February 17, 2015 by littlebins 10 Comments This crystal rainbow┬áis a fun and easy kid’s science experiment perfect for home or school. Since you are dealing with hot water, my son watched the process while I measured the solution and stirred.
To get started on your crystal rainbow, take your pipe cleaners and cut to fit inside your jar! Wow, I am so thrilled with the science projects – I’m on my way to get liquid starch as soon as I finish commenting! One of the many challenges is to find something everyone can do, to some degree or another.
And thank you so very much for the pictures – as clear as your explanations are, seeing the actual thing is definitely worth a thousand words! For slime, the youngest I have done it with is 4 and everyone usually has an adult with them.

If you were born in, say, December 1982, then this trick would incorrectly conclude that you were 32 years old. You can also make crystal hearts, crystal candy canes, crystal seashells with real shells, and crystal eggs with real eggshells!
That the human neocortex is the most densely complex thing discovered in the universe by man. That it is a scientific fact that the iron in your blood was formed at the core of 1 or more stars that went supernovae long ago. That YOU played an important part in earth’s most significant period of change in history.
That you played an important part in earth’s most significant period of change in history. Let's call shoe size "s" and your birth year "y." Now, let's do the trick again, using these letters instead of numbers.

I put the pipe cleaners in a traditional rainbow order and folded the tops around the popsicle stick. As a family based preschool and child care, I have a mixed age group – from 8 months to twin 5 year olds who come 2 afternoons a week.
If you were born in 1914 and wear a size 10 shoe, the trick would conclude that your shoe size is 11 and that you were 0 years old.

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