The whole idea for the Canon EOS Rebel digital camera lineup was to provide an affordable SLR digital camera for beginners (like me). Little did Canon know at the time just how successful their Rebel line of digital cameras would be. Yours truly is a personal testimony to the power of the Canon EOS Rebel as a tool to help take better pictures than you may have even thought possible. First, they had proprietary batteries that had to be specifically for that camera, and they were not cheap. Second, I was not a good photographer, and I hated spending money on the crumby pictures I took.
When some of my friends bought the first affordable Sony digital cameras, I took an interest, but it was only a brief interest. But as time went on, prices came down and examples of friends’ pictures perked my interest once more.

I could justify the price of the camera with the fact that I had no photo lab costs or proprietary batteries to replace.
As I learned more about photography, I wanted better equipment, feeling that would help me take better pictures. As part of my upcoming review of the Canon Rebel T3i, I am sharing some of the sample images that I’ve captured with the camera.
In addition to real world samples, I’ve provided a number of images of a color chart captured with the Rebel T3i throughout the ISO range.  These were RAW files processed in Lightroom with the default adjustments applied. The biggest downer for me in the Rebel T3i’s video features is the limitation of only having full-stop manual adjustments for ISO settings.
By making your photography purchases at B&H Photo through these links, you are helping Photography Bay to continue bring quality camera tests, news and reviews. She wanted me to take the pictures, while I wanted to leave the camera in the drawer because I didn’t want to part with money for batteries and lousy photos.

They have found that the older models still are excellent, especially if it is their first Canon EOS Rebel digital camera. As a result, you can’t manually set sensitivity settings of ISO 160, 320 or 640 on the Rebel T3i, which are the cleanest settings for recording video on Canon EOS cameras.
Back before digital cameras were available for the general public, I purchased a series of film cameras to take pictures of the kids. And even though there are brand new models like the Canon Rebel T3i and T3, people are still buying the older models, notably the Rebel T2i, but some are even still picking up the Rebel XS.. Moving up from a point and shoot camera to a SLR is such an exhilarating photography experience!

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