The whole thing was so much fun that we wanted to share this DIY heart-shaped pinata for other moms-to-be to enjoy.
This project takes a little bit of time (it took us a around 2-3 hours), but it’s pretty easy to assemble and a lot of fun to use for a gender reveal party or photo shoot. We really loved finding out our baby’s gender this way, but whatever you might choose to use it for, I hope you enjoy making your pinata, too!
Any other helpful suggestions are always appreciated, and if you give this craft a try, let us know how it comes out! Outside of being a creative design whiz for Cardstore, Emily is an artist, animal-lover, newlywed and fitness enthusiast. I’ve seen gender reveals done in some really cute ways—some people use balloons, chalkboard drawings and even cakes—and I knew I wanted to come up with my own unique idea. We then gave that envelope to Jessica and Gwen, so they could fill the pinata without us seeing what color the confetti was.
When you get to the piece labeled F, align the shortest edge to the dotted line, and tape it to the heart.

Make a small hole in both pieces labeled D at the top of the heart, as well as in F at the bottom.
Take about a foot of rope, push one end through one of the pieces labeled D, and tie a double knot on the inside of the pinata. Then, take the other end of the rope, push it through the other piece labeled D, and tie another double knot on the inside of the pinata. Apply a small line of tacky glue on the cardboard, from one edge to the other, starting at the bottom of the pinata. Once all the confetti is cut, scoop it into a plastic storage bag, add the sequins, and save it for the lucky person who get’s to fill the pinata for you! I eventually chose to use confetti because, well… what could be more fun than using confetti?! The photos couldn’t have come out any more perfect—our surprise and excitement is definitely obvious, and all of our friends and family loved getting the photos.
Line up the four sheets that create the heart shape, tape them together, and then cut out all the pieces. After that, take about 2 feet of rope, and push through the hole on cutout F, double knotting it on the inside.

Leave a strip uncut at the top of each streamer to ensure you have a place where you can attach it to the pinata. I’d leave a little extra room just to be safe and make sure the door will stay tightly closed until you want it to open.
Most of our family lives pretty far away, so even though they didn’t travel here for a gender reveal party, it still felt like they got to experience a surprise along with us when they opened our email.
You may need to shave off a little from some of the edges to make them fit together better.

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