Looking at how powerful Photoshop can be in terms of photo editing, it’s probably not important if you suck at taking photographs or being labeled an amateur photographer. So the next time you want to publish some photos online, consider editing them so they look more impressive.
How to use a variety of filters and techniques to produce an image in an experimental style. How to create a silhouette of a person taken from a normal photo, adding colorful light to it as if the light source is located behind this object. How to combine some stocks and Photoshop techniques to make an amazing dark art picture style.
How to create halftone patterns and creatively cut up an image of a model holding a boombox.
Create a bit of an optical illusion, filling one photo with many smaller photos, or at least, many copies of a couple of smaller photos. How to add focus to an image with light, using Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter and multiple light sources. Put together a sunset image mixing some vector shapes and dusky lighting effects to produce a slick image that would make a nice album cover for a chillout mix! How to break apart a body, then add some awesome lighting and glow, and nopattern style, to finish the image off.
This tutorial uses a few basic photoshop techniques, masking, color adjustment, liquify and the resize and transformation tools.
Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. WWF Wrestling, Metallica’s Ride the Lightning album, Robocop, Amiga games and Transformers are all examples that I can relate to. Next, add a soft Inner Glow using a mid-blue (#76a5cd), set the opacity to 100%, blending mode to Normal, size to around 8px and add a 2px stroke to accommodate the stroke in the next step. Add a 2px stroke in white, then set the alignment to the Inside and blending mode to Color Dodge.
Hold the CMD (Mac), or CTRL (Windows) key while clicking the thumbnail of the inner-text layer to load the selection. Double click the layer to open up the layer styles and add a vertical gradient running from dark indigo (#261528) to mid-indigo (#241e53) to white (#ffffff) to a very light indigo (#b6b4c7).
Zoom right in and draw a circular selection at each end of the reflection gradient layer on each letter. The gradient is running in the wrong direction on the horizontal shapes, so tweak each one by adjusting the angle of the gradient fill.
Replace this white fill with a blue (#283891) to red (#f07b71) gradient using the layer style options. Change this layer’s blending mode to Linear Burn to allow the gradient overlay to replace the colour of the white to black gradients underneath. On a new layer, draw some 1px white lines across the straight edges of the text to act as highlights.
Add a layer mask to the highlighting lines layer and erase out the ends of the lines with a soft brush. Find a stock lens flare and paste in multiple copies to highlight the edges and corners of the text. The text effect is just about complete, but let’s finish off the design with a subtle background.
Change the blending mode to Color Dodge at 80% to allow the colours to interact with the textured background.

Finally add a soft Drop Shadow to the outer text outline layer to anchor the text with the background. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files.
You may be a beginner or an avid Photoshop user, Photoshop tutorials can always give you one or several useful tips to add to your Photoshop knowledge.
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The tutorial teaches us to incorporate elements from varied sources to create realistic photo manipulation with conceptual features. It’s an interesting tutorial that teaches to integrate surreal effects to create dreamlike photo effects.
This tutorial teaches to make cool modifications to a pictures of a car or a truck for the pimped out effect. The detailed tutorial teaches you to create an Vector based cover page design in Photoshop. Learn how to create a realistic mailbox icon in Photoshop using basic skills and different blending options.
Learn how to create a website layout specifically for a Mobile Device which in simple yet sleek and professional using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to compose magical scenes from different stock images and create strong atmosphere adding interesting lights and shadows. Learn how to increase the quality of the regular photo and make it more artistic by using Photoshop tools, settings and photo manipulation skills. Learn how to create a fun & eye-catching Personal Vcard Mini-Site Template in Adobe Photoshop! The tutorial helps you get hang of the latest set of art and illustration by the amazing Depthcore collection.
In this tutorial you can learn to manipulate some stock images into a seamless design and add in elements to attain the depth of field. In this tutorial, you can get familiarized with techniques used to create a steampunk type treatment in Photoshop. Create a sleek Apple iPhone 4S in Adobe Photoshop using various shape tools, blending options and other helpful methods. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the traits of image sharpness and ways of sharpening one of your designs to achieve the maximum visual appeal. Learn easy ways to illustrate a guitar in Photoshop using tiny shapes, gradients and subtle shadows. Make a beautiful scene of a coral reef and fish on Photoshop with this useful step by step tutorial.
I spend a lot of time using Adobe Photoshop creating logos for my website, and I must say, the creators of this awesome art works using Adobe Photoshop mastered lots of techniques on using Adobe Photoshop, will be reading and learning there Photoshop tutorials.
Am always a fun of free tutorials my favorite being those of photoshop, web design and animation.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Hi-quality Photoshop backgrounds created with Brush Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Motion Blur, Gradient Tool and Glow Effect.
Futuristic theme neon lights abstract background in two color variations, a dark purple and blue, and a green color theme. As long as you picked up a couple of Photoshop photo editing skills, it will still impress those who sees it.

Here’s a compilation of 41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects you can take into reference. The bright and shiny chrome text effect could be found everywhere in the 80s, then it disappeared altogether when people realised how hideous and gaudy it was. As a little initial research, collect a few logos and graphics to refer to when creating your own text effect. Set out the wording of your choice in an appropriate font and convert the text to outlines (CMD+Shift+O). A sky blue to white on the inner shape and a red to blue gradient on the outline will do the trick. Grab the Rectangular Marquee tool and hold Alt while dragging a selection across the upper portion of the text, leaving just the lower half selected. Enter 2px to reduce the mask size to accommodate the stroke, then inverse the selection (CMD+Shift+I) and delete. Right click the layer and select Paste Layer Style, then select all the other layers and paste the same layer style.
Load and inverse the selection of the text layer and delete out the excess from the highlights layer. Add a Noise filter (Filter > Noise > Add Noise) with the settings 10%, Uniform & Monochromatic.
Besides, you can find some exceptionally useful shortcuts to make Photoshopping faster and easier.
In this quick tip we’re going to take a look at how the same blur effect can be applied to a portrait to give the subject an appearance as if they are closer than they appear. I love the Warm Portrait and the Golden apple tree, but all of them are amazing photo manipulations.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. High resolution backgrounds useful for web graphics such are banners, email templates, website backgrounds etc. Recently though, this text styling seems to be making a comeback in the world of digital art as the 80s generation are implementing inspirations from their childhood into their designs and artworks.
Look closely at the colours used, the style of text and what seems like a desert landscape in the reflection of the text.
Use dark blue (#426bc7), light blue (#719cff) and white (#ffffff) swatches and run the gradient vertically from the top. Change this layer’s blending mode to Color Burn to allow the texture to interact with the text. Moreover, who have already expertise in Photoshopping, they too can revise their skills with these helpful tutorials. With 40 Cool Photoshop tutorials listed below, you can learn to add some impressive effects with useful techniques and tools. Follow this tutorial to recreate the epic metal text effect for yourself, making use of modern day digital design techniques in Photoshop.
The temporary rectangle will maintain the proportions between the two objects when copied through to Photoshop.

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