as a few other settings (there aren’t many). Remember, that if you want to jailbreak, it’s also recommended to avoid upgrading to the latest version of iOS until there is a jailbreak ready for it—and ready for your device. Definite outside of the box type of thinking that is needed to make use of tech already present in the iPhone and re purposing it for other uses. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. For more on Notifications (and the love-hate relationship we all have with them), we have the how to on Notifications here too.

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