There are two major categories of underwater cameras – compact and dSLR (digital single lens reflex).
Once you decide on whether to buy a compact camera or a dSLR, you may look for various good brands of both of these types.
RECOMMENDED ARTICLES5 Tips for Surf PhotographyGuide to Shooting Striking Sunbursts5 Tips for Underwater Photography at NightABOUT THE AUTHORScott Gietler is the owner of Bluewater Photo, Bluewater Travel, and the Underwater Photography Guide. Leica Camera has unveiled its first camera designed specifically for outdoor and underwater photography – the Leica X-U (Typ 113).
Created for the adventurous photographer, the Leica X-U allows the user to capture breathtaking underwater moments in perfect detail, at depths of up to 15 metres. Optimum picture performance is guaranteed, thanks to the cutting-edge technology the X-U shares with all models in the Leica X range. Made in Germany in collaboration with Audi Design, the stylish yet minimal Leica X-U focuses on the essential features: simple and intuitive operation, as well as ultimate precision. Designed to embrace the elements, and for the most ambitious photography projects, the Leica X-U incorporates a non-slip body, a toughened monitor screen cover, and a failsafe double locking system for the battery compartment and memory card slot. Furthermore, the minimal, intuitive design of the Leica X-U puts the most important creative tools directly at the photographer’s fingertips. Additionally, with its anodised aluminium control dials and an integrated flash above the lens, the Leica X-U is a perfect example of exceptional quality and attention to detail. As we know, the new smartphones Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact is one of the most secure smartphone in its class. The first thing to do is to prepare for the possibility of a smartphone as a photograph or video recording in the water. After this, you can lower the camera into the water and start shooting video camera launch button, and to save photos while recording video, you can use the volume buttons, the resource phonearena. After recording, you must remove your smartphone from water and just hold on the slider on the device’s screen to unlock the screen. Adhering to these absolutely simple steps, you will be able to fully utilize smartphones Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact for shooting underwater. RaqweHard Reset LG Optimus: Hard Reset buttons and Settings menuHow to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on PC or laptop? Olympus E-620 And Olympus PT-E06 Underwater HousingDPG is a comprehensive underwater photography website and community for underwater photographers.
The Olympus E-620 is currently the smallest SLR camera available with a matching underwater housing. The underwater housing is made of plastic with the family Olympus look of the front being black and the back transparent. The camera is mounted to a special slide, which is then inserted in the underwater housing. With a 50mm macro lens and macro port, the underwater housing has a positive floating power. The new 9-18mm wide angle lens builds the bridge between the professional 7-14mm lens and the 11-22mm lens. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. You better learn about each of them so as to decide which one is the most suitable to your needs. Some of the reputed brands for a compact camera include Canon s 80, Canon Olympus Stylus Tough 8000, Powershot D 10, Panasonic Lumix DMC – Ts 1 and Fujifilm Finepix Z33 WP, while for dSLR camera, some excellent brands are Nikon D 5000, Olympus E 520, Nikon D 90, Canon 7 d and Canon T 2 i.
And then you can decide which type and other factors in the camera will satisfy your needs. Bluewater Photo, based in Santa Monica, CA is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious underwater camera stores, serving many thousands of customers each year, where nothing is more important than customer service.
Shock-resistant, dust-sealed and shatter-proof, this rugged camera is the ideal companion for any outdoor expedition or adventure – whether it’s action or underwater shooting, extreme sports, travel, architectural or landscape photography – and also offers video capture in full HD quality. With a top plate made from premium aluminium and high-grip TPE armouring, the body ensures exceptional usability, handling and durability, as well as water resistance to a depth of up to 15 metres. These robust protective features ensure that photographers can concentrate fully on their subject, with full confidence in the camera’s durability.
Aperture and shutter speed can be set quickly and easily using the straightforward, typical ’Leica-style’ dials, while a practical underwater snapshot button ensures the camera is ready to capture the wonders of the underwater world immediately – without the need to search through menus.
And whether the footage is intended for a professional production or a home movie to share with friends and family, the Leica X-U delivers high quality results that perfectly capture that special adventure.
However, when shooting underwater, you can see that every finger-touch screen will be accompanied by a call is absolutely not the functions that you want.
To enable this function in phone settings to lock the screen from being accidentally pressed. Learn underwater photography techniques for popular digital cameras and specialized professional underwater equipment (wide angle, macro, super macro, lighting and work flow).

All camera functions can be operated through the underwater housing with the exception of popping out the flash. To optimize the view on the LCD monitor, a black rubber lens hood is included with the housing reducing the amount of light that falls on the LCD monitor.
Not only do Olympus lens-ports fit the PT-E06 but also those of other suppliers with the same format screw thread. Instead, you can attach the housing to your right hand, with the neoprene wrist band that is found on the right of the housing. The evening before my first dive, I assembled the set and to my surprise I was not able to get the flashes to work.
Since the camera and the housing are compact, it is possible to operate the shutter release button or the dial to select shutter speed or aperture, without having to remove your hand, even with small hands. And since the YS100σ is also very light, the rig is still positive with a flash unit. The angle of the latter is sometimes just a tad too wide underwater to capture wrecks or reefs while the 7-14mm belongs to a different price class. When it comes to the camera's content, it is not so small: the E-620 has many features of the E-30.
This is because firstly compact cameras are super easy to use and secondly they are quite inexpensive as compared to dSLR cameras. If you make a purchase after such thorough study, you will get your hands on your perfect underwater camera. The Underwater Photography Guide is the world’s first website to feature free tutorials on underwater photography, and has become the most trafficked resource on underwater photography worldwide.
Thanks to the camera’s high resolution three inch screen and a wide range of useful automatic features, it takes just seconds to find the precise settings the photographer requires to capture their decisive moment. This means that you can use your smartphone in fresh water to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Therefore, the implementation of a photo or video in underwater conditions for smartphones Sony must adhere to several actions.
We collect interesting news from the world of technology, and lay you in an accessible form.
Every trip is a battle to keep the weight of my diving gear and camera equipment within the increasingly vigorous restrictions of airlines. Despite its small body, the camera features a 6.9 cm LCD monitor on the back and the necessary buttons to operate the camera.
The underwater housing could have been made even more compact than it is now, if the space for the popping out flash had been left out, however that would have made it impossible to operate external flashes via optical cables. This is extremely important because if the camera be slightly slanted inside the housing, you will no longer be able to use the buttons to operate the camera. Personally, I find it more pleasant when a set is slightly negative since I find it easier to push the camera up slightly than to pull it down. The 9-11mm lens is too long to use directly behind the PPO-E04 dome port, which is why I used two converters of different lengths to see which one would create the best results. The guides of Magic Island Dive Resort are very capable of finding the all-time smallest animals.
The underwater housing PT-E06 is pleasant to with all functions (with the exception of folding out the camera's flash) are operable and all buttons have clear symbols.
On the other hand, a new piece has much less chance of defects, but its cost is significantly more.
We hope you enjoy and come back often - Scott Gietler, Owner of UWPG and Bluewater Photo & Travel. That said, I find it very logical that Olympus opted for a slightly larger housing to support this functionality. The slide is just a tad too wide, which makes it impossible to open the lid of the battery compartment completely to change the battery, so you have to unscrew the slide every time you want to change the battery. You can also feel the difference between pressing the shutter release half-way down to focus and completely down to capture the picture. My buddy needs be as patient as I am and if I stay with a fish for 30 minutes it means my buddy has to stay there too.
I am talking about shrimps of only one centimeter in feather stars, crabs of half a centimeter on sea fan and seahorses of a few millimeters in gorgonian. If you like to work with external flash units, you need a separate tray since there are no handles attached to the underwater housing itself. He is the past vice-president of the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, has volunteered extensively at the Santa Monica aquarium, and is the creator of the Ocean Art underwater photo competition, one of the largest underwater international photo competitions ever held in terms of value of prizes. In addition, due to the camera’s excellent resistance to stray light and flare, the Leica X-U is the perfect choice for an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting conditions – at any time of day or night.
Not only is it possible to operate a flash unit with an optical cable, but there is also a connection available for an electronic cable.

And although all these diving spots are situated along the same reef, when it comes to structure and cultivation, they are all different.
This is rather inconvenient and I know it will get on my nerves after some time so I took out a file and sliced some millimeters off the slide. Animals that are not only extremely small but have also adopted the color of their environment. A good way is to check overview of best selling waterproof digital cameras, which gives you a thorough insight to make a more educated decision. Also, since the underwater housing is compact and made of plastic, its weight is also not too bad. During the nine days I used the housing on my dives, I never noticed the slide being less steady.
Furthermore, if there is a current, it is hard to remain in one spot; you have to continue swimming against the current in order to stay in one place. The LCD monitor can be folded out which is extremely convenient when taking pictures from unusual angles. However, no solution could be found…until I started thoroughly examining the holders into which the optical cables go and are then inserted into the housing.
You also have to continuously hold the camera and, of course, your time is limited because your air is limited.
In dark ones, the camera finds it hard to focus, which can be easily solved by using a focus lamp. Therefore, depending upon your skill level and other needs, compare between the two and then decide which one to buy.
However, a universal battery charger for all types of batteries and phones, laptops and diving lamps, is on my wish-list of things that will save even more weight. The cable went into one side perfectly, no problem; but it did not come out on the other side! Since fishermen have never used dynamite to fish, the coral still looks absolutely beautiful. Nevertheless, I had seen an anglerfish on a few dives and I had already visualized the picture I wanted to take-an anglerfish opening its mouth. The back of the tiny holder did not have an opening so the flash light of the camera was unable to reach the light sensitive ends of the optical cable. This provides you with more focus points than just the centre one, thus making it easier to make a more creative composition than having the animal in the center of the picture.
I was able to dive three dives of one hour each on one battery load and there was still some energy left. An anglerfish opens its mouth this wide when it is on the hunt, trying to catch a fish with its fishing rod that is attached to its forehead, leaving it to dangle in front of its mouth.
In order to support the auto focus in badly lit circumstances, I suggest using a focus lamp. And when the anglerfish is not on a hunt, it will yawn now and again and that is the moment I wanted to capture. However; in combination with the PER-E01 converter, the dome port works fine with the 9-18mm wide angle lens. Even early in the morning, there is a fresh water unit available for cameras, filled up with clean water.
According to the guide, there would be a small yellow anglerfish on a specific dive location. The 50mm macro lens would be perfect to capture this fish, so we set off, following the guide while equipped with the Olympus E620, the earlier mentioned lens and two flashes.
Around 30 minutes later, the guide pointed out a spot on the reef where the small animal was seated on the coral.
Learn how to focus on an area without taking a photo (pressing the shutter button halfway) and recomposing.
The anglerfish was seated on the coral (the fins of this fish have evolved into something like feet) and remained seated quietly. Another fifteen minutes later, I was still there with my camera ready to shoot but nothing else happened and I had still not captured any pictures other than the sample pictures.
My buddy wondered why I kept staring at the reef for almost 45 minutes and swam over to me to check it out. I somehow managed to take two pictures of this pose since I didn't have enough air to hang around for another 45 minutes! When using a flash or strobe, don't use the cloudy white balance setting, use auto or sunny.

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