Abduzeedo means abducted in portuguese, the spelling is not exactly that, it should be abduzido.
So in this Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to create a space scene with some nice Lighting Effects in 10 Steps. Create a new document, I'm using my computer screen's resolution (1440x900 pixels) so I can use it as a wallpaper later. First, lets create a new layer and fill it with black, however, this time, add this layer in front of the background and beneath the other layers: (Stars and Nebula).
Now lets just adjust some opacities, change the the RGB light opacity to 80% and you can move the gradient overlay to test different color combinations as well. In this tutorial we've learned how to create a very cool light effect that we often see is some of the NoPattern designs.
Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple vintage look stencil in Photoshop. When looking at a website or interface, there are few things more annoying than half pixels. Designers love to use Light and Glow effects when they design stylish advertisements and posters. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Easy Photoshop Tutorials, Resources For Learning Photoshop Online, Photoshop Text Effects, and Photoshop Actions.
In this tutorial author will show you how to create a dark photo manipulation called “The Vampire’s Hunter”.
Author is going to show you how to use a picture of an animal to create an awesome abstract. This tutorial will give you a general workflow overview of how to create traditional illustrations on paper and then refining it further in Photoshop.
Learn how to create a dark and dreamy photo manipulation by blending images seamlessly and applying a color effect using several adjustment layers. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create a dirty, flooded room with a giant hand saving a fish inside a glass ball. This tutorial will explain three different ways to create very simple yet elegant header-style text effects, using only two Layer Styles each time. We all love short-cuts ;) If you just started learning Photoshop, it’s very important to learn some great short-cuts to improve efficiency and save your valuable time.
This tutorial is a walk through of author’s process for creating a brush set, down to the paper and paint to the scan and final prep work.
In this tutorial author will show you how to create a beautiful abstract artwork using light effects, a few fractal images, a custom brush and some cool post editing techniques. Let’s take a look at how seamless or repeating textures and patterns can be created in Photoshop.
This tutorial will explain how to use layer styles to create a nice bright retro text effect. In this tutorial, author will show you the steps he took to create this Create a Unique Break-Apart Text Effect with Urban Background in Photoshop. Photoshop provides us with an array of different useful tools to erase unwanted imperfections in out photos.
In This tutorial we will will learn how to use the Transform tools in our Digital Painting projects, we will learn some Tips for Free Transform, Additional Options, Warp option and author will showcase some examples of how you can use these techniques in your work flow. In this tutorial author will be walking you through the process of creating a simple animated glow effect. This tutorial will be specifically helpful for professionals working in print media because we display many things on the screen but we have to create an exaggerated graphic for printing because usually the routine paper snatches the life out of graphics. In this tutorial author is going to show you how to do a dark and surreal photo manipulation called “Released”. In this tutorial we are going to create a fantasy scene where a witchy women will be holding a sacred log in her hands.
Am always a fun of free tutorials my favourite being those of photoshop, web design and animation.
While browsing through the Free Photoshop Tutorials I thought I’d give the 3 Simple Elegant Header Text Effects a try and found a new Tut site : D TexTuts is perfect! Learn how to create a Trendy Layout in Photoshop is an awesome photoshop tutorial i really enjoyed learning it.

AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. This tutorial was made to help step you through the process of making a Na'vi from the AVATAR movie.
Open the picture, duplicate the background picture layer (now you should have two copies of the same image in your layers menu) and use the Healing Brush Tool (select the source from the forehead area, or something similar) to recreate the nose which is flatter and broader as compared to the average human nose.
Set the Opacity to 54% until you get the lips and the nose to a purple color, and the shadows of the nose to be less visible. For the nose use the Forward Warp Tool to make it more flatter (from the Liquify options) and for the eyes use the Bloar Tool to make them more bigger . Extra styling: The lips of the model are very big, try to make the smaller with the Forward Warp Tool.
Na'vi irises are considerably larger than human irises in relation to the size of the whole eye. Use the Polygonal lasso tool to select the eyes, copy and paste them below the layer where you did the "holes". To add the bioluminescence dots make a new layer and use a small brush, make may dots of different sizes. I found a good quality still of a Na'vi ear and imported in into my file, then isolated the ear using Lasso Tool, then re-sized it and placed it where I wanted it to be.
To make the ear more real, go to Filter Men > Filter Gallery, the go to the Artistic effects and select Plastic Wrap.
Mask the ears with some hair, use the Dodge Tool to brighten the left ear and the Burn Tool to darken the right ear. Lay the leather texture image on top of the face (an other skin areas), and repeat it over as many times as it takes to cover the face. From now it is just adjusting minor details to your image, and adding your own little touches here and there. Download Cool Abstract Backgrounds Widescreen pictures in high definition or widescreen resolution, Cool Abstract Backgrounds Widescreen is provided with high quality resolution for your desktop, mobile, android or iphone wallpaper.
To set this Cool Abstract Backgrounds Widescreen as wallpaper background on your desktop, click on the DOWNLOAD button to save Cool Abstract Backgrounds Widescreen images on your desktop computer.
Here are 3 high quality Soft wave style Abstract backgrounds for various uses like Web, Print, Templates etc.
The tip here is convert the original ray of light layer to Smart Objects, so you will be able to resize and rotate in a non-destructive way.
Of course this tutorial was just an example and now you can improve it and apply it to your needs. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts. The art direction is fantastic, full of beautifully designed puzzles playing with impossible forms, you feel it could be a game designed by M.C Escher. Some people asked about some of the steps in Photoshop so I decided to make a simple walkthrough about how to use Photoshop to create this kind of effect. This morning while I was looking for some references or inspiration on what to do I saw a post on Instagram from the Street League, it's the league of street skateboarders. The resulting blurred edges make your potentially great product look hastily designed, uncared for and unfinished.
We collected top Light and Glow effect adobe Photoshop tutorial from different famous designers websites. Modernize your design work with this cool design element, available in blue and pink colors. Photoshop is used everywhere whether its a design industry or even an small advertising unit.
These tutorials will certainly add to your knowledge and make Photoshop process easier for you.
We will go through steps with different techniques of manipulating, retouching, masking, coloring, adjustment layers, understanding light and shadow and more. Also, he will show you more techniques that can help you to understand how to manipulate layers.
We will learn how to blend images together seamlessly using several stock photos by using several Photoshop tools such as the Transform tool and the Brush tool. This layout can be used as a business layout, corporate website, or even a wordpress theme.

In this tutorial author will show you the tools he uses and how to use them to erase everything from birds flying around to tattoos.
With this tutorial we are going to cover interesting topics like working with textures and blending modes, lighting, advanced image cutting techniques, and typography. I must say this website is an unusual resource, I must learn all these tools here…thank you! Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. First, make sure that the picture you're working with is as large, clear and high quality as possible, the quality of the original picture will determine the quality of the final product. I used Liquify in the "Filter" menu, and simply moulded the nose and the eyes into that of a Na'vi's face, while checking back and forth on actual screenshots. They're generally pretty heavy on the nose, brow, under the eyes, at the corner of the mouth and running down the neck. Your avatars are awsome :) i was trying to make one myself but i have no experience with photoshop :( i was thinking if someone could help me? Right click on the picture you have saved and select the option "Save image as" or "Set As Background".
I'm really fan of playing with this subject because we are sort of free to create whatever we want, and using Photoshop that really means everything.
Use Negative 60 for the Intensity, Narrow 96 for the focus, and for the other options keep the same. This effect might be the most overused ever, like some people even say that using it you wil turn your design in an amateur piece. Then select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and create a rectangular selection like half of the height of the document. After you create the "A", change the blend mode of the elements to Screen and use 80% opacity.
A few hours playing and I was inspired to create an artwork for Abduzeedo, just to have some fun. I loved the logo and decided to try to create something with the same style in Illustrator to learn how to do that. Admittedly, if you are working with company logos, especially type-based ones, half pixels are a fairly regular occurrence and potentially frustrating to deal with. Basic portrait painting techniques covered including painting hair, skin, and facial features.
I recently was overcome with inspiration when I saw the new James Cameron's Avatar Movie Posters, they are pretty sick.
Once you have done this, merge all the layers together (by holding shift and selecting every layer that has the leather texture and goinf Right Click > Merge Layers).
Select the Midtones radio button and in the three Color Levels boxes, enter these values: +46 +11 +13. Please post you Na'vi Avatar picture that you made from following this tutorial, i would love to see them!
This Cool Abstract Backgrounds Widescreen picture is provided only for personal use as wallpaper on computers, smartphones or other display devices. For me it's a nice filter and, if you use it right, it will give a nice touch to your image.
In this tutorial I will show you guys some simple but efficient techniques that will help you make your own Avatar movie poster from a portrait picture of yourself.
Once they are one single layer make sure you erase the eyes and lips with the Eraser tool and change the layer style to Overlay and the Opacity to 15-25% (adjust until you feel the opacity is good). This tutorial should be used with many variants and additional techniques unique to the artist. Doing that you will increase the black so just the bigger dots will appear, also you will increase the white, making the dots that appear brighter.
Select white for the color and with just like a a bit of the brush inside the marquee (red circle) give a few clicks on the mouse button.

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