Now that we covered how a camera works and takes pictures lets get in to the main differences between a DSLR and a point and shoot camera. Most beginner photographers use their camera at “Auto” and let the camera make all the decisions for them.
So lets cover the three main elements that you can control to achieve better shots, we will get in to framing later and look at what makes a photograph look great. The Canon Direct Store has many refurbished items in stock, particularly in the EOS DSLR section (for the time being).
In addition, the Canon Direct Store has a special program with savings up to $550 on select EOS DSLRs, kits and lens bundles (not refurbished).
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Cameras today are very smart but they are still machines and are limited with what they can do.
Before we get to that, we will need to understand those elements to be able to put them in to practical use while framing.
Everyone loves the look that can be achieved with a DSLR, but the DSLR by itself is not a complete camera.
Battery Grip – The ability to double the battery life on your DSLR is huge when not wanting to waste time swapping batteries every hour.
Extra Batteries – Generic batteries and a great cost effective way to make sure you have plenty of batteries on you at all times. Video Accessory Cage – Cages are awesome for attaching all of the above accessories in a tidy, mobile fashion.

Shoulder Stabilizer – This is a great inexpensive option for guys who want to do event coverage. The most important thing you need for a quality DSLR mirror selfie is good lighting, followed by the right equipment (you’ll find a quick summary of my gear at the bottom of this post).
I love to bring you all the latest news about everything that's related to Canon, and to photography. What does DSLR stand for, well as per Wikipedia: Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR) are digital cameras combining the parts of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and a digital camera back, replacing the photographic film. DSLR batteries and not super heavy and I find myself usually carrying about 5 batteries on a shoot. I have been receiving shipments from Stitch Fix for over a year and photographing every one of them in my bedroom mirror. If you like what I am doing here, then consider buying your gear by clicking my affiliate links.
For those guys who are wanting this tool to be a workhorse for them you have to add a few accessories to really make this a complete camera. These inexpensive magnified viewfinders mount in a variety of different ways to your DSLR and really help make sure your focus is sharp. After receiving 19 fixes and taking thousands of photos, I have definitely learned a few tricks along the way. I have put together a list of accessories I feel have really helped complete my DSLR workhorse. About 1 in every 20 photos was in focus. A small fraction of the few shots that were properly focused were well-composed. Many of the images were throw-aways because only half of my body was in the frame and half of the photo was occupied by the wall beside my mirror.

By default, all Canon camera bodies are set for you to capture photos through the viewfinder (the tiny little rectangle you have to peer through to take photos). It is possible to override this setting.To change your camera to Live View, push the button with a white graphic that looks like a camera. My thumb is covering the button in the above photo, but if you look at the next photo, you will see the button and (more importantly), my Live View image displayed on the LCD screen.Once the camera is in Live View, you can take a photo as usual. I shoot in manual mode and I can still adjust the shutter speed, ISO and aperture as needed. That is the area that the camera will focus on.To set up your shot, push the shutter button halfway down and hold it there. This is particularly valuable when the center of my image has very little contrast (such as a solid color blouse). I often aim my view finder to focus on an area with with more contrast (such as a black watch on my pale wrist or the print on a colorful skirt that I might be wearing).
Once the focus is set, I keep my finger on the shutter button, adjust the camera angle slightly to get the desired shot, then push the shutter button all the way down to capture the photo.Armed with my camera in Live View and a well-lit room, my mirror selfless are no longer the result of luck. Canon no longer manufactures my camera, so if I had to purchase a new one on the spot, I would go with the Canon Rebel T5i (shown in the image below). Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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