In retrospect, it makes sense that they didn’t because it would perhaps conflict with the 60D and 7D too much. With that said, much of the noise of the T3i can be fixed easily in Lightroom 3 with minimal loss of detail.
The cool features about the T3i are the creative filters and the wireless flash control: that is if you really do care about any of those.
However, it is perhaps the best bang for your buck camera that is available on the market right now and really can’t be beat at all at the time of writing this posting. The best thing had to be the fact that of any camera I tested, this one played the best with the Eye-Fi Card. To top it off, I felt that manually selecting the focusing points was painfully slow: especially for event shooting.

While DXo Marks and other sites will bash the Canon T3i and make it seem as if the sensor is terrible compared to competitors from Nikon and Sony, I highly doubt most people could tell the difference between images from competing models if the images are put side by side and stripped of their EXIF data. I <3 wireless flash control and think that it is an essential feature for students and those that want a camera to grow with in order to become better photographers.
To be quite honest, the 60D is perhaps the best buy in this category of cameras and you won’t go wrong with it. My only wish is that Canon could have made the sensor better and solved the ease of use issues. The reason for this is because I prefer the process of stepping into the digital darkroom and creating the art myself.
If you want to shoot in low light though, you’re better off going with the 60D or the 7D.

My problem is that I wish that Canon had actually tried to increase the dynamic range, color depth, and high ISO ability a bit more.
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If you’re reading this, you may want to take a look at our list of best budget lenses, our recommended Canon lenses and also the three way duel between the Canon 60D, 7D, and T2i (which will be updated soon). Indeed, it was also the one to deliver the best image quality of any camera I’ve used for street photography.

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